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Can we have more of the haunted building/corpse party thing?

Sure! I really wanted to write something a bit horrific :). 

The little girl was sitting alone in the middle of the hallway, sobbing rather loudly as her shoulders shook in a way suggesting just how scared and cold she was. How old could she be? Ten? Maybe eleven? She couldn’t be older, no, she wasn’t much taller than Babydoll and to be quite honest, this had to be the reason why Tim felt almost obligated to go out of his way to talk to her, forgetting for one instant that he was stuck with the rogues in a place that sounded more like Silent Hill’s Disneyland than like a normal walk to the park. Not to mention the fact that Eddie had lost a leg, Harley’s throat was purple and swollen, Joker was having panic attacks every five minutes, Ivy was dying because of the lack of light and Harvey Dent had to carry Catwoman on his back all the while carrying Eddie bridal style. 

As for Jervis and Jonathan…?

Jonathan Crane was terrified. In a state of shock. It was he, who had been asked to amputate the Riddler’s leg without any anesthetic at hand’s reach. It was he, who had to find something to start a fire in order to sear the wound. 

“… He was screaming”, he kept repeating in a weak voice.

Usually, Tim would have reminded him of the fact that Jonathan, the Master of Fear, was supposed to loooove the sound of people screaming. 

Not this time though. Not even Jason would have joked about it.

As the future Batman, it was Tim’s duty to ensure that everybody got out of here safe and sound. He had ordered Harley to keep close to Ivy. They were the Yin and the Yang, providing each other just what they needed. Reassurance. Love. Oxygen. And he, although terrified of the clown, had been carrying Joker like a baby for an hour already. It was almost scary to see how light the clown was in his arms and the tremors making his body tremble from head to toe, although they had decreased in intensity, were making him look like a weak kitten. 

“… Hey?” Tim called as he approached the girl slowly “… Are you lost? We’re trying to find a way out of here. Maybe you… you’d like to join us?”

This poor kid, she seemed so-…

Oh god. 

Tim froze and stepped back as soon as the child turned her head to look at him. Her eye sockets were empty, black holes, scarred, mauled face and her lips had been sewn shut. 

“How bwotifoul am I?”

Although her speech was barely audible, Tim managed to understand the meaning of her question.

How beautiful am I?

He ran. 

“RUN RUN RUN!” He screamed at the inmates. 

Behind them, the child let out a shriek of wrath and he imagined the stitches breaking, imagined the blood dripping off her mouth.

He threw up on Joker’s back.

The clown didn’t even notice. 

He ran, ran, ran to the infirmary, the only place in this hellhole that was safe enough for them all to stay.

Looking behind him, he saw the child. 

She was holding a human finger and sucking on it as if it was a lollipop.

“… Atchoo, atchoo, atchoo… and we fall to our death.” She sung, her voice a gargling sound as more blood came from her mouth.

For a minute, Tim thought he had failed. 

They had all gotten killed. 

They had all gotten killed and it was his fault.

Tears started welling up in his eyes as he rested Joker in a bed, tucking him in there carefully. The clown looked up at him like a frightened child.

The little girl giggled.

“… Delicious.”

She handed him the finger.

It was rotten to the core.

Tim sighed in relief.

“… Liar.”

It didn’t belong to anyone he knew, that he was sure of. And before he knew what was going on, the girl had vanished and the other inmates were staring at them from the other side of the room, panting heavily, terrified, counting on him to save their life. 

Edward was shaking, feeling hot and cold at the same time.

Ivy had bandaged Harley’s throat with a long leaf. 

Harvey was cradling his boyfriend, murmuring at his ear that they’d get married, they’d have a nice house one day. 

“… An… And a… cat?” Eddie asked weakly.

Harvey smiled.

“Yes. We’ll ask Selina if she has a kitten for us.”

Selina purred, still using the former DA’s back as a bed. 

From his bed, Joker started snoring rather loudly.

Jervis was hugging Jonathan, singing a lullaby to make him fall asleep.

There was a window. Tim broke it with his fist and smiled as he heard Pamela sigh in absolute relief. Air. Fresh air. Finally.

For a moment at least, they were safe.

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I know it’s a bit early to be uploading this, but here’s my Valentine’s day gift to @ibitanis :y (and yes the cheesy words were necessary)

I feel like these two have excellent potential to be romantic, being good friends before the two-face accident and all that.

Pose was referenced from here because i’m still learning anatomy~ done with simple shading for the sake of how long it was taking haha;; still have college work and all..

(please do not repost or use w/o permission, and don’t remove my description; thanks!)

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What if the gang,( Riddler, joker, scare, hatter, Twoface, Harley, cat and Ivy) go into a haunted building and shit goes down? :3

It’s time for a corpse party!

“… Are we in Hell?”

Those had to be the first words Edward had pronounced ever since they had all stopped running. Not that he hadn’t made any sound before though, his screams of terror were still echoing through the hallways and when you listened closely, you could still hear his hurried footsteps as he tried to escape from whatever this dark entity pursuing them was. This thing, this shadow, had started tracking the entire group down, hunting them like animals at inhuman speed. It had grabbed Harleen, thrown her against a wall before starting to choke her and she was turning blue, oh god, her face was blue…

Harvey wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, pulling him close and wrapping his coat around his shoulders to keep him warm. Edward had fell in the mud while they were running and judging by the red stain growing on his kneecap, he had hurt himself pretty bad. 

“… Edward?” Harley wheezed out, still trying to claim her breathe after her little encounter with the ghost “… Show me your leg please.

-Harleeeey…” Joker tried to smile “… Now is not the right time to be flirty.”

Nobody laughed, not even the Clown Prince of Crime himself. Jonathan glanced quickly at the unconscious Jervis in his arms.

“How is he?”, Asked Pamela.

“… Like someone who had his head kissed by a fucking chainsaw.”