mortalorder asked:

Can we see Kid!Batman with adult rogues?


Batman: *nervous but still a bit feisty, tries to punch Joker in the balls*

Joker: … You’re a little pervert. *frowns and picks him up* Do you realize in how much trouble you’d find yourself if I decided to throw you in the streets? Crime Alley is filled with freaks and deviants of all kinds. You don’t want to meet them, kid. 

Harley: Let him be… *sighs and takes the child in her arms, wrapping him in his cape* … He is just a kid, not the vigilante we’re used to deal with… Shh, Shh…

Harvey: *looks at him curiously* … And he is an orphan.

This seems to bring back some bad memories and Batman starts crying, hysterical.


Jonathan: *quickly takes him in his arms and hugs him like a baby koala. Cradles him in his arms and sings softly* Mon bébé est comme l’eau, il est comme l’eau vive, il court le long du ruisseau, il court comme l’eau vive… Shhh… Shhh… It’s all a nightmare… Tomorrow, you’ll wake up and everything will be alright… Shhh..

Batman: *sniffles loudly* You sure?

Jonathan: *warm smile*Yes.

Batman: *grins and falls asleep in his arms*

Joker: O_O

Jervis: where did you learn to take care of children?

Jonathan: I learned to take care of myself. That’s all the training I needed.

anonymous asked:

I need some Harley fluff!!! Maybe her talking about Eddie and her accidentally hooking up on night after a party and then her having to explain to all the rouges(minus Eddie) what happened?

Joker: … Of all people, you had to choose Eddie. Wow. 

Harley: You like Eddie. 

Joker: Like a little brother. And I don’t want my little brother to fuck my ex! I could already hardly understand why you would want to have sex with Deadshot, I still can’t get over the fact that you’d like to have fun with Deadpool and I do NOT want to know what you do with Ivy in the dark of the night. But EDDIE?! Pleaaaase, tell me he was wearing a condom. 

Jonathan: Oh, so you’re not over this hallucination you had in which Harley was pregnant with Eddie’s baby, right?

Joker: *smashes a chair on his head*

Harvey: I’ll take that as a no.

The Signs as Batman Rogues

Aries: Two Face

Taurus: Penguin

Gemini: Riddler

Cancer: Joker

Leo: Poison Ivy

Virgo: Mr. Freeze

Libra: Harley Quinn

Scorpio: Killer Croc

Sagittarius: R'as al Ghul

Capricorn: Scarecrow

Aquarius: Bane

Pisces: Mad Hatter