My Top Eleven SPN Fics Of 2013
  1. The Breath Of All Things- Dean/Cas
  2. Peace And Good Luck To All Men- Dean/Cas
  3. Good Girls Go To Heaven- Jo/Anna
  4. Dies Irae, or Something- Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel
  5. The Epic Of Charlie Bradbury and the Break-In That Wasn’t
  6. My Roots Take Flight- Dean/Cas, Sam/Ruby, Anna/Inias
  7. Run Away- Jo/Anna
  8. We’ve Got Spirit- Dean/Cas, Jo/Anna
  9. The Bastard and the Barmaid- Jo/Adam
  10. Follow Me- Jo/Anna
  11. Married- Jo/Anna

“I think—I think I might have a crush on you.”

“A crush? Oh, trust me, Adam, you don’t.”

“I think I do.”

“No, you don’t.”

“How would you know?”

“I just know, alright? You think you’re attracted to me because I’m the only female you’ve met since you entered our kinda world. You can’t have a crush on me. Not like this.”

“Why do you always do this? Selling yourself short? Acting like you’re not good enough?”

“Because it’s true. I’m screwed up. We all are. I can’t expect to be attractive to people, because I know that I can’t make connections. I can’t bond—so I don’t. And neither should you. You might not see it now, but everyone that we drag into this is doomed. Acquaintances, lovers, friends. You can’t take that risk.”

“I think you’re a great person.”


This is a snippet of my recent fanfic about Adam and Jo. You can read more here. Drop a word on what you thought about it, ‘kay?

Hell wasn’t as bad as she imagined it would be – it was a million times worse. Falling was painful, and it was dark, and the screams of everyone around her were deafening, but it was better than being suspended in mid-air by those chains. Jo rolled over so she was on her stomach, pushing herself up with her palms. The ground wasn’t ground at all, but a massive grid of cold, wide metal bars slick with blood. Webs of chains were everywhere, and they were tangled in them, or worse – hooked to them. She’d been in hell for what felt like years…

“You’ve fallen from your chains,” an unmistakably masculine voice remarked. Startled, Jo scrambled to her feet, looking for the source of the voice amidst the screams. “Down here,” the voice called softly.  Jo knelt down to find a beautiful blonde boy beneath her.

“Who are you?” Jo asked curiously, pushing her bloody hair behind her ear. Jo was bruised where the chains dug into her skin, but none of the blood on her was her own… yet.

The boy held a finger to his lips, cautiously looking downwards into the darkness before speaking again. “My name’s Adam. This is the cage.”

Jo reached down through the bars to hold a hand out to him. “Jo,” she introduced herself, shaking his hand firmly before withdrawing her arm from the cage again. “I didn’t know hell had a VIP section,” she joked, but Adam didn’t laugh. “What’d you do to wind up there?”

Adam sighed, rubbing his face tiredly. “It’s a long story, Jo.”

Jo smiled bitterly, sitting down. “Well, we’ve got nothing but time on our hands…”

anonymous asked:

For adam/jo, I'll take ANYTHING. But, uh, what about Adam going on a hunt with Jo? Maybe one night instead of doing research they play a drinking game or strip poker or something. IDK

He was actually not bad, she had to give it to him. Practically saved her ass back there. Then again it was her fault for not doing the research properly, instead she was watching crap movies with him all night while eating chinese food and trading stories about Adam’s brothers. Not that tonight was going to go differently, Jo could tell that the minute those big blue eyes were staring into hers. Damn Winchesters and those puppy eyes of theirs that she just couldn’t say no to.

There was one thing Adam didn’t resemble to his brothers and father though. He was terrible at the drinking game. He was drunk by the time she emptied her 5th glass of vodka and she couldn’t help but laugh at him. Yeah okay, maybe she diluted hers with water to win, so what?

“You’re really pretty, you know that?” Adam muttered as he reached for his glass, giving her a playful smirk.

“And you’re really drunk.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.”

How I spent my evening…. 

I just love Adam and Jo, and the RP dynamic between them gives me BroTP feels and makes me want to keysmash. So I drew them. It took WAY too long because drawing things on the tablet takes approximately 9000000000 times longer than sketching on paper. 

I regret nothing.