i have had many an interesting thing happen to me during my time in tumblr, now i want you to imagine a scenario.

think of Slavoj Zizek, he is suposedly this intellectual, yet you only know about this intellectual because many of your friends, and friends of your friends keep talking about him. you never read him and yet you know some things about him by osmosis, you know some of his quotes, you might even have some passing idea of what his philosophy is, the main thing is that you always see him crop up every now and then and you harvor some kind of second hand, distant respect just from what you’ve heard your friends say about him.

and then one day you find out he decided to add you as a friend on facebook.

and you have no earthly idea what he could have seen in a measly commoner such as you, toiling in your humble corner of the internet day and night.

so whatever, welcome @argumate  you are officially my 400th follower,  O frabjous day, Callooh Callay