That’s right, guess whose birthday is this week? Besides mine on Friday?

Happy birthday, Lewis! Thanks for 300+ episodes and for inspiring this lazily drawn comic.

(Try and guess who wrote the unlabeled cards! I tried to make it simple. And yes, I googled Birthday Haikus for Ninja’s.) 

Lundi Linkara : Harvey Finevoice by Shlapocalypse

An long-time favorite among fans, Mr Finevoice is a stylish jazz singer with a troubled past who can be both extremely sweet and totally badass. When he’s not fighting alongside Linkara with his trusty tommy gun, he sings the night away at the local karaoke with the Rat Pack classics and massive swooning ensues…

Yeah, I love Harvey. Who doesn’t :blushes:

The Linkara Collection gift box set was given to Linkara at Conbravo 2014.
See the box here : http://shlapocalypse.deviantart.com/art/The-Linkara-Collection-472410040

Who’s Linkara? A very cute badger who reviews late night talk shows.


Whenever she’s not chasing down Judas Liz, Iron Liz occasionally stops by to play D&D with Linkara and friends. Harvey usually DMs, but as of late, he’s preferred to simply be a player.

Who DMs now? Jaeris, and he’s fantastic at it.

(Of course, there was this one time Snowflame tried to DM a game…)

Ever since this headcanon was posted, I have been doodling at this picture. It was just supposed to be a silly doodle but again, it seems I am incapable of coloring anything without going into shadows and highlights and crap.

And that was the last time Snowflame was ever allowed to DM.

lol Look at Spark pretending like she has a dang clue how DnD works.