I wanted to illustrate this since the start of the Sleepwalker arc, but never got around to do it. The song I used for this is from the musical “Be more Chill”, one of my favourite musicals of all time. Please listen to the full song here because there is way more to it than the bit I animated here!  :D

I just like the idea of Harvey being like a dad to Linkara. And when he’s out of ideas, goes to get help from the others.


Summary: Linksano has tried his best to be calm since teaming up with Lord Vyce but he’s been fighting a losing battle with fear
Word Count: 1050
Trigger Warning: Linksano has a panic attackLinksano was onboard the resurrected Conicron One with Pollo, Harvey Finevoice, 90’s Kid, Nimue and… and Lord Vyce.

Linksano told himself for the millionth time since he’d found himself in a pocket dimension with Lord Vyce that he was okay with the situation. He had to be. Linkara needed saving, the multiverse was in danger and Lord Vyce hadn’t directly threatened him yet so Linksano could still act professionally. At least he’d been able to so far.

They’d formed a group in front of Nimue’s interface and were planning their next move. None of the others seemed to have noticed that Linksano wasn’t contributing to the conversation.

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I started something like this over a year ago , but I abandoned it so reason I have forgotten 

Recently I got into an art block slump, and if there’s one thing that can get me outta those. IT’S CHARACTER LINES UPS! ALSO I haven’t done nearly enough AT4W fanart,

 I left the old one abandoned because it was terrible, and began again. so here we go, my attempt at making 5 character played by the same man look unique. I  think did ok

AT4W characters and the Hogwarts Houses I think they’d be in

Gryffindor- Allen and Harvey Finevoice

Allen is a bit like Arthur Weasley. He does a government job that few people would want but he believes in his work and enjoys it.

Harvey Finevoice likes being the centre of attention and often goes on singing tours around the country. While others in Linkara’s team are better with technology and overpowered weapons, Harvey is still willing to throw himself into a fight to protect his friends/ save the world.

Slytherin- Linkara and Jaeris

Let’s get this out of the way, being a Slytherin does NOT mean you’re evil. Linkara is a Slytherin and still the hero. He is cunning and clever. Pride can be his downfall but he’s still a loyal friend.

Jaeris fights hard for the cause he believes in and is willing to do shady things to accomplish his goals. He’s not show offy enough to be a Gryffindor.

Ravenclaw- Erin, Pollo, Linksano and Ninue

Yes, Erin is a thief but let’s be real here, she steals historical and magical items so that she can make videos telling everyone how cool they are. If that’s not Ravenclaw, I don’t know what is.

Pollo is clever, wiser than most of the others and always ready with a snarky remark.

You thought Linksano would be a Slytherin just cos he wanted to take over the word at one point? Nope! He just needed some direction in life. Once Linkara had given him a job and Linksano was able to apply himself, he was happy to do SCIENCE! while blowing up the occasional test tube.

Ninue just wants to do her job of running a spaceship and do it well. Her efforts are in vain because the humans keep getting into dangerous situations and the world is constantly in danger.

Hufflepuff (my house)- 90’s Kid, Margert and Boffo

90’s Kid could easily have been a Ravenclaw as he’s clever enough. However, the thing about Hufflepuffs is that they don’t count being intelligent, brave or ambitious (the things that define the other Houses) as the most important thing. 90’s Kid cares more about being happy. He works hard making sure that the team is prepared to deal with any threat and is loyal to his friends.

Margert has been through some awful things but she managed to come out the other side of it and still be a good person. She believes in the good of other people and will help them find their way if they start going down a dark path.

Boffo is a Hufflepuff. This guy just wants to make others happy.


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Atop The 4th Wall headcanon

Harvey, 90’s Kid and Baffo are alternate universe versions of Linkara, in which his life had gone completely different.

Harvey’s Linkara, who grew up in the early 20th century. When a certain event happened in his life, he lost his way. Singing was just not enough fo keep him going in life. But he refused to take his own existence away, so he volunteered for an eccentric scientist’s experiment in multiversal transportation. That is how he ended up in Linkara’s universe in the 21st century. The rest is.. .well, murky.

90’s Kid is a version of Linkara, who never quite got over the “awesomeness” of the 90’s. He didn’t have many friends. Except this one dude, who was handy with a tool kit. Inspired by Youngblood, he tried to create a time machine (with the help of his friend) to send himself to the past or future, it’s not certain. He wanted to be like Prophet. But instead of traveling through time, he appeared in Linkara’s universe one faithful day. Linkara was the first person he saw and spoke to. Sharing love for comics (and well, Linkara having pitty for the lovable doofus), Linkara invited him to crash at his place.

Baffo is Linkara from a universe in which Linkara’s parents owned a circus. Having been a generally happy and quiet child growing up, going from city to city, Baffo eventually joined in the family business as the ever so classy and child friendly Baffo the Clown. Oh and on the tours around the world, he had picked up knowledge on taxes. Go figure. One day he tried to pull a human cannonball trick for a big crowd in Minnesota. Thing is, though, the circus people never had used the cannon before. If they had, they’d have known much sooner that it was, well, a magic gun. Baffo was transported into Linkara’s universe thusly. Without a friend in the world, literally, Baffo roamed this alternate Minnesota in search for a place to live and a job. Though few were willing to hire a clown. On a chance meeting with Linkara, the two talked about how unfairly clowns were treated in the visual media. They formed a friendship and Linkara hired him.

To this day Linkara doesn’t know that his roomies are him.

Shadows of Things That May Be - an Atop the Fourth Wall fanfic

Warnings: Angst, mentions of alcoholism and suicide. Spoilers for the “Batman: Noel” review.

Characters: Linkara, Harvey Finevoice, and one or two surprises.

Big thanks to robynred and gerbilfluff for their help and encouragement!


He hated Christmas.

What an awful thing to say, right? Who hates Christmas? There are words for people like that. Scrooges. Grinches. Dark and flinty souls who need literal miracles to help them back into the light.

He stood at the edge of the graveyard, the same way he had every Christmas Eve for years, and thought,  yeah. That’s me. And miracles are pretty rare these days.

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One of Charlie’s favorite places to go was a old pizzeria place, where performances where done by robotic animals. During a birthday party, Charlie was sitting in the front row of one of the attractions the security guard standing close to the animatronic so no child touched it, while Harvey was in a playful argument of whether or not the robots could join him on tour with his wife and one of the workers there, before there was a screech, a sickening crunch, and screams.

Harvey still has, hidden away in a old box, a stuffed toy pirate fox with a coloring page of the New Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.