I am side eyeing Harvey Levin of TMZ so hard right now. TMZ is trash and everyone knows that, but Harvey’s presence in entertainment and in Hollywood is formidable. He breaks a lot of stories because he’s fucking ruthless and so are his guys (paps). But everyone knows about TMZ’s no outing policy that Harvey holds as law.

This baby story is right up his alley. Salacious gossip is his forte, and his avoidance of this until now has been the most suspicious part of this to me. The story would have had a lot more fuel to it if Harvey had been following it, but he stayed so mum it was suspicious, and now that the kid is “born” his guys are all over it like bees to honey (pardon the bee reference)?

Nah, something’s up there. Keep your eyes on TMZ. I certainly am.

The way I look at TMZ and their potential role in this is: what’s TMZ most known for? Spilling tea. Scandalous and newsworthy tea. Stories acquired by means other venues might not touch or using channels they might not have access to. What does this band have years and years worth of? Shady, corrupt, and morally reprehensible business practices that could use some spilling. Now, I can’t speak to the legal ramifications of actually laying cards on the table re: Simon Cowell or for how powerful the need is in the entertainment industry to keep dirty practices under wraps in order to keep doing business. But if any truth is going to be told, even if it’s just strongly implied truth, I think TMZ is the perfect venue to break it. It fits their MO, I can’t think of a better place to drop some explosive sordid details. I mean, they’ve already introduced the idea of the baby not being real at all today??

It’s fine by me if I’m wrong about this, honestly I just want it over, but the longterm involvement of 1D and TMZ definitely sticks with me. It could just be they’re going to break the paternity story as part of an ongoing tit-for-tat between both parties, while throwing implications out there so people reflect back on how generally shady this baby thing was after they’re out. But there’s so many stories that could be told here: fake baby, forced closeting, stunting, potential (if unlikely) lawsuits, whatever is going on with the financial situation. If they played it off as indicting Simon Cowell rather than the whole industry… And the stories they could tell would still be juicy after a coming out already happened too. They may not overturn the whole cup but I think there’s a good possibility they’re going to spill some tea.

TMZ Doesn’t Use Gay Rumors to Get Hits

So the argument is that TMZ is trolling Larries and using gay rumors to get Larrie hits. It made me wonder if Harvey, with his stance of NOT outing people, would allow his staff to bait and troll a fanbase based on gay rumors.

No. No he wouldn’t and he hasn’t, excepting (possibly) one article written nearly 10 years ago. That means this is being done for a reason.

Let’s go!

First off, Larry Stylinson has never been mentioned on TMZ’s site by TMZ. Fans, yes. In comments, sure. Never by TMZ.

But they just haven’t talked about Larry because One Direction is full of low-level stars, and the band isn’t big enough, right? Wrong.

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The Down And Dirty History Of TMZ
How a lawyer from the San Fernando Valley created a gossip empire and transformed himself into the most feared man in Hollywood, all by breaking a few long-held rules and, as rumor has it, lording ...
By Anne Helen Petersen

I think there’s some inherent journalistic envy/jealousy that’s rearing it’s ugly head a bit in this write-up, but I don’t doubt for a second that apart from the bias shown the facts themselves are true. This is what you need to know about Harvey Levin and TMZ, and this is why they’re not just out for “clickbait” and why they’re not unreliable. This is also why they were chosen to be the outlet to handle this story, because they knew they could hide behind the notoriety of Harvey’s industry reputation. The story itself is salacious enough (thank @larrymama for that word) that it makes sense for TMZ to break but it’s also newsworthy enough that it will garner the attention they need AND it provides them plausible deniability, since Harvey is known for doing most of his own footwork. This was not a mistake and Harvey’s not getting this as a tip-off.

anonymous asked:

When is Harvey supposed to be back? I also think something big will go down at TMZ once he gets back.

I have no idea; nobody does, I think?

Listen, I certainly hope so! Like, it’s time, my aunt called and she’s ready. My postman, too. I’ve heard that Prince William is. @Harvey, pal, when you’re ready too, thank you. 

I know we haven’t talked about Harvey Levin recently. And it’s almost like kicking a dead horse with this point. But he just completely ripped him apart and entire legal case and then moved on like it was nothing. Without flinching, he gracefully explained every single part of why the ins and outs of a case do not make sense. 

And then he just completely talked down his own employee when they were talking nonsense about video evidence. When they were questioning his own intelligence. 

 Harvey Levin is the perfect person to completely dismantle baby gate. He is intelligent and quick. And the fact that he has yet to pull apart the very fragile seams that are holding babygate together speaks so many volumes. Watch his show for less than 2 minutes and it’ll be blatantly obvious.


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