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What do you think about possible inclusion of Chari as a BD GBF bonus similar to Nina and Rita, from a business perspective? I thought putting Azazel in GBF was a sound decision considering his popularity with the customers of cygames' other properties (although I'd love to hear your thoughts on this), but Chari? Dunno whom they'd be trying to appeal with him but knowing certain cygames executives love for him, I'm scared they'd not only force him in also but make him ridiculously overpowered.

this reminds me:

back when nina was just released in gbf, someone said how they do not want chari to be in gbf too bcs then he’d try subjugating non-human race like draphs, erunes, harvins and primals lol

…and they’re right, too. srsly, his whole arc (if we can even call it that) is about proving human is the superior race and this attitude won’t fly in gbf.

also keep in mind my sources is mostly 2ch (who are mostly guys) and twitter, so uh. idk about business perspective and the likes, but so far the response for azazel’s integration into gbf is rather… positive, unexpectedly. This seems majorly bcs

  1. he’s categorized as primal,
  2. he’s a *male* dark ssr character after a veeeery long time,
  3. his tsundere-ness as well as his dying movement make him easy to meme and srsly this is an important trait,
  4. he has dagger/melee prof, meaning he makes atma fist meme relevant again if you team him up with Seox and Orchid
  5. his artwork with the snakes is considered cool even for guys, and, most importantly,
  6. he has 30% debuff (japanese folks seem to really appreciate this and like give him a rating of 9.5/10, although the western folks mostly think he’s overrated. i do too lulz).

the fact some folks also already familiar with him thanks to SV and SNB certainly helps. and the fact on the day he’s released he’s one of jpn top twitter trends (his number is more than twice Vampy’s number, whose SR version is also released on the same date) certainly proves he’s kinda popular, enough for ppl to make a fuss about him.

and speaking of chari… eh, i don’t think ppl even remember his name. no one talked about how they wish to see him in gbf. in fact, no one talked about him at all. some talked about how they wanted favaro and/or kaisar to come to gbf, kaisar esp since he already appeared in amira’s fate ep, but no one even mentioned ‘the king’.

hmmm just my personal opinion, but while i do think chari is probably gonna come to gbf, he won’t be OP, esp if he’s going to keep the same element as his puchi chara counterpart in snb, which is dark. in gbf, afaik, dark is full of selfish OP attackers who are quite beloved to fans. You can’t just add a new OP dark chara and expect the fans to accept this and move on, esp if this totally new chara is gonna be more OP than the established 'strongest’ characters. Azazel doesn’t threaten other charas’ position bcs he’s not 'pure’ attacker, and his use is more situational than universal, unlike, say, Seox - who is pretty much Dark’s poster boy attacker.

srsly, you try to make a completely *new* dark chara (not DAO, not Sandalphon, not dark!Lucio) who is stronger than Seox 5*, fans are going to burn your ass.

(unlike anime which has fixed storyline and pretty much can’t be changed, this game keeps being updated every week or even three days, and charas do get updated every now and then, so if there’s a sudden *new* chara who is OP, fans would demand the old characters be updated and made stronger too.)

I doubt chari would be made op tho, if he comes to gbf at all, bcs he probably comes as dvd/bd bonus anyway, and bd bonus charas are pretty much useless or has limited/niche use (case in point: sr rita=useless, sr amira=better kit than rita but still meh, ssr nina=niche, situational use)

I don’t have nina so idk if chari gets mentioned or even appear in her fate ep, but it would be interesting to see what kind of scenario they’d have in mind for his fate ep - considering how he looks down on all other races except human :p

Remember when Grand Blues took one-off jokes about Erune clothes (How Freesia keeps her glasses up, how Heles’s clothes stay on, etc) and combined it with Rackam’s random explosions then linked it to the Erune race subjugating Harvins and using their spiritual energy?

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Do not bully the best harvin! She carried me through most of my magna farm when I was still desperately trying to farm the snek for daggers. (Her shield + aquabuncle helped me survive tidefalls. bless.) Your art is p sweet tho dud, keep it up and I hope you have a nice weekend!

Ay thanks my man! (i just started a month ago lmao, so I haven’t gotten far)

Sorry I bulli, have happy Charlotta instead