CROWLEY HARVOR. deity (dionysus). owner of the devil’s swing. 

  • whom is gender honestly
  • Grade A Garbage
  • certified party animal 
  • basically this video
  • every freckle accounts for one of their Sins
  • owns a seedy nightclub in nyc called the devil’s swing; it’s the kind of place that’ll make u feel weird the next time you see your parents
  • it has that weird vibe u get whenever you step inside a going-out-of-business blockbusters 
  • is that person who knows a guy who knows a guy who Knows a guy
  • lowkey ruthless as fuck; actually i lied they’re highkey ruthless as fuck. if u read the bacchae dionysus basically had this guy torn apart by his mother/aunts/etc for not believing!!! 
  • it’s all fun and games until Someone gets a limb ripped off
  • is down for partying with the new gods as long as they know who’s boss 
  • probably founded denny’s in their past life honestly 
  • but like honestly at this point in time??? after living so many lives and watching the old gods losing their strength?? they’re kind of fucked up
  • high functioning alcoholic, never been sober a day in their life since they turned fifteen—always acting like they’re running out of time and they don’t care