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“He owned up to it” “he took responsibility”

Look, apologists, your predatory fave doesn’t get points for apologizing or admitting to something fucked up THAT THEY DID ACTUALLY DO once they’ve been exposed, backed into a corner and FORCED to. Okay?

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Hollywood: Proving the casting couch is just a windowless van with more headroom. One drunken aspiring starlet at a time. 

Hollywood A-Listers Stand In Solidarity With Olivia Munn For Brett Ratner Assault Charge
Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Times reported that Hollywood director Brett Ratner has become the latest film industry power player to be hit with a slate of disturbing sexual harassment ...

“Munn wrote about the incident in a 2010 book of essays, without naming the perpetrator at the time. Ratner, however, went on the television program Attack of the Show the following year and volunteered the information that he had been the director in Munn’s essay, while claiming that he had “banged” her. Also in 2011, Ratner told Munn that he enjoyed ejaculating on magazine covers featuring her photo when he ran into her at a Creative Artists Agency party.“

Max Mundan’s new piece for The Inquisitr.