Linkara has a certain amount of PTSD from the various villain attacks. Since he can’t really go to a therapist without being locked up in a mental hospital, he tries his best to deal with it on his own, to varying degrees of success. Sometimes Harvey has to come in and comfort him when he hears him screaming in his sleep. 90s Kid and Linksano would come in too, but they don’t think Linkara would be willing to show weakness to them.


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This entire bit is an inspiration. I guess this is my fathers day bit because my dad likes it, but who doesn’t?

EDIT: Fixed the link! I feel I should include that the video does include a few ableist comments about schizophrenics. I’d take them out if I could, but the rest of the video is gold.

Harvey was the first person to find 90’s Kid after Holokara attacked him. He found 90’s Kid curled up in the corner of the room, struggling to breath due to a panic attack. Harvey helped calm him down by talking to him in a reassuring voice, asking what he could do to help, slowing his breathing by telling him when to breath in out and counting to ten with him slowly.

Once 90’s Kid had calmed down enough, Harvey took him to the kitchen and got him some water. It was only then that he asked 90’s Kid what had happened. He was furious when he heard what Holokara had done and wanted to confront him straight away. However, he knew that 90’s Kid still needed him.

Harvey took 90’s Kid to Linksano and made sure Holokara hadn’t caused any lasting damage. Then he left 90’s Kid with Linksano, making him promise not to leave him, and went to confront Holokara.

Atop The 4th Wall headcanon

Harvey, 90’s Kid and Baffo are alternate universe versions of Linkara, in which his life had gone completely different.

Harvey’s Linkara, who grew up in the early 20th century. When a certain event happened in his life, he lost his way. Singing was just not enough fo keep him going in life. But he refused to take his own existence away, so he volunteered for an eccentric scientist’s experiment in multiversal transportation. That is how he ended up in Linkara’s universe in the 21st century. The rest is.. .well, murky.

90’s Kid is a version of Linkara, who never quite got over the “awesomeness” of the 90’s. He didn’t have many friends. Except this one dude, who was handy with a tool kit. Inspired by Youngblood, he tried to create a time machine (with the help of his friend) to send himself to the past or future, it’s not certain. He wanted to be like Prophet. But instead of traveling through time, he appeared in Linkara’s universe one faithful day. Linkara was the first person he saw and spoke to. Sharing love for comics (and well, Linkara having pitty for the lovable doofus), Linkara invited him to crash at his place.

Baffo is Linkara from a universe in which Linkara’s parents owned a circus. Having been a generally happy and quiet child growing up, going from city to city, Baffo eventually joined in the family business as the ever so classy and child friendly Baffo the Clown. Oh and on the tours around the world, he had picked up knowledge on taxes. Go figure. One day he tried to pull a human cannonball trick for a big crowd in Minnesota. Thing is, though, the circus people never had used the cannon before. If they had, they’d have known much sooner that it was, well, a magic gun. Baffo was transported into Linkara’s universe thusly. Without a friend in the world, literally, Baffo roamed this alternate Minnesota in search for a place to live and a job. Though few were willing to hire a clown. On a chance meeting with Linkara, the two talked about how unfairly clowns were treated in the visual media. They formed a friendship and Linkara hired him.

To this day Linkara doesn’t know that his roomies are him.


Critic listening to Harvey FineVoice (by happytimidfox)

Okay, this is too funny. -Miss


Whenever she’s not chasing down Judas Liz, Iron Liz occasionally stops by to play D&D with Linkara and friends. Harvey usually DMs, but as of late, he’s preferred to simply be a player.

Who DMs now? Jaeris, and he’s fantastic at it.

(Of course, there was this one time Snowflame tried to DM a game…)

Ever since this headcanon was posted, I have been doodling at this picture. It was just supposed to be a silly doodle but again, it seems I am incapable of coloring anything without going into shadows and highlights and crap.

And that was the last time Snowflame was ever allowed to DM.

lol Look at Spark pretending like she has a dang clue how DnD works.


I have been watching atop the fourth wall getting ready for the year long story hiatus to finally (and the movie!!!!!! Of course). So I decided to do something special. here is genders swap version of some of team Linkara. In order: Linkara: Yes the name would be the same how ever her real name is Louise. Pollo would be the same but in Back when he got a new voice she kept the lady voice. Not much else is different. Expect more ass-wholes would bother her online. Nothing she can’t handle. In the second drawing I used the old outfit and her magic gun (Martin) Harley Finevoice: I tried to draw them the ages that Louis described them in the DVD. So Harley is in her 50s (though you should never ask a lady about her age) a bit older with grey hair but just as classy. I wanted to give her a dress that would complement Harvey’s suite. Linksana: I always thought Linksana is always had a bit of fashionable scientist thing going on so I went with a dress for her because even if she knows it’s bad for science she doesn’t care. She once meet Linksano in her travels across the multiverse and she now knows for sure how is the better science. (Hint: it her) 90s kid: I went with making her a tomboy (tomboy is one of her favorite none 90’s superheroes). Naturally she calls everyone dude and love all thing extreme. She perpetually 13-16 so her body shape reflect that. She is much more feminist then her counterpart and but she’s still loves the 90’s. I also want to draw her with a care bear but it turned into bear! So ya BEAR!!!! Ninja-style dancer: Not much to say. Just like her;) Moarta: She was very hard to figure out because there are not a lot of female horror hosts other then Elvira. So I did mix of Moarte and Elvira. Classy and creepy. Boba the clown: Kind and smart Boba loves to help all of her friends:) Not my characters. Thanks so much of Linkara your show and is amazing and I can’t wait to see what’s next :D

And this concludes...

(Shall be made one long post for the rest of the episode)




And Linkara just comes out grinning and looking like a little lamb off the bat. OH.

And the ending song, the lyrics are PAINFULLY FITTING.

Is there already fic of Harvey and his wife

is there already Finevoice family fic

could this be applicable at all to Harriet Finevoice’s backstory considering I’ve been asked about it and am unsure how I should respond