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Pretty Name (Harry Styles Smut)

Summary: Y/N and Harry party together (drink & smoke) and have sex.

Requested: yes

Warnings: alcohol, drug use, sex, Y/N dom, 69ing

A/N: Thank you to whoever requested this! Sorry it took me so long! I wrote this imagine a while ago, and I meant to post it, but then when I went to find it in my files, it was gone! :( But anyways, I hope you enjoy it!!


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Pretty Name (Harry Styles Smut)

You don’t know how you ended up getting here.  You were the “good girl” in school. You didn’t smoke, or drink, or party back then. And now you are here in a room at a party full of marijuana smoke making out with a musician who doesn’t even know your name.

It all started back at the party you attended earlier tonight. You weren’t invited, but that was your thing. You showed up, and people would just let you in. It’s easy to look like you belong in the “Hollywood” scene. You were pretty, but you were confident. So when you walked into any of those parties, eyes were on you, but again, no one knew who you were, which made you more intriguing.
That’s how Harry noticed you. You didn’t show up with group, you didn’t look around for anyone, you just were there. And you looked content, you weren’t trying to be anyone else, you weren’t trying to have everyone’s eyes on you, but they were.

Harry looked at his friend and asked, “Who is she?”

His friend turned to look at you and shrugs his shoulders and says, “No idea, never her seen her before. But I’m glad I have now.” He says lifting his eye brows, licking his lips, checking you out.

“Hey, don’t be gross man.” Harry says.

“Dude, you don’t even know her.” The friend says defensively.

“Still.” Harry says, “I’m going to get another drink, any of you want one?” Harry says seeing that you walking over to get a drink.

Everyone says no, and Harry walks over quickly. When he walks over, and he sees you pouring your drink and is surprised saying, “That’s a lot rum and a little bit of coke.”

You look up at him and joke, “Yeah, I’m not a pussy.”

Harry laughs, and says, “Well, I guess I’m a pussy, because that stuff burns with that little amount of coke.” Which causes you to laugh.

“I’m Harry by the way.” Harry says, grabbing a drink.

“I know who you are.” You state, “I’ve listened to your music, not bad stuff.”

“Thanks, you’re a fan?” He asks.

“Let’s say I’m a fan of music.” You say smiling, “and your music, just happens to be some of the music I like.”

After that you don’t really remember much else. You know you and Harry went into a room so it would be quieter to talk. And you two laughed, drank, smoked, and now you are here. Straddling him, both of your shirts off, and he’s undoing your bra. Are you mad about it? No. He’s seems like a decent guy, and he’s hot.

“I still don’t know your name.” Harry states while he kisses down your neck.

“Don’t worry babe, you’ll know it when I’ll have you yelling my name.” You say pushing him down the bed.

You stand up off the bed, and pull down your jeans and you underwear. You were never dominant in the bedroom, but you’re high and you’re feeling confident.

“I hear musicians are good with their mouths.” You say taking off your clothes, which causes Harry to smirk.

“I don’t know about other musicians, but, I haven’t gotten any complaints.” He says putting his arms behind his head, with a smirk on his face.

You hate it when guys are cocky, but in bed, it’s the hottest thing. At this words, you felt the wetness between your legs.

“Well, I’d like to see what you can do Styles.” You say climbing on the bed, swinging on leg over on the other side of this head so you are straddling his mouth.

Harry immediately begins to make you moan. He first focused on your clit. He licked circles on, then sucked on it as it got more swollen and sensitive. Then he poked his tongue into your hole teasingly.

With the amount of pleasure Harry was giving you, you wanted to do that same or him. You were in the 69 position. You spit on your hand, and pumped his cock a few times. Then you bent over, and took on his head in your mouth. You swirled you tongue around it, which caused Harry to moan, causing vibrations against you core, which felt so good.  Then you began to take him fully. As you bobbed your head, you put both of your hands on his thighs to keep you steady as you began to grind against mouth.

Harry could feel you getting close as your core tightened around his tongue. He then focused on your clit sucking on it, wanting you to cum so he could taste you so badly.

You stopped sucking Harry off and just began to focus on grinding on him because you were so close.

“Harry, I’m close. I’m so close. Make me cum.” You moan out. “Make me cum, oh my-“

And before you could finish, you felt the stream of euphoria take of your whole body. You moans out Harry’s name and left marks on his thighs from pleasure.

As you finished, you tried to put you head down to finish Harry off, but Harry stopped you, and said “I need to fuck you. I’m way too hard, and you’re so wet an warm, I need to fuck you.”

As you swing your leg over, so that you are no longer straddling him, Harry grabs and condom and rolls it on. When he’s done you straddle him again, and place your hands flat on his chest. When he first enters you, you close your eyes at the full feeling. You loves, he reached all the pleasurable spot.

You began bouncing on top of him, every time he thrusted into you, he hit your g-spot. Harry could see this as you would moan louder each time you bounced. Even though Harry was close, he wanted to see your face when you cum. He loved the sight he was already seeing, your breasts bouncing every time you came down on his cock, but he wanted to see you cum undone. So he grabbed your hips and thrusting up into you.

“Lick you finger and play with your clit.” He ordered as he pounded into you.

You did as he said, and you felt your second orgasm coming on.

“Harry, I’m gonna cum. Harry, Harry, Harry!” You scream, scratching your nails down his chest. Harry doesn’t stop thrusting. He thrusted you through your orgasm, as he was getting close.

Harry couldn’t take it anymore, and flipped you two over, and pounded into you hard.

“You feel so fucking good-.” He groans.

“Y/N” You answer finally giving him you name.

Harry bites his lips and goes, “Y/N, fuck yes, so good, mmh so good!” He groans out as he thrusts through his orgasm.

After Harry finishes he lays down next to with his arms behind his head and you watch his chest move up and down and you watch his eyes close. You decide to get up and get dressed and leave. When you were about to close the door you heard Harry say,

“Y/N, that’s a pretty name.”

A/N: I didn’t focus too much on the drugs this time, I hope that’s okay with whoever requested it! Thank you to whoever requested it! I hope you all have a good day!!

Girl Next Door - Part Two

Harry pulled open the door to the small studio in the gym. He knew he would find her there, it’s where she always was. Harry had watched her dance multiple times in the studio, too many times to count. He watched her bruise her knees, twist her ankles, hurt herself, too many times in this studio. But she loved it. She loved how small it was, she loved the smell, she loved the feeling of being in there.

Years later and Harry used the weight room next door, most of the time he would stop, peek in the window and watch her. He would watch as she would move with the music, letting out her anger, her sadness, her energy. He loved watching her dance, it was where she belonged, where she wanted to be, and he knew it.

He was right, she was there, moving her hand on her back, right about her bum, the other to her head as she turned and looked over shoulder, she dropped the move, jumping to the right where he stood, her hands in the air. She stopped, the music still blasting.

“Can we help you?” she asked, walking to her speaker and shutting it off, it was then Harry noticed she wasn’t alone.

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Prompt: "I'm not even sorry"

He hadn’t been home in what feels like forever. And you missed him. A lot. To the point where you didn’t even want to be home alone anymore, so you were out every night and day spending time with anyone who was around. Your friends, family, Harry’s friends and family. You even tagged along with the mean girls at work when they went out for a drink. You were just tired of being alone. You knew this is what you were going to get when you started dating harry seriously. But even in the 3 years you had been dating, it had never been this bad. His album was going great and you couldn’t be more proud. But as harry had once pointed out, he wasn’t the best multi-tasker. So even when he was home, he was buried in e-mails and paperwork, and effectively ignoring you. And to be frank, you were fucking sick of it. You’d go 12,24, and even 36 hours without seeing him and you were in the same city, in the same house and even in the same bed. You had to get his attention somehow because you were tired of being neglected.
He was in his office, filling out paperwork. Concentrating and mumbling to himself, trying to get it all done. You pushed open the big brown double doors to his office but when they creaked open, he didn’t even look up. He only said a soft “yes love?” Before going to check something on his computer. You cleared your throat and when he looked up, his jaw dropped. There you were, standing in black and red lingerie and his favorite black heels. Your hair was curled perfectly and a sheer shiny lip gloss was pained over your lips. His bright green eyes immediately darkened and you already saw the tent from in his pants.

“C'mere” he said darkly, pushing his chair away from his desk. You slowly walked over to him and as soon as you came within arms reach of him, his hands glued themselves to your hips and he looked up at you adoringly.

“ ’s not nice t’ interrupt meh love.”
I’m not even sorry.” You said truthfully, straddling as you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his cheeks.
“What’s with the get-up?” He asks, a smirk pulling at the side of his lips, a dimple forming on his cheek.
“You’ve been ignoring me for weeks H. I had to get your attention somehow.” You say grinding your hips onto him.
“I’m sorry love. I’ve been so busy with tour planning, promo for the album and the movie. Plus I’m playing shows here and there before the tour. I don’t mean to neglect ya.” He said kissing your neck. “I’ll do better, promise. But for now you have my undivided attention and I’m all yours.” He picked you up and placed you on his desk wasting no time slipping his hands in your panties, rubbing your clit.
“And I can’t have a lonely girlfriend on my hands, can I?”

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Imagine - Harry Styles

Eu estava escrevendo a continuação do imagine com o Niall mas deu merda aqui na casa do meu padrasto. Então, só amanha, eu acho. Minha vida virou de cabeça pra baixo em duas horas e eu não to sabendo lidar muito bem. Essa é a continuação do imagine com o Harry que eu publiquei ontem. Espero que gostem. 

Sem muita opção para discutir se ia ou não, sequei meus cabelos e vesti um vestidinho floral com meia calça e um sobretudo preto; nos pés ainda estava em dúvida entre as botas ou as sapatilhas. Optei pelas botas.

Desci as escadas e ao abrir a porta para ir para rua, a primeira visão que tive foi Harry escorado no mesmo carro de ontem, incrivelmente bem vestido com jeans escuros e um sobretudo preto; tinha um cachecol sobre os ombros que me fez devagar sobre o quão cheiroso seria seu perfume e se ele estaria naquela peça de roupa. Balancei a cabeça para espantar os pensamentos bobos e me aproximei dele.

- Oi!

- Oi! - Ele disse puxando minha cintura para perto dele em um abraço.

Assim que ele me solta, imediatamente abriu a porta para que eu entrasse. No caminho escutávamos uma música agradável e a conversa rolava solta. Até que percebi que estávamos saindo da cidade, quando o encarei para questionar onde íamos, ele se pronunciou antes.

- O café fica em uma montanha, não se preocupe. – Ele sorriu.

- Como você sabia?

- Seu olhar, na verdade. - Ele rio fraco. - Todas suas expressões são bem fáceis de ler.

- Então você lê mentes, professor Xavier? - Nós dois caímos na risada.

- Acho que mereço o apelido, depois de ter te chamado de unicórnio.

- Ah, sim! Eu adoro aquela meia, inclusive, estou com ela hoje. - O olhei achano graça da situação.

- Pensei que era só para fazer charme quando vão te devolver alguma mala. - Ele falou rindo.

-Sim, mas também em saídas para tomar café - dei uma pausa. - Na verdade, os homens acham bem sexy.

- Tem razão, eu achei muito sexy. – Ambos rimos altos.

Enquanto ele estacionava, vi uma escada enorme que subia até o topo da montanha. Descemos do carro e em subimos as escadas; ao fim do último degrau vi o café, era incrível! Tinha uma varanda enorme com várias flores. A vista tínhamos de dentro café era o mar que batia no rochedo da montanha e o ar era incrivelmente puro.

- Isso é incrível! - Disse de boca aberta suspirando em seguida.

- E você ainda não provou o café. - Ele disse com um sorriso de satisfação sabendo que acertou o lugar em cheio.

Depois do café incrível andamos um pouco e sentamos em um banco que dava para visão perfeita do mar. Eu estava perdida com a vista a minha frente que mal notei que ele me encarava.

- É linda! – Ele comentou desviando meu olhar do seu quando o olhei.

- A vista! A vista é linda! – Ele desconversou. – Você também é. – Ele diz após soltar um pigarro.

- Obrigada? – Eu sorrio e viro meu corpo em sua direção.

- De nada? – Ele ri. – Eu nunca me senti tão bobo perto de alguém.

- Minhas meias muito sexys fazem isso com as pessoas. – Ele solta uma gargalhada alta.

- Deve ser isso mesmo. – Ele limpa a palma das mãos em seus jeans e me encara de novo. – Quer pegar mais um café antes de irmos?

- Claro! – Levantei. – Você me espera aqui?

- Sim!

Voltei em passos rápidos até o café e pedi um cappuccino “para viagem”. Ao sair do café, Harry estava de pé próximo a porta.

- Vamos? – Ele pergunta.

- Sim!

Descemos a escadaria em silêncio e Harry novamente abriu a porta para que eu entrasse no carro. A viagem de volta para a cidade, ao contrário da ida para o café, foi silenciosa; a única coisa que fazia barulho dentro do carro, era o rádio.

- Obrigada pelo convite. – Disse assim que o carro parou em frente a meu prédio.

- Eu que agradeço pela companhia. – Ele sorri e eu beijo seu rosto. – Até outro dia.

- Até!

Eu desço do carro com um pouco de pressa e entro no prédio se olhar para trás. Algo me dizia que tão cedo eu não o veria novamente; mas eu estava bem enganada.

O restante do dia passou voando. Terminei de ajeitar minhas coisas para iniciar no novo escritório logo no início da semana que vem. À noite, preparei um jantar simples e fui dormir cedo.

Antes das oito horas da manhã eu já estava de banho tomado e quando passei pala sala para ir tomar café da manhã a campainha toco desesperadamente.

- Harry? – O encarei assim que abro a porta.

- Oi! – Ele sorriu envergonhado. – Trouxe café. – Ele estendeu dois copos e um saco de papel bem cheiroso. – Eu não ia vim, (S/N), mas eu passei boa parte da noite pensando em você e a outra parte sonhando como você. Isso soa terrivelmente maníaco, mas eu me apaixonei.

Sem deixar que ele continuasse o horrível monologo, o puxei pela gola do casaco o beijando e puxando para dentro do apartamento.

- Que bom que você veio para o café. – Disse assim que me separei dele.

- Por mim, vinha todos os dias. 


 REQUEST : I love your writing! Can you do a harry imagine where he comes home from the studio and he’s being really weird and clingy and he just wants to lay down and curl up next to you and you’re concerned and ask him if he’s feeling okay and he says he is fine but later in the night he wakes up from his little nap and he is feeling really sick to his stomach and just sick all around and he gets really upset because he’s sick and you’re taking care of him? Thanks hun!

A/N I’m selfishly asking you this but, please let me know if you’re enjoying my writing, so I can stay motivated to write. ENJOY! :)xx

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Imagine - Harry Styles

Eu estava ficando completamente louca.

Ou talvez fosse só a saudade que me consumia de forma tão  absurda.

Eu ainda via suas imagens, sentia seu toque, ouvia sua voz, desejava seus beijos; ainda podia sentir a pressão dos seus lábios nos meus. Tudo acabou em um passe de magica. Em uma viagem de negócios. Em uma reunião que ficava do outro lado do país.

Ainda recordo cada palavra sua naquela ligação, recordo de cada palavra sua. A voz que eu tanto amava ouvir antes de dormir me disse palavras duras, em um tom seco. “Eu sinto tanto (S/N), mas as coisas não são como a gente quer. E, agora, preciso dar prioridade a minha carreira. Ao meu futuro. Não posso ficar ao lado de alguém que não quer crescer. Eu te desejo o melhor desse mundo, (S/A), mas não é o momento de ficarmos juntos. ”. Eu fiquei sem ar, sem chão e com algumas gotas de álcool na boca por dias. Mas quando completei uma semana repetindo suas palavras na minha cabeça, eu cheguei à conclusão de que nada que eu fizesse mudaria sua opinião. Eu precisava fazer as coisas por mim.

Então, em uma quarta-feira, eu levante da cama, tomei um bom banho, vesti minha melhor roupa e fui procurar um curso que aperfeiçoasse minha escrita e meu inglês. Eu estava convicta de fazer algo para o meu melhor, apenas. Ele não me achava incapaz? Eu mostraria para ele a incapaz.

Eu estava sentada na bancada da cozinha, após chegar da rua, me dei conta de que faltava muita coisa em casa e que precisavam ser urgentes compradas. Com um caderninho e o fone de ouvido, eu batucava o ritmo da música enquanto olhava para os lados tentando lembrar das coisas para comprar.

A sombra dele apareceu no batente da porta. Seu sorriso me deixou meio zonza e meu primeiro impulso foi caminhar até onde ele estava. Com a mesma blusa que o vi pela última vez. Ele encarava algo além de mim, e levada pelo momento, levante minha mão com o intuito de toca-lo mais uma vez.

Mas meus dedos atravessaram o ar e tudo que eu vi foi a parede azul do corredor.

Eu precisava esquece-lo de qualquer maneira. Eu esperava supera-lo.

Passei a comprar os melhores alimentos e me deliciar do melhor vinho de maneira prudente. Comecei a dedicar minha vida somente a mim, posso soar egoísta, mas é o melhor que posso fazer no momento. Troquei de endereço, de carro e de estilo. Minha mãe passou a ficar mais tempo comigo e me auxiliar nas minhas decisões. Até um cachorro eu havia adotado.

Toddy. Um bolldog com um pouco mais de um ano.

Tudo parecia inclinado a melhorar.

*um ano depois*

A chuva era forte do lado de fora do apartamento, fazia frio e era possível ouvir o barulho do vento.  Como eu já havia saído para resolver o que era necessário; assim que cheguei em casa, tomei um banho bem quentinho, coloquei meu pijama e preparei chocolate quente para tomar na minha caneca favorita.

Estava sentada na cama com as costas na cabeceira; minha cama estava abarrotada de rascunhos do meu primeiro livro. Finalmente alguma editora havia se sentido satisfeita com meus manuscritos e me chamou para uma reunião.  

O notebook eu havia deixado de lado; queria trabalhar um pouco com papel e caneta.

A campainha tocou ao fundo de maneira estridente.

Larguei os papeis de qualquer maneira e fui ver quem insistia em tocar a campainha. Harry. Era ele quem estava ali. Cocei os olhos com as costas das mãos. Só poderia ser mais uma daquelas miragens sem sentido. Abri a porta decidida a dar um fim naquelas alucinações sem sentindo. Mas Harry era real, estava encharcado e com cara de choro.

- Finalmente encontrei você. – Ele disse em meio a chuva.

- O que você faz aqui, Harry? – Minha voz saiu fraca

- Eu procurei por você durante meses. – Ele correu os dedos pelos cabelos, fazendo com que eles saíssem do rosto. – Mas, somente ontem, convenci sua mãe me dize onde você estava.

- O que você quer? – As lágrimas começaram a vir aos meus olhos. – Não bastou me arrebentar a um ano atrás? Você tinha que vir até aqui?

Num rompante, Harry atravessou a porta e me abraçou. Fiquei estática. Não esperava essa reação dele, esperava que houvessem gritos e muita baixaria, mas nada veio, além das minhas lágrimas.

- Eu sinto muito. – Ele falou ao se separar, vendo que eu não correspondia ao seu abraço. – Eu sinto muito de verdade.

- Sentir muito, de verdade, não vai mudar nada do que você fez… você podia ter ao menos me dispensado pessoalmente. Você não teve coragem ou já tinha outra em seus braços? – Virei meu rosto para secar as lágrimas.

- Eu não tive ninguém, (S/N). Eu errei em fazer aquilo, mas eu não posso mudar o passado. Me arrependi logo depois de desligar o telefone. Mas o que eu posso fazer agora além de pedir desculpas e mais uma chance?

- Você pode sumir da minha frente. Esquecer meu nome e endereço. – Ri sarcástica. – Eu fiz de tudo para você não me achar mais, não quero ter que sumir mais uma vez por sua causa. Mais uma chance… que piada!

- Eu fui obrigado a fazer aquilo.

- Mentir é feio, Harry. Até para você… – Me desencostei da porta com o intuito de fechá-la. – Se você me der licença, tenho mais o que fazer.

- Por favor, (S/A). – Ele suspirou. – Apenas uma tentativa.

- Acho que o seu futuro, e a sua carreira, precisam de alguém melhor que eu. Kendall o nome dela, né?! Acho que ela é muito mais bem resolvida do que eu. Passar bem, Harry.

E sem dar mais nenhuma chance ou tentativa para ele falar, fechei a porta.

Ao voltar para o quarto, olhei para minha cama de casal, a minha bagunça em cima dela e Moby dormindo na ponta da mesma. Eu não precisava mais de Harry, eu estava feliz e muito bem sozinha. Um dia, quem sabe, eu encontraria alguém capaz de me fazer sorrir apenas com um olhar, o que Harry nunca foi capaz de fazer.


I want to make him laugh this hard…

You're Best Friends and He Tells You He Loves You Before Tour but Ignores You When He Comes Back part 3

Part 1

Part 2


“Harry” Y/n whispers, teeth clattering and lips nearly blue as she’s close to crying for heat.
“Harry” she whispers again, her voice mocking a whimper as he continues his soft snoring.
His soft breaths are the only sense of warmth she has. His forehead lay on her chilled shoulder perfectly, where his breath make way to the delicate skin of her arm. She desperately wants to wake him, make him come even closer to her than he is now. She maneuvers herself so that at least one of her legs is covered.
“Hm.” Harry mumbles, his tired eyes barely opening before moving over.
“Sorry, little one. C’mere.” He rasps.
Y/n tucks herself into him, her body fitting perfectly as every part of her body curls around him.
“It’s so cold. What’s gotten this room so cold?” He asks, now finding it hard to spread heat among the both of them.
She clatters her teeth, her body shaking with chills as she mumbles a soft “I don’t know.”
Harry looks over to his night stand, his alarm bright reading 3:34 am. He sighs, rubbing his face with the palms of his hands.
“Love.” He mumbles, turning back to Y/n so that he can wrap his arms around her.
His hand move effortlessly around her hair, twisting strands between each finger, admiring the feel of it.
“How about we get a little warm and head over to the cafe, yeah? They’re open 24/7, and I’m sure they have some heat and tea.”
“I’d love that.” She smiles.

“Great. Come on then. Wanna get you all warmed up.” He says, sliding out of bed in attempt to get ready in the early hours of the morning.

He gets dressed in a dark grey t-shirt and black jeans, ready to slip on his shoes when he notices Y/n still half asleep in bed.

“Watcha doing little one?” He coos, “we have to get you all warmed up.”
She stretches out of her arms, wiggling her fingers as a playful frown appears on her face.

“Come on, then. You’re lucky you fell asleep in leggings tonight.” Harry jokes, lifting her freezing body up against his. He slips her shoes on, as well as his, neatening her hair by stroking his fingers through the strands.

He carries her to the car, making sure he heats her up by warming her seat. The drive is short, but enough to wake them both up, just enough to take their order before feeling slightly drowsy again.
“I’m gonna sit down, yeah? You wanna wait?” Harry asks, arms still wrapped tightly around her.
Y/n smiles, “That’s fine, my love.”
Harry brightens, loving to hear her majestic voice call him such wonderful nicknames. Two weeks since she’s come back into his life, and it’s been two of the best weeks he’s ever had in his life. She’s changed him, and he could never understand how someone so perfect as her can love him as much as she does.
“You’re my angel. My little angel.” Harry says, his eyes staring directly into hers, his passion radiating off his skin.
He kisses her, every inch of his love captivating her soul in such a simple way.
“I love you.” He whispers.
“I love you more. But you go sit. You’re tired.”
He nods, rubbing her sides quickly before taking a seat in the empty cafe.
She sighs, smiling like an idiot as she fiddles with her thumbs along the counter.
“Y/n?” someone whispers.

Her eyes widen when she hears who’s behind them. Her body stiffens, and she can feel their eyes burning through her like they’re made of fire.
She remains still, as if it’ll prevent Derek from talking to her more. 
“Where the hell have you been?” He asks, “It’s been 2 weeks since you ran out and you never came back. No reason, no goodbye, just walked away. Why?”
She musters up bravery, she needs to stay strong. Although Derek wasn’t the one who scares her, she needs to address the situation the best she could to avoid any harm.
She turns around, eyes avoiding them as much as possible.
“Well I—I um—I—“
“Yeah, why, darling? Why avoid Derek here?” His friend asks, knowing eyes sending daggers right through her.
She shivers, intimidated by the man he is. He’s hurt her before, what would make him stop now?
“Love, they’ve called the order 4 times already.” Harry interrupts.
He notices her discomfort, the way her body is shrunken. Fear is filled in her brown eyes, and he’s suddenly aware that it was right of him to come over to her. He steps in front of her, moving her shaken body so that every part of her is behind his large frame. By the way she’s grabbing onto his shirt, he knows exactly who she’s bumped into. He’s been waiting for this day, just so he can beat the shit out of the man who viciously harmed her.
“Who is Derek?” Harry asks, jaw tight and fingers clenched.
“I’m sorry, who are you?” One of the men asks.
Y/n tugs on his shirt, and that’s all Harry needs in order for him to snap.
Harry smirks, cocking his head to the side.

“I’m Harry. Y/n’s boyfriend. And who are you?”
The man laughs slightly, almost as if he thinks it’s a game that Harry is playing. But it isn’t.
“I’m Riley. Y/n’s ex-boyfriend’s friend.”
Harry smiles.
“Well, nice to meet you.”
He sticks his hand out, as if waiting for a friendly handshake. Riley reaches for his hand, shaking it softly. Harry turns serious, his grip on Riley’s hand turning dangerously tight. Harry pull Riley toward him before pushing him onto the floor. He sits on top of him, his knees holding down Riley’s arms as he begins to hit him with no mercy.

“You don’t ever fucking touch her again!” Harry roars, fists colliding with Riley’s face continuously.
“Harry, stop! Can we please just go?!” Y/n cries, covering her eyes so that she won’t be able to see what’s going on.
“Get the fuck off of him!” Derek yells, ripping Harry away from Riley.
Harry squirms to get out of his hold, but doesn’t break away from him. Riley slowly stands from his previous position, spitting out blood. He’s panting, fists clenched as he stays in his place.
“Please stop.” Y/n whimpers, her cries getting more desperate.
“Hold this fucking scumbag back as I knock him dead.” Riley spits, swinging his fist into Harry’s face.
Harry groans, finding it harder to fight back when Derek has such a strong hold on him. There is nothing he can do to get of this position, but he’s not going to let Riley win this battle, even if he is beating him half to death.
“STOP! PLEASE STOP!” Y/n screams, seeing the love of her life being hit until unconsciousness.
She has to help him. She can’t keep watching this.
She places her body in between Riley and Harry. She attempts to grab Riley’s constant swinging arms, and when she does, she loses her drip again.
“STOP FUCKING TOUCHING ME!” Riley barks at her.
Just as she begins to grab his arm again, his hard fist makes contact with the side of her face. The impact is so strong that she falls onto the ground. Her face hitting directly onto the wooden floor. She can already feel her eye swelling, and her face is dripping with blood. The entire left side of her face is completely numb, throbbing with excruciating pain.
Something awakens inside of Harry. His demeanor snaps into something poisonous, and before he can even register his state of mind, he is holding Riley against the wall. His hand is held tight around his neck, holding him so tightly that Riley can’t seem to catch his breath.
“You don’t ever hurt her.” Harry growls under his breath, wasting none of his time before bashing Riley’s head against the wall.
He falls unconscious, making Harry back away from his unmoving body.
“Harry.” Y/n croaks.
He whips around, his now gentle eyes falling on her.
His breath hitches in his throat, his bloody fists now shaking. His eyes are wide, tears now building inside of them as he looks at his girlfriend.
“Oh my God.“


Word Count: 2238

Rated: PG

AN: would’ve been better but its late and I’m super tired.

The night was cold and the full moon made my heart pound against my chest. It wasn’t safe to be out this late on a full moon, anyone knew that, but unlike most smart people I always liked to test my luck. Sadly I often had bad luck.

The small village wasn’t safe at night, a rouge wolf had been lurking in our woods and the alpha of the pack wasn’t very happy about it. The wolf was a threat to us and we didn’t have any way to track him. The wolf must have been trained well for being a rouge seeings he hid and masked his scent to where there was no leads on where to track him down.

I looked around when I heard a whimper come from the woods. The familiar sound of whining echoed off the tress that surrounded the village. The village wasn’t too small but it wasn’t large. IT was just enough to hold our regular sized pack. There were no outsiders, but humans did live in our village including me. My mother was a turned werewolf by my father under certain circumstances, and my father was half. I got the recessive gene of being human. It wasn’t all that bad I had protection where I lived, and even though I was human I got along with all the werewolves.

I stopped halfway down the path to my house when a rustling came from the bushes. Curiosity killed the cat. I thought to myself as I made an attempt to walk towards the woods.  I knew I shouldn’t but I just felt some sort of pull towards whatever was out there.

Slowly my feet carried me over to the edge of the woods. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking at the time but I knew that I needed to find out what was hiding. Why was I such an adventurer, why did I have to test my limits?

I walked through the small brush into the dark woods, which was slightly illuminated by the light of the moon above. I was intimidated by how the full moon hung in a taunting manner.

Another whine came from a wolf nearby casing me to walk a bit faster. My adrenaline was pumping and I was becoming more and more eager to find out what it was. Who it was. Was it the rouge?

I fell into a small clearing in the woods seeing a grey wolf not far from me. He looked familiar so I knew he was apart of the pack. His snout was sniffing and nudging at his left front leg that looked to be injured.

“Carter?” I asked quietly walking towards the gray wolf I had grown up with.

The ears of the wolf perked up and I noticed how alert he looked. Swiftly changing into his human form Carter jumped to his feet.

“No Y/N run!” He yelled holding his manhood to keep from scaring me. His left arm was bleeding badly and I knew he would need medical attention.

“Carter.” I said trying to take another step forward, but I paused when I noticed the movement of another person behind him.

Before I had the chance to warn my childhood friend that grew up to be one of our best patrollers the man behind him thrusted a knife into his side earning a loud yell to rise from Carters throat. My eyes widened with fear as I stared into the red eyes of the attacker. The glowed under the light of the moon, but he was no vampire they knew better than to trespass on a full moon. This was a wolf, a very legendary wolf. One that haunted my nightmares when I was younger.

My feet began to carry me back to the exit of the woods before my brain even processed what was happening.

The legend of the dark wolf. The tale says that he was a happy boy that grew up in a pack town in early England. Yet the boy was greedy and would do anything for more land and more power. He was young when he began taking over other English packs, also becoming the alpha of his own. He ruled over all packs demanding them to bow down and call him their king. It wasn’t until he began taking over Ireland when he killed the alpha of a very powerful pack, that alphas mate was a witch one among the most powerful of her kind- a pureblood. The moment she felt the connection leave between her and her mate she casted a spell among the boy making it so that no one loved him, and when it came time that he met his mate she would hate him as well. For years he searched for her going mad so mad that his eyes changed a red color and any pack that stood in his way he killed. Even the children, he adored them but he couldn't bare their sight because he couldn’t have one.

My breath came out in short pants as I pushed myself to keep running forward. I felt like my lungs were on fire and at any moment they would stop taking in the oxygen I so dearly needed.

The sound of feet behind me scared me because I knew it was him, he was following me. I was going to die. At least that’s what I thought. If he didn’t kill me, I would die from my lungs stopping.

A growl sounded from behind me before I was tackled to the ground. I let out a cry struggling to get away from the monster on top of me. His hands went under me flipping me around so I faced him. His red eyes glimmered in the dark evilly. Sucking in a deep breath I tried pulling away from him. He grinned sinisterly leaning his head down only making me want to become apart of the ground and disappear.

“Hello princess.” He spoke inhaling my scent like a dog. The irony there.

“Please let me go.” I whined wiggling around in his grasp.

“No can do my love. I have been searching for you for a millennium.” He smirked.

My heart stopped and my stomach dropped. No, this isn’t happening this is all just a bad dream like the ones I had when I was a child.

“Y-you killed Carter.”

“That mutt deserved it thinking he could get rid of me. I knew you were here. I could smell you a mile away, and now I have you.” He was speaking like a mad man. I was scared he was going to lock me up and hide me from the rest of the world.

I let out small noises as I tried to get away from him. The more I moved the more of his body weight he laid on me. I groaned wanting him to let go of me but nothing was working. The monster was not giving up.

I felt his hot tongue lick a stripe up my neck and nuzzle his cold nose into the skin behind my jawbone just under my ear. A shiver made its way down my spine in a sickening manner. Why me? At least I wasn’t dead.

His lips pressed against my neck in different areas. I whimpered in discomfort, but I don't  think he knew that because he began pressing open mouthed kissed on the other side of my neck until his soft lips met mine in a forced kiss.

I tired screaming through it in order to get him to stop but the man was determined. Slightly pressing harder with each second of my resistance. I could feel his hands greedily roam my body until they squeezed my sides tickling me in the process. A loud laugh left my lips and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I didn’t expect that. But it was nice.

My mind was in a haze spinning either due to the fact I had fallen to hard or the heavenly mix of his cologne and the woods together.

Slowly I raised my hands and tangled them in his what felt like curly hair. For a moment I forgot where I was and who I was kissing until he pulled away with a smirk. I tried to catch my breath while holding the sides of his shirt it was as if he were going to disappear from me. My state of mind was scattered and I wasn’t sure what to think anymore.

As soon as I opened my eyes I was met by the bright glow of his own. “Goodnight my queen.” He spoke softly. His lips met mine once more before his head dipped down to the base of my neck and bit down hard enough to make me let out a soundless whimper. When the rouge wolf pulled away I could feel myself slip into an oblivion.

I could feel myself awakening. I was laying on something soft and warm. The fabric that covered me felt like silk, and the air around me was cold. I pulled the blankets closer to my body trying to keep warm. Sleep. I just wanted to sleep. My body ached for some odd reason but I didn’t care. Sleep was the only thing on my mind.

I quickly remembered what had happened the night before and internally groaned. I felt like sleeping until I wouldn’t wake up. I am such an idiot. What did I do?

I sat up quickly only to be pulled back down by a strong arm.

“For fucks sake you move too damn much.” A raspy voice complained.

“Were am I?” I asked trying to sit up but he only pulled me to his chest.

His hard face was more relaxed in his half sleeping state. His chestnut curls covered his face and draped over his high cheekbones. His canine teeth were poking into his pink bottom lip, the lips that kissed me the night before. A scar stretched from the left corner of his jaw up to under his eye, across the bridge of is nose under his other eye, and it curled up under his temple.

Reaching my hand up I began slowly tracing the imperfection on his face. Before I could get under his first eye a hand harshly gripped my wrist.

“What are you doing?” He growled opening his eyes. They were green.

“I-I-I was just- you have beautiful eyes.” I babbled on.

“You my love are beautiful.” He rasped bringing me closer to his chest. His accent made my heart flutter and I had to remind myself he killed Carter. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Did you think I would forgive you so easily? You killed my friend.” I let out a small cry.

“Well I hoped you would understand.”

“So the legend is true, you’re a heartless monster.” I snapped pulling out of his grasp.

“Hardly my love.”

I stared at his green eyes wondering why they weren’t still red. Does he wear contacts? I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at the monster before me. He didn’t seem so monstrous he looked soft and warm.

“Where am I?” I changed the subject wanting to go home to the comforts of my bed where my brother would come and wake me up with an asshole way he would plan out.

“My mansion in England love.” He replied. “I need to announce to my pack that we now have a luna after so many years.” He smiled closing his eyes. His teeth were prefect and white, his pink tongue was pressed against them in a playful manner.

How could this playful boy be the fears of my dreams?

“England?” I croaked realizing I was a whole continent away. “What about my family? I have friends and school. I have a job.”

“I’m your family.” He growled the smile instantly melting off of his beautiful face. “You are my queen, and you will rule next to me. You will bear my children and you will take care of them. Goddammit you will love me like you’ve never been in love before.” The vein in his neck was sticking out and I was beginning to think he was going to tackle me like the other night.

He sat in bed before getting out and pacing around nude. He was nude. Heaven help what my eyes have seen and can not unsee. I squealed covering them hiding my head under the black silk blankets. I cannot believe this man he was demanding I love him and then walking around nude.

“How did I even get here?”

“You were out about three days.” He replied nonchalantly.


How is that even possible?

“Please let me go.” I begged uncovering my head so I could look at him.

With one swift movement he was hovering above me staring deeply into my eyes. I could see the gears turning in his head but his face was stone cold. I knew he was a monster I knew he was unable to feel the emotion of others. He would never let me go.

“You’re not leaving, you will love me even if I have to make you.”

“It wouldn’t be so hard if you were nice.” I snapped trying to push him away from me.

“I get what I want, love.” He replied running his nose against my cheek. “Including you.”