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There is nothing left of him - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Batmom is Harvey Dent’s sister, and she…isn’t dealing very well with his Two-Face transformation. Fortunately, her Bruce is here to help…

Hey guys ! So here’s a little story that is…a bit different than what I write usually ? I don’t know if I make sense….It’s also way too fucking long sorry ‘bout that. 
Oh and if you guys don’t know much about Two-Face, the “fictional biography” on his wikipedia page (right here) will tell you everything you need to know for this story. Written in basically twenty minutes, while watching a film. Anyway, hope you’ll like it

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-Oh leave us alone (Y/N) ! 

-It’s ok Harv’, she’s not doing any harm, she just want to spend time with us.

-But Bruce, she’s a baby !! 

You weren’t very tall for your age, and your brother and his best friend were definitely taller than average but…You’d be damn if you were going to let your older brother call you “a baby” ! Outraged by his words, you say : 

-I’m not a baby ! I’m six years old ! 

-And we’re ten, you’re a baby to us !! 

-Hu hu I’m noooot ! 

-You’re acting like one for sure ! 

-No I don’t ! I’m not the one that wet the bed ! 

Harvey gives a worried look at his friend but…of course he should know Bruce wasn’t the kind to mock others. Or, he wasn’t that kind of person anymore. Since his parents died, he changed. He laughed less, he smiled less, and he never teased him anymore. He was…different. But still his best friend. 

-You can stay with us if you want (Y/N). 

Harvey gasps at his friend’s words. Maybe it’s in that moment, that you started to have a crush on him ? Right there and then, as he was about to defend you ? You don’t even remember. It felt like he was always the one that held your heart, even when you didn’t even know what romantic love was yet (and any mention of kissing a boy would gross you out). 

-Come on Harvey, your little sister is nice ! If I had a sister, I’d let her hang out with us…

There’s an indescribable sadness in his friend’s eyes, and Harvey stops himself before he can say : “it’s not the same, you would do that because your parents are dead”…He doesn’t say it because he knows how insensitive and mean it is. But he’s not about to let this pass without a fight, they couldn’t hang out with you, you were such a baby !

But he never has the occasion to protest, because his sweet lil’ sis’, you, takes his hand in yours and…His friend is smiling. 

Bruce Wayne, whom he almost never saw smiling in those past two years since his parents’ death, that Bruce Wayne…has the widest smile as he looks at you. 

In this moment, it was just children sympathy. It was a cute act from a six years old who realized that her brother’s best friend, who was always nice to her, was sad. And so you took his hand, and squeezed it. And he smiled at you because the gesture somehow soothed him. 

In this moment, neither you nor Bruce, being kids, felt this particular love that would slowly grow between the two of you…But in this moment, your hand in his was the most comforting thing that ever happened to him since his parents’ death (that and Alfred’s hugs). 

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AU: Mike and Harvey had a brief relationship that ended because Mike wanted more than Harvey was ready to give. Mike begins to spend time with Rachel again and it upsets Harvey who is finally beginning to understand how he really feels. 

In 2005, when the most destructive and costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States struck New Orleans, tens of thousands of people would wait out the rebuilding of their city in Houston. Now it’s Houston’s moment in history to recover from an epic inundation.

Déjà vu is understandable. This week, we watch images of residents sloshing out of submerged neighborhoods, a convention center turned into an evacuation camp, orange Coast Guard choppers plucking people off of rooftops, and freeway overpasses turned into boat ramps for a spontaneous civilian-led rescue effort. Harvey produced, in some places, more than 50 inches of rain in five days, a rainfall record for a tropical storm in the lower 48.

But there are big differences between hurricanes Harvey and Katrina.

Harvey Feel Like Katrina Déjà Vu? Not So Fast

Photos: Kyle Niemi/U.S. Coast Guard;Win McNamee/Getty Images
Caption: (Left) Flooded neigborhoods can be seen in New Orleans in 2005. (Right) Flooded homes are shown near Lake Houston following Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 30.


[marvey week day one] -> (315) my favorite episode, aka the one where mike almost left and harvey was an emotional mess about it.


“People hate as they love, unreasonably.”
― William Makepeace Thackeray


Harvey’s Puppy, Snoopy.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 84 - “Show me what’s behind your back.” Filled for @novemberhush 

Thank You, Dee, I hope you enjoy reading it. xx

Mike snooped.

They had been living together for nearly a year now, and in that time Mike had noticed one place that Harvey seemed to hold sacred in his walk-in wardrobe; a drawer that contained his ties.  Every morning as he lazed about in their bed, he would watch Harvey spend way too much time standing in front of it before he chose a tie.  Harvey was particular about and took pride in his image, but even for him, the daily selection was taking too long.

It drove him crazy, but he resisted the urge to sneak a peek for forty-nine weeks, two days, seven hours, thirty-one minutes and seven seconds.

He arrived home early that afternoon and figured he could get away with just a quick peek, in and out, no harm in that, right?

He slid the draw open, observing the neat lines of silk ties, most of them hues of grey or blue, and a few purple ones at the back. If you weren’t looking, the two subtle little pieces of ribbon on either side of the drawers could easily be missed.  Mike clasped them and gave a gentle tug, and the layer of ties pulled up and slid easily back atop the back half of the drawer.  Below are an array of neatly organised items; a picture of his niece and nephew, some very expensive looking cuff links, a journal, some other important looking papers, and a ring box.

He’s come this far; he may as well examine the contents thoroughly; he reasons picking up the navy velour box.

He expects to find some old family heirloom, maybe from Harvey’s grandmother who as Harvey tells it, always had a soft spot for him.   Instead, he finds a beautiful plain gold band with two platinum lines weaved around it, crossing over one another.   He is stunned, and his breath hiccups in his throat as he gawks at the beautiful ring.  Removing it carefully from the box, he twirls it around in his fingers, before reading the inscription.

‘My Guy’

His heart flutters, and a warm wave of emotion swept through his body as tears build in the corners of his eyes. Harvey wanted to marry him.

He slipped the ring on, it was a tight fit, but that was probably because his heart was racing. He held out his hand to examine how it looked. Of course, Harvey chose perfectly, the width and style were elegant and understated he thought gushing.  Then the guilt set in.  Harvey deserved to see his face when he saw the ring for the first time.  He glared at himself crossly in the mirror, of course, he had gotten carried away.

The front entrance door banged shut, and Mike immediately began to panic, yanking at his finger to pull the ring off but it wouldn’t budge. The more he pulled in his panic, the redder and more swollen the area became, and the less likely it was that it was coming off. Shit.

“Are you here, Mike?” Harvey called from the kitchen.

“Ahh … Ahem yep, in the bedroom,” he replied, cursing under his breath.

He slid the robe’s door closed and tried to look casual standing in the middle of the bedroom with his right hand on his hip and his left hand hanging loosely behind his leg.

When Harvey walked in, he noticed Mike looking akin to a Macy’s mannequin, except for his face which looked very guilty. In total, it took the best closer in New York ten seconds to work out that something was awry. He narrowed his eyes and stalked forward, giving Mike an inquisitive look. Mike instinctively took a step back and hid his hand up his shirt.

“Mike?” He urged, “Show me what’s behind your back.”

Mike’s head dropped in shame, and he mentally beat himself up for ruining this moment for them.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled to the floor as he revealed his hidden left hand and held it out for inspection, then waited for Harvey to speak.

Unexpectedly, Harvey chuckled, “Maybe the inscription should have read, ‘My Puppy, Snoopy’.”

Mike smiled despite wanting the ground to swallow him up.

“Are you mad?” Mike asked hesitantly and lifted his eyes from the floor.

Twelve pearly white teeth, ten laughter lines, two dimples, and eight crow’s feet made up the beautiful face of the man standing before him now, with tears shining in his eyes.

“I will be if you say no!” Harvey hinted, clearly amused.

Harvey dropped to his knee and kissed Mike’s swollen ring finger, looking hopefully up at him.

“Marry me?” Harvey asked, his voice soft and with a slight quaver to it.

“Fuck yes!” Mike cried and tackled him onto the plush carpet to kiss his amazing fiancé stupid.

Authors note:  Awww, they love each other. 😍 Thanks for reading.  This is fic number 3, out of 8.  You can find the others on AO3 here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musings

villainpunk  asked:

Not saying I want you to write this, but... I'd love a fic involving Bruce tending to Harvey's scars. Like giving him a little massage, that'd be nice. But then he'd end up doing both sides because you gotta be even, right? 😝

THIS IS SO SWEET! I don’t know where this Harvey Dent love is coming from but i’m right there with y’all! Here xx

“If you would stop squirming so much, this would be over much sooner and with considerably less discomfort.”

As he attempted to close the last small stitch which he was applying, Bruce gave a satisfied grunt as he finally sealed the deep cut which was gracing the high curve of Harveys’ cheek.

“Easy for you to say,” Harvey grumbled as his wound was tended to, “you were not slammed across the face with a bike chain.”

“You’ve shot me six times over the last ten years.” Bruce pointed out.

“And it will be seven if you keep this up.” Harvey countered unapologetically but there was a hint of humour in his words.

Looking down at the head which lay tilted against his lap for support, Bruce rolled his eyes. Harvey had placed his head there to ensure that he did not flinch away too much when receiving medical attention and it also gave Bruce the best access to the cut itself.

It had not taken a lot of convincing for Harvey to make himself comfortable though as his cheek rested against the solid muscle which passed for Bruces’ thighs.

“Shut up, Harv.”

Moving his hand away from the wound, Bruce instead ghosted his fingers along the bruising which surrounded it as he circled the affected area with a soothing touch.

Cracking open his good eye, Harvey gave him a searching gaze.

“What are you doing?”

“Relaxing you,” Bruce answered honestly, “the tension in your face will make the wounds take longer to heal.”

Grunting noncommittally, Harvey closed his eye again as Bruce picked up one of the antibacterial wipes which were included in his kit and cleaned his hands thoroughly with it. It would not be any good for Harvey to pick up an infection from his dirty hands.

Bruce returned his hands to the unscarred side of Harveys’ face as he stroked one hand up along his jaw and gently traced the edges of his acid scarring which divided his handsome face with the other.

“Bruce…” Harvey muttered in warning.

Ignoring him, Bruce placed his two fingers at the edge of Harveys’ scalp and used his fingertips to gently follow the curve of his forehead towards his ears. As his fingers separated, the contrast of the different halves of Harveys’ face became apparent as Bruce focused on the differing sensations which crossed his fingertips.

The non-scarred skin was soft to the touch with only the recently sustained injuries providing any variation from the smoothness and Bruces’ fingers slid across it without meeting any resistance. He also took some care to avoid the freshly sewn cut as he massaged the skin around it.

However, as his fingers reached the scarred skin, he felt Harvey tense beneath him and Bruce paused to release a calming breath. If Harvey rejected the movements then he would accept it but as he continued to gently massage his fingers across the torn flesh, he was not forced away. The various pits and ridges of the scarring was an interesting sensation and, although many of the nerve endings were damaged beyond repair, Bruce was careful to avoid pushing down too hard in cause it caused any excess pain.

Bringing his fingers towards the nose, Bruce started to slowly massage Harveys’ face and as his fingers danced across his skin, he took great care to apply an equal amount of attention to both sides. Tracing his fingers across Harveys’ jaw, he slid his hands down Harveys’ throat before gently running them back up the sensitive flesh, making sure to apply enough pressure to relieve any tension which may have been building there.

Practically purring in contentment, whatever reservations Harvey possessed about Bruce touching his scarring had melted away as he took pleasure in the soft ministrations.

Bruce was not treating him like glass, his touch was soft but it was firm and unflinching as it repeatedly stoked along his ripped face, and he felt a low hum of serenity in his chest.

Bruce had never treated him as fragile, as a monster which possessed the thinnest ties to sanity, and it had afforded his touch an almost euphoric quality.

“Bruce?” He murmured, the words issuing from his mouth with no emphasis.

“Yes, Harvey?” Bruce asked wryly, his happiness that Harvey was allowing him some uncharacteristic free access to his scarring causing him to feel almost giddy.

Opening his mouth, Harvey looked uncertain for a moment and whatever he had intended on confessing left him just as quickly as it had came and he snapped his mouth shut again.


Squirting a small amount of antiseptic moisturiser onto his fingertips, Bruce warmed it for a moment between his hands before gently applying and smoothing it across Harveys’ face, paying particular attention to his fresh wounds and scarring as they both settled back into a comfortable silence.

Harvey would never say the words, Bruce understood that, and he did not need to hear them to know the depth of Harveys’ affection for him.

Smiling with content, Bruce continued to run his fingers delicately along Harveys’ features, each one still beautiful despite their tragedy, as he silently willed his partner to sink into a peaceful sleep.

AO3 Link - http://archiveofourown.org/works/11689191

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okay listen, there honestly needs to be more mike/harvey au fics where mike is famous in any type of field of work and loUIS ADMIRES HIM SM AND WE ALL KNOW HOW HE OBSESSES OVER THOSE PPL but anyways, mike is already with harvey, and one day he's sitting casually in harvey's office and louis sees him and goes to donna immediately and asks 'hello, donna, uhm, why is mIKE ROSS in harvey's office? does he have a case? can i help? can i meet him? does he want any-' and harvey comes and says +

+ ‘no he doesnt want anything louis, he doesnt have a case, and if he did i wouldve solved it fast enough that you wouldnt even know about it, and lastly, nO you cannot meet him, in face ill file for him myself a restraining order against you’ and inside the office mike is trying to hard not to laugh but also looking at harvey condescendingly, like he’s trying to ask him to stop bullying louis. and i just fjd i need a fic where everyone is supRISED that a famous mike ross is with a powerful man+
+ like harvey specter and no ONE and i mean nO ONE EVEN NOTICED and the fact that whenever mike is interviewed and when he describes his inspiration and all, they would be suprised that mike is actually talking about tHE HARVEY SPECTER, but everyone is confused bec mike described him like he was such a soft person and i just ??? ineed this in my life why arent there more, sorry i ranted lmfAO im frustrated damn,,, anyways, sorry for filling this up! i hope you have a great day!!
oh p.s. youre one of my favorite authors god bless you thank you for the effort and time you have dedicated to writing us fics bless you! 

Wow there is a lot here anon and I’m loving it. And may I add, what if Mike was famous for something Harvey had no interest in. Like something to do with the theatre or ballet or something. Something Louis is totally into and Harvey couldn’t care less about but still they met when Louis was sick so couldn’t go to the annual [insert fundraiser here] so Harvey went in his place to represent the firm, totally expecting to be bored out of his brain, and then he met Mike. You can imagine how things went.

And then the next day Louis bugs Harvey about the fundraiser ‘how was it? I heard Mike Ross was there. was Mike Ross there????’ and Harvey is all blase about the whole thing, pretends he has no idea who Mike Ross is when in reality he knows Mike intimately. And then a few months later Mike shows up at Harvey’s office and Louis fucking loses it.

Yes, I’m here for this idea. For real.