Seriously I just… I want to release my opinion on the Ramen Rangers dynamic, but I CAN’T WRITE AN ESSAY ON A PHONE.

The most I can write for now is that in my head, their relationship (from Harvey’s side at least) is nonromantic and nonsexual. They’re ramen-buddies/practicaly brothers with Harvey taking the protective older role.

And if some of you guys can’t resist and must ship them romantically, note that Harvey is demisexual.

Also I think brotherly interaction should be #Ramen Rangers and romantic is #HaRave just to clear things up.

… yeah expect an essay on this in like an hour or so.

astroneon-deactivated20150415  asked:

Side note I may have started shipping Rave and Harvey as they get older since they grew up together cause Rave would have someone to share his bitterness with and maybe they'd be friends who occasionally got underneath the sheets with each other and I already have so many ideas it's ridiculous ;~;

I expected this as soon as Kira drew the pic but at the same time, it is ridiculously surreal to read for some reason… like… guys, it’s literally been like ten minutes since she uploaded that (although it has been a few hours since A Memory)


I’M STILL TRYING TO GET OVER THE FACT THAT HARVEY IS A THING THAT EXISTS. He literally was supposed to be one of the crowd, have no name, but then he kind of pushed my plans aside going “No, shut up - I need to set this delusional kid straight” and then the next thing I know, he has a name, and now he has art???

I… this is all so sudden???

The ship is cool, sure - if Kira approves, I approve???

I can’t stop asking questions .__.

I love all of you guys, seriously…

Dream Diary: First Dream About Harvey

So I have a lot of dreams. I write down a ton of them and if people are interested, I can upload my more… unusual ones. But today.

May 26th, 2013
I dreamed that Harvey died in a fire saving other people and was reborn was a mutated spider that lived in the ruins of the mansion for many years to come. One day, the people who he saved returns and hearing of his wretched fate, take pity on him and kill him.

I don’t remember who the people he saved are.


… this was actually a pretty boring dream by my standards.

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Petition to have Harvey meet some chick or dude, so then Rave is allowed to get revenge for Harvey's over-protective tendencies by quizzing Harv's date?

Pffffff, I approve of this scenario so hard like… Harvey would be amused at first, and then eventually just get annoyed like “Rave, what the fuck are you doing, lay off already” but of course that’s the whole idea…

People, please, keep sending me more ideas; as soon as I get Chapter 2 of RWCH done, I’m doing a bunch of short Ramen Rangers and Rave’s Children one-shots to satisfy my muse XD