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Promo Photos for Shadowhunters 1.04 ‘Raising Hell’

The Shadowhunters will have to put their trust in a Downworlder to access Clary’s memories in “Raising Hell”.

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I find double standard how some people were hating on Chris, Dianna, and the rest of Glee cast that couldn’t be in the TCA’s. The producers of the TCA’s are the one’s who chose the winners and people who are going to the show. Maybe they couldn’t go, maybe they weren’t invited, maybe they weren’t ready to talk about Cory in  public. We don’t know why they weren’t there but that doesn’t mean they didn’t love Cory or that they are “bad” friends. 

I wasn’t fan of Finn Hudson, but I did like Cory. I’m not gonna lie and say I was his biggest fan because it isn’t true, but I think most of Glee fans will agree with me, we don’t want the last chapter of his life to define him. We don’t want people judging him. Cory was a grown up man. He knew the dangers of drugs. He knew he was a role model for hundreds of teens, yet he relapse. Why? we don’t know and we will never know.  We don’t know what he was going through just like we don’t know what it is happening with the rest of the cast. How can you ask for respect for Cory when some of you are quick to point fingers at his friends? Haven’t you learn anything from what happened to Cory? We shouldn’t judge them  when we don’t know them. We see them smile on photos and they seem strong on interviews but we don’t know what it’s really happening with their life’s. They are mourning their friend and on top of that they have to deal with immature fans telling them how they have to mourn him, 

“being their fans” doesn’t give you free access to their private life’s. If you are really a fan of any of them, you should respect them and leave them alone.