Drunk Harvey's proposal
  • Riddler:... Are you mad at me?
  • Harvey:...? No? Why?
  • Riddler:Oh Harvey please. You asked me to join you in an abandoned warehouse, far from Gotham. You're gonna kill me because I ruined your Bruce Wayne statue, right?
  • Harvey:No, I just wanted to be away from the town.
  • Riddler:*shaking* Don't hit me. Please.
  • Harvey:Eddie, for fuck sake...
  • Riddler:I swear I won't do it again okay?! Please..
  • Harvey:EDDIE I JUST WANT YOU TO MARRY ME GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! *forcibly places the ring around his finger*
  • Riddler:*stares and starts sobbing* I LOVE YOOOOU!
Drunk Rogues in group therapy, the return
  • Leland:So! You're all going to finish the following sentence: if life gives you lemons...
  • Clayface:... then life is a bitch. Who wants lemons? Give me a fucking hamburger!
  • Two Face and Joker:... pour the juice in the eyes of your enemies.
  • Scarecrow:... throw them at your now-paraplegic former bully to make him roll off a hill.
The Signs as Batman Rogues

Aries: Two Face

Taurus: Penguin

Gemini: Riddler

Cancer: Joker

Leo: Poison Ivy

Virgo: Mr. Freeze

Libra: Harley Quinn

Scorpio: Killer Croc

Sagittarius: R'as al Ghul

Capricorn: Scarecrow

Aquarius: Bane

Pisces: Mad Hatter