harwood king


Mr Billy Ray by Maria Rivans

Minuet 300 g paper hand torn

65 x 89 cm Giclee, Silver leaf, Silkscreen elements x 3 £395 e-mail sales@harwoodking.com for more info Maria’s collages are works of her very personal vision commenting on this world of change, beauty, diversity and mystery. They explore the idea of existing alternate realities and fantastical other worlds which transport us into a surreal and exciting universe. The sometimes heavily populated cityscapes where gigantic exotic flora unexpectedly rise above the horizon and colonies happily live alongside animals, celebrate the hugeness and wonder of life.

By appropriating an array of sourced vintage ephemera, Maria seeks to overwhelm us with her compositions by combining vivid and seductive colours with powerful and often humorous imagery. Beginning either with a blank canvas or a found bygone print the viewer experiences a visual and sensory overload from the hundreds of carefully cut-out found elements that are built upon the entirely re-invented base picture now altered and transformed, allocating new meaning.

Maria draws inspiration from philosophical teachings, cultural references such as vintage Hollywood films, Hitchcock and the sci-fi TV films and shows she watched as a child. Her collage practice is a continuation of her childhood experiences; the active sense of play when exploring ideas during the making process, the rejection of logical depiction and the destruction of the original image.

Maria is a full-time artist working in collage and its 3D development. After graduating in 3D Design at Brighton Art College in the 80’s, she went on to run her own jewellery workshop. Her time as a jeweller has naturally transposed into her artwork, which is meticulous, time-consuming and highly intricate. Maria also produces a range of hand finished greetings cards and runs collage workshops at Hove Museum. She is a member of the ‘Unravelled’ arts group and is currently represented by Liberty Gallery, Kent and Ink-d Gallery, Brighton.