Voice of Two-Face in Upcoming LEGO Batman Movie Revealed to be Billy Dee Williams
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Chris McKay, director of The LEGO Batman Movie, has just announced that Billy Dee Williams will be voicing Two-Face in his upcoming film. Williams is famous for his portrayal of Harvey Dent in Batman (1989). Despite the many positive fan reactions to Williams’ portrayal of the character, he was never able to reprise his role and become the Two-Face that many fans were eager to see. With the…

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I just thought of the most best thing to model swap in telltale batman, like model swap the cafe scene where Harvey and Selina kiss and Bruce is all jealous and Selina glares at him but instead make Harvey=Bruce, Selina=Oz, and Bruce=Harvey cuz jealous Harvey who doesn’t like Bruce being with Oz is my fav thing ever

Idea: the bats give the villains a way to contact them after they realize that since many of the villains compete for resources, it would be in their best interests to report their competitors.

This is a very important idea because it comes with the image of Two-Face and Penguin yelling at each other in a back alley, deciding to report each other at the same time, and diving for their phones. Cobblepot frantically scrolls through his contacts while Harvey screams HEY SIRI CALL BATMAN into his speaker. If only they had put Batman on speed dial

do you ever think about the strain on bruce having to deal with the batfamily…and rogues gallery…simultaneously…like “we gotta work together for the sake of gotham!!1!” but bruce can’t even deal with the city-shattering event because damian made a disparaging comment and now two-face is down to fight a 10-year-old. will bruce ever get to arkham without a migraine? who knows jason just said freud was wrong and started a screaming match with scarecrow in the back of the batmobile. stephanie needs stitches because she made a plant fucker joke. and bruce is just tired..he’s just so tired…