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Instagram prompts- a series of holiday pictures (with or without kids) xxxxx

harrystyles: P stole my hat and fell asleep. The beach tires some of us Styles’ out. 

* *

YOURINSTAGRAM: Runaway baby with Mumma’s hat. Alfie’s definitely stolen his daddy’s habit of being cheeky. 

* *

harrystyles: Refusing to slip on a t-shirt for dinner tonight…  

* *

YOURINSTAGRAM: Auntie Gem has the babies which means Mummy and Daddy can have some alone time at the beach. 

#1 You Leave Him ( Part 1)


Its been four years since yours and niall’s wedding and everything was just perfect. Just three months ago you gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who is now your and niall’s life. In the first two months Niall had to spend long working hours at the studio causing you to spend the day alone with your baby. At nights when the baby used to cry you let niall sleep thinking he must’ve been exhausted by all the work at the studio. But niall’s on leave entire last month and two more months to come. You are waiting for the day when he is gonna let you sleep and tell you “princess i’ll make the baby calm” But it seems that the day is never gonna come. Niall wants to play with the baby when he is calm and happy, but as soon as it turns crancky he calls out for you. When you were pregnant both of you had agreed that it wouldn’t be easy but you would try. But the truth was Niall wasn’t trying at all!!! Yesterday night was especially difficult. Your son wasn’t ready to sleep no matter what causing you to have a very bad headache. You finally fell asleep only to be woken up by the cry of your son. 


“Hmm baby” he mumbled sleepily

“Please get him”


“Please Ni. My head is aching!”

“hmmm” and with that he fell asleep again. You had tears in your eyes the stress of all these days were showing in your eyes. You slowly went to your son’s nursery and began cradling him. You did not sleep then. You had to do something.

That morning you woke up. Fortunately niall was already up and was making breakfast. Your son still sleeping you decided this was the best time to bring up the issue. You started off slowly but soon it turned to be a huge arguement as you believed niall did not help you with the baby and he thought he did!! Your shoutings caused your child to wake up and you thought you had had enough. You went to the nursery took your child, put a few of yours and his clothes in a bag, grabbed the car keys and left despite of niall’s pleadings.


You and harry ae happily engaged. He proposed to you while you both were in a vacation at greece and since then life has never been better…atleast it was better. You didn’t know why but you felt that harry no longer wanted to marry you. You kept brushing the thought out of your mind but it keeps coming in. Everyday you feel you and harry are going far apart from one another. Lesser and lesser kisses, lesser and lesser i love yous . Harry wasn’t even around that much now. Always going to parties and functions. Ealier he used to ask you to join him but he doesn’t do that anymore. You got to know the truth on a monday when,

“I am going to liam’s place today.” He said and left. You were bored so you called sophia and asked if she could go shopping or something

“I am sorry babe but I have a date with liam”

A date with liam?? where did harry go then?

You tried to keep yourself busy but you couldn’t help wondering where did harry go? to divert your mind you opened your twitter to find the picture of harry with a mysterious women. You wanted to believe it was photoshopped but after zooming it to the maximum you couldn’t believe it was photoshopped. Your vision begun to blur. 

@y/t/n glad harry found someone better

@y/t/n knew he was just kidding when he asked you to marry him.

On any other day you would’ve waited for harry to get home and talk things out. But today you had no patience. Absolutely none. You quickly write a short goodbye letter,pack your stuff and were ready to leave. You left your ring above the letter and left as fast as possible because you knew that if you wait any longer you wont be able to do it.

Omfg Louis face 😂 He’s all like bitch I know 😏


Word Count: 2238

Rated: PG

AN: would’ve been better but its late and I’m super tired.

The night was cold and the full moon made my heart pound against my chest. It wasn’t safe to be out this late on a full moon, anyone knew that, but unlike most smart people I always liked to test my luck. Sadly I often had bad luck.

The small village wasn’t safe at night, a rouge wolf had been lurking in our woods and the alpha of the pack wasn’t very happy about it. The wolf was a threat to us and we didn’t have any way to track him. The wolf must have been trained well for being a rouge seeings he hid and masked his scent to where there was no leads on where to track him down.

I looked around when I heard a whimper come from the woods. The familiar sound of whining echoed off the tress that surrounded the village. The village wasn’t too small but it wasn’t large. IT was just enough to hold our regular sized pack. There were no outsiders, but humans did live in our village including me. My mother was a turned werewolf by my father under certain circumstances, and my father was half. I got the recessive gene of being human. It wasn’t all that bad I had protection where I lived, and even though I was human I got along with all the werewolves.

I stopped halfway down the path to my house when a rustling came from the bushes. Curiosity killed the cat. I thought to myself as I made an attempt to walk towards the woods.  I knew I shouldn’t but I just felt some sort of pull towards whatever was out there.

Slowly my feet carried me over to the edge of the woods. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking at the time but I knew that I needed to find out what was hiding. Why was I such an adventurer, why did I have to test my limits?

I walked through the small brush into the dark woods, which was slightly illuminated by the light of the moon above. I was intimidated by how the full moon hung in a taunting manner.

Another whine came from a wolf nearby casing me to walk a bit faster. My adrenaline was pumping and I was becoming more and more eager to find out what it was. Who it was. Was it the rouge?

I fell into a small clearing in the woods seeing a grey wolf not far from me. He looked familiar so I knew he was apart of the pack. His snout was sniffing and nudging at his left front leg that looked to be injured.

“Carter?” I asked quietly walking towards the gray wolf I had grown up with.

The ears of the wolf perked up and I noticed how alert he looked. Swiftly changing into his human form Carter jumped to his feet.

“No Y/N run!” He yelled holding his manhood to keep from scaring me. His left arm was bleeding badly and I knew he would need medical attention.

“Carter.” I said trying to take another step forward, but I paused when I noticed the movement of another person behind him.

Before I had the chance to warn my childhood friend that grew up to be one of our best patrollers the man behind him thrusted a knife into his side earning a loud yell to rise from Carters throat. My eyes widened with fear as I stared into the red eyes of the attacker. The glowed under the light of the moon, but he was no vampire they knew better than to trespass on a full moon. This was a wolf, a very legendary wolf. One that haunted my nightmares when I was younger.

My feet began to carry me back to the exit of the woods before my brain even processed what was happening.

The legend of the dark wolf. The tale says that he was a happy boy that grew up in a pack town in early England. Yet the boy was greedy and would do anything for more land and more power. He was young when he began taking over other English packs, also becoming the alpha of his own. He ruled over all packs demanding them to bow down and call him their king. It wasn’t until he began taking over Ireland when he killed the alpha of a very powerful pack, that alphas mate was a witch one among the most powerful of her kind- a pureblood. The moment she felt the connection leave between her and her mate she casted a spell among the boy making it so that no one loved him, and when it came time that he met his mate she would hate him as well. For years he searched for her going mad so mad that his eyes changed a red color and any pack that stood in his way he killed. Even the children, he adored them but he couldn't bare their sight because he couldn’t have one.

My breath came out in short pants as I pushed myself to keep running forward. I felt like my lungs were on fire and at any moment they would stop taking in the oxygen I so dearly needed.

The sound of feet behind me scared me because I knew it was him, he was following me. I was going to die. At least that’s what I thought. If he didn’t kill me, I would die from my lungs stopping.

A growl sounded from behind me before I was tackled to the ground. I let out a cry struggling to get away from the monster on top of me. His hands went under me flipping me around so I faced him. His red eyes glimmered in the dark evilly. Sucking in a deep breath I tried pulling away from him. He grinned sinisterly leaning his head down only making me want to become apart of the ground and disappear.

“Hello princess.” He spoke inhaling my scent like a dog. The irony there.

“Please let me go.” I whined wiggling around in his grasp.

“No can do my love. I have been searching for you for a millennium.” He smirked.

My heart stopped and my stomach dropped. No, this isn’t happening this is all just a bad dream like the ones I had when I was a child.

“Y-you killed Carter.”

“That mutt deserved it thinking he could get rid of me. I knew you were here. I could smell you a mile away, and now I have you.” He was speaking like a mad man. I was scared he was going to lock me up and hide me from the rest of the world.

I let out small noises as I tried to get away from him. The more I moved the more of his body weight he laid on me. I groaned wanting him to let go of me but nothing was working. The monster was not giving up.

I felt his hot tongue lick a stripe up my neck and nuzzle his cold nose into the skin behind my jawbone just under my ear. A shiver made its way down my spine in a sickening manner. Why me? At least I wasn’t dead.

His lips pressed against my neck in different areas. I whimpered in discomfort, but I don't  think he knew that because he began pressing open mouthed kissed on the other side of my neck until his soft lips met mine in a forced kiss.

I tired screaming through it in order to get him to stop but the man was determined. Slightly pressing harder with each second of my resistance. I could feel his hands greedily roam my body until they squeezed my sides tickling me in the process. A loud laugh left my lips and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I didn’t expect that. But it was nice.

My mind was in a haze spinning either due to the fact I had fallen to hard or the heavenly mix of his cologne and the woods together.

Slowly I raised my hands and tangled them in his what felt like curly hair. For a moment I forgot where I was and who I was kissing until he pulled away with a smirk. I tried to catch my breath while holding the sides of his shirt it was as if he were going to disappear from me. My state of mind was scattered and I wasn’t sure what to think anymore.

As soon as I opened my eyes I was met by the bright glow of his own. “Goodnight my queen.” He spoke softly. His lips met mine once more before his head dipped down to the base of my neck and bit down hard enough to make me let out a soundless whimper. When the rouge wolf pulled away I could feel myself slip into an oblivion.

I could feel myself awakening. I was laying on something soft and warm. The fabric that covered me felt like silk, and the air around me was cold. I pulled the blankets closer to my body trying to keep warm. Sleep. I just wanted to sleep. My body ached for some odd reason but I didn’t care. Sleep was the only thing on my mind.

I quickly remembered what had happened the night before and internally groaned. I felt like sleeping until I wouldn’t wake up. I am such an idiot. What did I do?

I sat up quickly only to be pulled back down by a strong arm.

“For fucks sake you move too damn much.” A raspy voice complained.

“Were am I?” I asked trying to sit up but he only pulled me to his chest.

His hard face was more relaxed in his half sleeping state. His chestnut curls covered his face and draped over his high cheekbones. His canine teeth were poking into his pink bottom lip, the lips that kissed me the night before. A scar stretched from the left corner of his jaw up to under his eye, across the bridge of is nose under his other eye, and it curled up under his temple.

Reaching my hand up I began slowly tracing the imperfection on his face. Before I could get under his first eye a hand harshly gripped my wrist.

“What are you doing?” He growled opening his eyes. They were green.

“I-I-I was just- you have beautiful eyes.” I babbled on.

“You my love are beautiful.” He rasped bringing me closer to his chest. His accent made my heart flutter and I had to remind myself he killed Carter. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Did you think I would forgive you so easily? You killed my friend.” I let out a small cry.

“Well I hoped you would understand.”

“So the legend is true, you’re a heartless monster.” I snapped pulling out of his grasp.

“Hardly my love.”

I stared at his green eyes wondering why they weren’t still red. Does he wear contacts? I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at the monster before me. He didn’t seem so monstrous he looked soft and warm.

“Where am I?” I changed the subject wanting to go home to the comforts of my bed where my brother would come and wake me up with an asshole way he would plan out.

“My mansion in England love.” He replied. “I need to announce to my pack that we now have a luna after so many years.” He smiled closing his eyes. His teeth were prefect and white, his pink tongue was pressed against them in a playful manner.

How could this playful boy be the fears of my dreams?

“England?” I croaked realizing I was a whole continent away. “What about my family? I have friends and school. I have a job.”

“I’m your family.” He growled the smile instantly melting off of his beautiful face. “You are my queen, and you will rule next to me. You will bear my children and you will take care of them. Goddammit you will love me like you’ve never been in love before.” The vein in his neck was sticking out and I was beginning to think he was going to tackle me like the other night.

He sat in bed before getting out and pacing around nude. He was nude. Heaven help what my eyes have seen and can not unsee. I squealed covering them hiding my head under the black silk blankets. I cannot believe this man he was demanding I love him and then walking around nude.

“How did I even get here?”

“You were out about three days.” He replied nonchalantly.


How is that even possible?

“Please let me go.” I begged uncovering my head so I could look at him.

With one swift movement he was hovering above me staring deeply into my eyes. I could see the gears turning in his head but his face was stone cold. I knew he was a monster I knew he was unable to feel the emotion of others. He would never let me go.

“You’re not leaving, you will love me even if I have to make you.”

“It wouldn’t be so hard if you were nice.” I snapped trying to push him away from me.

“I get what I want, love.” He replied running his nose against my cheek. “Including you.”


Harry ; It was never supposed to go on for this long. What started off as a discrete fling whilst being away spun into something much longer. Now months had gone passed, and in all honesty, he wasn’t sure how he’d gotten this far without getting caught.

“Welcome home, baby.” You smiled, peaking out from the top step as he slithered in through the front.

He sent you a halfhearted smile, to which you overlooked as you came pummeling down the stairs. God, you were beautiful. Hair thrown up in a bun, with nothing but an oversized white button down on, half buttoned up. A part of him was buried with guilt, but he refused to let it show on his physical appearance. He solemnly pulled you uno a hug, which is where it all started to spiral downwards. You inhaled sharply, expecting to take in his normal scent of Burberry cologne and mint gum. But instead you got an overbearing whiff of women’s perfume. You took another quick sniff, just to make sure, and again were hit with a feminine scent. With furrowed eyebrows, you slightly cocked your neck back to look at him. And you saw them. The 3 little hickeys amongst his jaw, sloppily and poorly covered with concealer. Immediately you nudged him off before creating a space between the two of you.

“Do I smell that awful, love? I promise I’ll shower.” He joked as he sent a puzzling look.

“Who is she.”

The room fell silent for a moment. There was no need for the “who?” Or the “what are you talking about” because he knew you made him, and there was no convincing you otherwise. His eyes fell to the ground briefly as you held all your breath in your chest.

“The PR lady from the holiday party.” He sighed.

You could’ve vomited right on the spot, your words getting jumbled in the back of your throat as you tried to form them. The next question would be harder than the first.

“How long?”

Definitely harder.

“About 6 months now, I guess.”

And that was all you needed to here. Your stomach was doing somersaults, your skin got cold and you could feel tears poking and prodding at the back of your eyes. One even spilled over, but you quickly lifted the back of your wrist up to wipe it away. Nobody said anything for a little bit. Harry looked at you while you looked at anything but Harry. He was hoping maybe this didn’t have to end the way he feared it would. So as he stood there, silently waiting for you to speak up, he prayed that this was something you’d work past.

“You need to go. I want you to get your things and-and leave, please.”

But he was wrong.

The Strech (Harry, Niall and Liam)

As he pushes in, his eyes never leave yours, not even for a second. He can tell by your face exactly what you’re feeling; The way your teeth sink into your bottom lip, the way your eyes widen, only slightly, and your eyebrows furrow. He can see you’re hurting, but nothing falls from your lips. “You gotta tell me if it hurts” he whispers, running rough fingers over your forehead. An agreement had been made earlier, that because it was the first time, you’d tell him if it hurt, yet now, he watches as you shake your head. You don’t want him to stop. You want to give him what he wants, and don’t care if it means getting hurt. “I can see you’re in pain” he says, watching you, but again you shake your head. His eyes inspect yours, staying silent before he shakes his head. “I’m not doing this. If you’re not going to communicate, I’m not doing it. I’m not hurting you” he says, and you can feel him starting to pull back. “No, no. It hurts, okay? Don’t stop though, I can do it” the soft pleading of your voice rings out. He looks down at you, and sighs softly before kissing you. “There’s a good girl. Keep talking baby, you’ve got to keep talking.”

As you lower yourself on top of him, you have to stop half way to try to accoustm to him. “Na-ah, don’t think so princess” The rough Irish accent groans out, looking up to you as his hands run up and down your thighs. “I know you can take all of me in.” He says, watching you carefully. He needs to be deep in you so desperately, but he won’t dare thrust up to meet you. It’s your first time on top, and pushing into you is the last thing he wants to do. He doesn’t want to scare you off, so he wills his hips to stay firmly planted on the bed. “I can do it” you assure him weakly, trying to convince him as much as yourself. “Show me princess?” He ask softly, rubbing your thighs still. Taking in a deep breath, you sink lower until your firmly against him. “Fuck princess, knew you could. So good for me” he moans, fingers digging into your thighs. “So fucking good”

Lips brush over your ear as he thrusts slowly, reassuring you in that voice you love so much. “It’ll go away soon, I swear. And if it d-doesn’t, we can stop. No shame in that. We can try again later” he whispers as his hips move so incredibly slowly, ignoring the fact the lust is pouring through his bloodstream. All he wants is to snap his hips forward, fucking you senseless and bringing you both to your highs. But he doesn’t. Stroke after careful stroke, the pain subsides, and a feeling of pleasure starts to pulse through you. “Li…” the moan leaves your lips before you can process it. You feel his lips curl up in a smile, before connecting with the spot behind your ear. “Told you. Love that sound, pretty baby. You’re going to love this.”

No Promises: A Harry Styles Requested Imagine Part Two

You back out of Ashton’s warm embrace and touch your lips as if feeling a scalding hot stove burner. “I'm…I’m sorry [Y/N],” Ashton apologizes, head hung low. “It's…it’s okay just…unexpected.” You keep studying the door, the ghost of a figure brushing the curtain with his shoulder haunting your mind. “So…do you want to go out sometime or…something?” Ashton stutters. You tear your eyes from the door and find him staring at you with the pathetic yearning of a child spying a sweet. “Uh…I’ll get back to you on that.” You smile and leave him there, walking calmly out of the box before breaking into a sprint on the stairs leading backstage. You quickly pop your head into every room in a desperate search for absent Harry, finding Niall tuning his guitar whilst Skyping with his mum in one room and Louis sexting someone you assumed to be Eleanor, his back to the door. You see a large, looming figure at the end of the hall and duck underneath a wardrobe rack to reach him before he turns a corner. “Paul!”

He turns at the sound of your voice, his face lit up in a smile. “[Y/N]! Nice to see you again.” He greets you warmly and you can only nod in-between your desperate gasps for air. “Have-have you seen Harry?” He stares at you, puzzled. “Uh…yeah he’s out back behind one of the buses with his trainer.” You run off before you can thank him, bursting through the backdoor entrance. You don’t know why, but suddenly you know you have to see Harry. You jog around the front of one of the multiple tour buses and find a sweaty, shirtless Harry dancing around a small, shrimpy man with boxing gloves on. Every so often he jabs the pads on the man’s hands, the slap so loud you’re sure the man will end up with bruises on his palms. Harry has his back to you when the trainer spots you, straightening up immediately, lowering the punching pads. Harry spins around in confusion before his face hardens seeing you standing there. He waves at the trainer, who takes it as his cue to slip away around the back of the bus, as you approach the shiny boy. The air is silent as he glares at you for only a moment more before turning to the makeshift punching bag hanging from a giant stick poking out of one of the windows on the bus. He lays into the bag, grunting with the force of his punches that send the giant sandbag flying. 

“I know you saw it Harry,” you break the silence. He punches the bag hard, grabbing it on the rebound swing, before spinning around to face you. You’ve never seen his face contorted into such anger. “And how could you know that?” His words are crisp and his tone booming. There was no mistaking it, Harry was definitely pissed. “From where I was standing your eyes were closed and your mouth was…busy.” You fold your arms in a tight embrace, your own expression matching his no doubt. That was one thing you two were really good at, arguing. Thankfully your friendship had progressed in such a way that you barely fought. “Your cologne is kind of hard to miss, Styles.” You pause for a moment. “I gave you that cologne for Christmas.” You recall stiffly. “Why are you angry at me?” You demand of him. He opens his mouth to answer, but no sound emerges. Instead he flies around and punches the bag so hard it flies off the chain suspending it, landing a good twenty feet away from you. He shakes his hand inside the glove, you recognize that it must have hurt. His fingers could be broken, you think. You also recognize his stance, feet wide apart, head bowed, shoulders shaking. You always assumed it was anger but now you’re realizing….“You’re jealous!” You cry out in surprise. His shoulders shake before collapsing down, his final defense broken. You walk over and half cringe before you place your hands on his slick back and shoulders. You rub them comfortingly before leaning your head against his strong arm. “Why didn’t you tell me?” You ask quietly. He shrugs out of your embrace and backs away from you, his face flashing about twenty different expressions at once.

“Why didn’t I TELL you?” He repeats your question, his hand still twitching inside the glove. You stare at him, your own expression unreadable. He stares off into space for a moment before answering. “Because, [Y/N]….I wasn’t going to risk losing our great friendship if you didn’t love me back.” Your mouth drops a bit at the word ‘love’ before you press your lips together to swallow a budding smile. You start walking towards him slowly, like animal control approaching a rabid dog. “You should have told me before now Harry….but you’re right. I don’t like you.” He stares at you, big crocodile tears brewing inside his green eyes. You run the last few feet separating you and throw your arms around his neck. “I love you.” You step back from the embrace, his sweaty chest leaving an impression on your shirt. A smile emerges on both of your faces, a smile that takes a good two minutes to come to full fruition.

“C'mere.” You pull him down onto the curb next to you, easing the glove off of his swollen hand. His knuckles are purple and twice as thick as normal, but after feeling all of his bones you determine that none of them are broken. He grins at you, his hand resting lightly on your knee. Your faces move as if drawn my invisible magnets, locked together in a long-awaited lip lock. His non-purple hand cups your cheek tenderly, his thumb moving in half-moons around your temples. His lips move to your cheek, then the tender skin just below your earlobe. He keeps moving over to your neck and you sit forward to give him easier access, careful not to jar his gimpy hand still resting on your knee. Your eyes fly open as he starts gently nibbling and sucking, leaving marks distinctly his own. You see a figure emerge from the shadows of the bus. Ashton. You don’t move, just stare at him guiltily. He nods and half smiles at you as Harry continues scattering hickeys all over your soft skin. You wink at him as he tactfully walks away and Harry sits up from making a meal of your neck. He licks his lips cheekily and his chest is puffed out in pride. “Guess I’m wearing a turtleneck tomorrow…” you tease him and stand up, offering a hand to help him. He takes it and doesn’t let go as you walk towards the arena. “You know, I have a perfect picture of what you could be wearing tomorrow, and none of it comes from your own suitcase.” You know Harry likes girls who dress in his clothes and you flash him a cheeky smile. “No promises…” you declare.



part 2?

Y/L= your last name (:

enjoy !


You looked around for harry, he told you to meet him by the bar. You had a grin on your face. To day was the day he was going to introduce you to his family. His step- father was having a fancy party for his big promotion he said he would finally tell his mom about you, you weren’t in the rich people group so you knew she would be judgmental so you bought a fancy dress to blend in. you and harry met when your crazy sister dragged you to a boring diner party for her boyfriend. You weren’t bored for long.

“There you are” he whispered grabbing your waste, a smirk appeared on your face.

“here I am” you said.

“Let go for a walk before I talk to my mom” you  nod. He walks in front of you, you following behind. You smiled at people who looked your way, even catches his mom looking at both of you. You walked to the garden, leaning on a tree he stared out further into a pond.

“What’s on your mind styles” you smiled. He turns to look at you, walking your way resting one hand the tree and the other creasing your cheek.

“lately? You” he smirks. you blush turning away.

“Doubt it” you said

“why’s that?” he turns you face so you could stare at him. his green eyes piercing into your own.  

“You probably thinking of ways of hiding me, us” you shrug. He sighs.

“I thought we were passes this.” He pushes away turning his back away.

“I did too, and good trick by the way, distracting me by brining me outside. Don’t you think I know they are inside eating! Probably wondering where there son is.?” You harshly sate stepping forward.

“Why are you so ashamed of me!” you yell hitting his back. he quickly turns around holding your arms

“don’t!” he harshly yells.

“Don’t what? Ask? I want to know what I am to you harry. I am not going to be a secret shame or a way to rebel against your mom” you glare at him.

“I care about you, I really do” his eyes soften he cups your face.

“ I love you, but my mom is just” he sighs. You turn your head, you see a figure coming your way. You knew it was his mother.

“I love you harry but I cant be a secret anymore.” You pull away. He frowns

“you aren’t, you wont be” he steps closer again grabbing your face, he stares at your eyes waiting a moment to savor it. his lips lightly touch yours sending chills down your spine. You smile as his lips connect with yours. Your lips move swiftly together.

“harry?” he pulls away quickly making you stumble.

“Hi mom” he nervously says. She looks at you and fakes a smile.

“Who’s your friend?” she asks  getting closer.

“I’m his-“

“She goes to my school, we met at one of dads parties” he quickly says I look at him.

“oh you’ve been at the parties?”

you don’t look away from harry .

“ya my sister is Miss,Y/L”

“Oh.” You stare at his mother,

“You are a Y/L”

“Mom” harry says,

“No I am not ashamed,” you say he frowns.

“You should be, the women in your family have such a reputation.” She fakes antoher smile. You glare at her

“well the men in your family always ends up leaving you for the women in mine” you smirk. She glares at you stepping forward, harry stops her from getting any closer.

“Women in your family are trash you hear me! trash ! Worthless whores!” you wanted to slap her but harry was in the way.

“My son deserves better than you!” she yells.  You were ready to pounce

“Mom, please we aren’t together.” Harry says pushing his mom back, your stomach dropped.

“A kiss doesn’t mean anything mom” you look at him, but he keeps his eyes on his mom, his mom smiles like shes won the lottery.

“Say she’s trash.” She says, my eyes widen,

“No mom, I already said we aren’t together.”

“Turn around, look her in the eye and tell her she’s trash.”  Your heart beats fast, harry slowly turning around you search his face for emotion but now he is cold.

He looks up meeting your watery eyes. he gulps, his eyes filled with tears too,

“harry” you beg.

“You are trash, and I want you to leave” he says with no emotion. You let tears escape.

“Harry please” you try to hug him but he steps back.

“Trash isn’t welcomed.” Your heart feels likes its actually braking, pain all over your body. The boy you had your first with everything destroying your heart. You pout  letting more tears stream down your face. you start to run and not look back. 

Swingsets & City Lights

Song- Big Jet Plane: Angus and Julia Stone

I would like to think I’m a patient person, but throughout the day I was slowly losing possession of that attribute.  

Rain was coming down in sheets outside, when I finally opened my eyes this morning after a warm, deep sleep.  I was tucked into Harry’s side, my head resting on his chest as he was snoring lightly, his lips slightly parted.  I leaned in and kissed his puckered lips before looking at the clock, which read that it was 8:45. I sat up a bit more and rubbed my eyes, squinting at the clock.  I groaned, ripping the sheets off of myself and crawling  over Harry, struggling to get out of bed.  My knee landed too close in between his legs, causing him to jerk awake.

“Mmm, good morning to you too,” he groaned, his voice cracking through every syllable.

I ignored him, scrambling into the bathroom.   I had stayed over at his place after a long shift last night and I knew I was going to need a few extra alarms this morning. But despite crashing as soon as I got here I slept through every alarm I set.

While I was stumbling around his bedroom trying to get ready he kept whining and grabbing at me, telling me to get back in bed.  While I might have found it endearing any other day, I was quick to shoot him a look that said I was not in the mood.

When I finally got out the door I arrived about five minutes late to work, looking like a drowned cat. Just as I was thinking this was as bad as it was going to get today, I looked around and realized that it was the day the new trainees were starting.  I about turned around right then to go home and climb back in bed with Harry, but instead I took a deep breath and harnessed every positive thought I could. 

Throughout the day multiple trays were dropped, a man left without his change so I had to chase him down, and of all things, Harry shot me a text of him holding up a pair of my panties.  I had left the house without putting underwear on.  I ignored the cheeky texts that followed that one, and had to restrain myself from pulling all of my hair out.  

After a strenuous day, my shift finally ended.  The rain had let up a bit, but it was still coming down steadily.  I shrugged my coat back on and shuffled out of the cafe exhausted.  

I planned on heading straight home and then calling Harry,  making no promises of being awake when he finally gets there.  

I about reached my car when I looked over to the right of me and stopped in my tracks.

Harry was leaning against his car with his head bowed and his hands tucked into his front pockets.  He was a dark contrast against the white convertible, wearing a black pea coat and a matching beanie.  I didn’t know how long he had been standing there in the rain, but the hair plastered to his face suggested he had been there for a while.   

I adjusted my jacket, crossing my arms and squinting through the rain, making my way over to him.

He looked up at me, smiling as the rain clung to his eyelashes.

“Hey there, stranger”

“Hi,” I sighed and smiled back up at him. “I’m sorry I bolted this morning.  I just could not be late for work.”

He nodded and wrapped his arms around my shoulder, bringing me in closer to him.

“That’s ok.  I know your schedules been mental lately.  Besides, you did leave me something to remember you by.”

He smirked down at me and I rolled my eyes, knowing immediately what he was referring to.

I cringed. “You didn’t bring them with you, did you?”

“Well,”  He released one arm from around me, biting his lip as he fished around in his pocket.

“Harry!” I smacked his chest and he stumbled back a bit, laughing.  

“I’m only joking.  Although I did consider hanging them on the front of my car.”

I just rolled my eyes at him again as he removed his soaked through beanie and ran his hand through his hair.  

“How long have you been waiting here?”

He cupped my face in his hands and kissed the tip of my nose, and then my lips.

“Long enough.  Let’s get going.”

He jogged around the other side of the car and held open the passenger door.  

I was hoping he was just offering me a ride home, but I figured I’d ask.

“Where are we going?”

He just shrugged, leaning against the frame of the door.  
“I’ll know when we get there.”

I sighed, “Harry…”

“Please? I promise we won’t be gone for long.”

I was so tired I could have probably laid down on the wet ground and fallen asleep, but Harry knew he had me wrapped around his finger.

He stuck his lip out and batted his eyelashes at me.  

I decided humoring him would be better than standing out in the rain for any longer.  

I slumped my shoulders and walked towards the open door.  “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

Harry’s car warms up a lot quicker that mine does, so a few minutes in I decided this was a good decision.

Our hands were intertwined on the console between us, the radio playing just quiet enough you could hear the rain softly hitting the window.   

It was now barely drizzling outside, but there was a mist on the road from the passing cars.  

Harry’s thumb occasionally brushing against my wrist was the only thing keeping me from falling asleep.

We were about ten minutes out of town when the sun started to set.  The sky was laced with purples, pinks, and blues, mimicking a blanket on top of the muted green hills.  

Just as I was nodding off again, Harry pulled his hand from mine and turned off the engine.  I stifled a yawn as Harry opened his door and came around to open mine.  When I got out I saw that we were at a park.  It was a small one, secluded in a ring of trees with nothing more that a couple of swingsets and a slide.  I had gotten my hopes up thinking our destination was somewhere inside, preferably with heat.

He held my hand in his again as we made our way over.

“What are we doing at a park?”

He let go of my hand and instead slung it over my shoulder, making me thankful I was dating a human space heater.

“I was feeling a bit nostalgic.  Plus there’s a perfect view.”

“Of what?”

He looked down at me, smiling softly.  “You’ll see. C’mon.”

We got up to the swings and he walked behind the first one, patting the seat.

I stayed where I was, giving him my ‘you can’t be serious’ face.  

“Are you crazy? It’s soaking wet, and you and I both know I’m not wearing very many layers today. “

He laughed, jostling the swing.

“C’mon, peaches.  You know you want to.”

I rolled my eyes and laughed shortly, making my way over to the swing, but before I could sit down he stopped me.  

“Wait, wait wait.”  He pulled the sleeve of his coat up over his hand and wiped off the damp seat.  

After it was somewhat dry he gestured to it dramatically and I giggled, sitting down.  

I held on tightly to the chain, and then Harry grabbed on, placing his hands right below mine.  

I couldn’t recall the last time on a swing but I knew it was several years ago.  My siblings would always have competitions seeing who could get the most distance, jumping off the swing from the highest point, but my fear of hights left me holding on for dear life until the swing slowed down.  

Harry shuffled back, pulling me up in the swing as he went.  

When the seat was just above his chest he let go as I stuck my legs out in front of me.  

I laughed breathily as I swung back again.  He pressed his hands to the small of my back and pushed with more force this time.  I laughed as the wind caught my hair, the feeling making me feel weightless for a moment.  

I went higher and higher until I could see over the tops of the trees.  I now knew what he meant about this being the perfect view.  Just over the trees was a perfect view of the city.  The luminous lights hidden behind the green made for a very esoteric view, making it so everytime I swung down I felt like I was in a completely different world.  I didn’t know how Harry had come to find this, but it was definitely something special.  The exhausting day I had seemed ages ago as the smell of the rain cleared my mind every time I was propelled forward.  

Harry stepped away, moving to sit on the other swing as I started to slow down.  

I dug my heels into the ground coming to a halt, and took deep breath.

I looked turned my head to see Harry smirking over at me.

“Feel better.”

My smile grew as I nodded, “Much. That was beautiful, Harry.  Thank you.”

He rocked back on his heels, moving the swing.  “You’re welcome.”

I got off my swing, walking over to stand in front of him.   

He rocked back again, grinning. “You know, it works much better if you push from behind.”

He gave me a quizzical look as I moved closer and linked my hands behind his neck.  

I looped my legs through the spaces between his arms and the swing so I was straddling him.  

He hummed, smirking as I ran my hands through his hair, pushing it out of his face.  

“Gonna take me right here on the swings are you?  If so i’m never gonna be able to take our kids to the playground without getting a major—.”

I eagerly pressed my lips to his, swallowing up the rest of his sentence.  He wrapped his hands around my back, pressing me flush against him.  He kissed me deeper flicking his tongue against mine as I tangled my hands further into his hair.

My heart was racing, both from the kiss and what he had just said.

I pulled my lips from his and placed my palms against his flushed cheeks.  

I looked into his vibrant eyes, moving my hands to his chest, speaking softly and hesitantly.  

“You want to have kids with me someday?”

His smile grew as he brought one of my hands that was resting on his chest up to his lips, kissing my fingers softly.  

“I do.  I love you so much, peaches, and I want nothing more than to have a family with you someday.”

The positiveness is his words caught me off guard and I could feel my throat getting tight.  Having a family with Harry is a dream that I’ve always have had in the back of my mind, and up until now I hadn’t known he’d felt the same way.   

I pushed away a tear that was starting to fall and smiled back.  “I love you too, Harry.”

He grabbed my waist, pulling me into him again and catching my lips in in a slow, fervent kiss.

“I want to have so many babies with you.” He mumbled against my lips.

He nipped my jaw line before moving back up to my lips.

I felt something wet splash against my cheek, and look up at the ominous sky.  

A few seconds later and it was pouring again so we clumsily untangled ourselves from from the swing.  

Harry opened up his coat and threw his arm around me, shielding me from the rain as we ran back to the car.  

We were both sopping wet as we climbed into the car, Harry immediately starting the car and turning on the heater.

“Well mother nature sure knows how to kill the mood.”  

I peeled off my coat, tossing it into the back seat.  “I don’t think it’s dead.”

I awkwardly climbed over the console, laughing as I fell into his lap so I was straddling him again.  He chuckled, placing his hands back around my waist.  

He pressed his lips urgently back to mine, as I helped him shrug off his coat, discarding it in the back with mine.   

My lips still moving with his, I started unbuttoning his shirt, running my hands down his smooth chest, resting them above the hem of his jeans.  

I laced my hands around his shoulders, as his lips moved to my neck, his hands skating up under my shirt, cupping and squeezing my breasts.

I moaned as the rain continued to pound against the window, telling us to get a room.  

I arched myself into him as my name came tumbling off his lips, our heavy breathing fogging up the windows.

I was reaching for his belt buckle when there was a thunderous crack outside, causing us to jump and bump our heads together.  

Harry laughed, leaning back and rubbing his forehead.

“Maybe we should wait until we get home so we don’t end up with concussions.”



My body was still tingling as I carded my fingers through Harry’s hair, his head lying languidly on my chest.

We never made it to the couch, so we were lying entangled together under a red throw blanket in front of the hearth.  The only light in the room was coming from the fire, that was now causing the room to be a little too warm.  

Harry kissed my chest and rolled off of me, adjusting the blanket as I tucked myself into his his side.  

He giggled euphorically, still coming down from his high as I placed another kiss to his jaw.

“Well when we do start trying for babies, we’re gonna be absolute pros.”

I smirked up at him, wrapping my legs around his. “I think we could use a bit more practice.”  

The crackling fire filled the silence as Harry grazed his fingers up and down my back.  He shifted, bringing his other arm to rest behind his head.

“I think when we do start having kids…I’d like to get a house a little further out from the city.  One with a good neighborhood, ya know.”

I hummed as my eyes slipped completely closed.  As much as I wanted to stay up for hours and listen to Harry talk about our future family, I had expended all my energy for the day.

I was lulled to sleep, listening to Harry’s rocky voice talking about our kids, our pets, and our white house in the country.  


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