harvey milk high school


Damn, son I can’t believe the bull shit that was going on at my school today! I can’t believe a hate group was really protesting outside of my LGBT school, and we had to be evacuated! Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power mother fuckers! You only fear what you do not understand, walk not even a mile in our shoes, just around the fucking block, hey maybe just down astor place, in our fucking shoes and maybe you’ll understand. I wonder what the fuck would happen if they made straight marriage illegal for 1 DAY what would happen! I guarentee, that things would be different then. This is not only a problem, in New York City, or state this is a NATIONAL problem! The only words I agree with in all of Barack Obama’s Presidency, “We are not a nation that says don’t ask don’t tell, we are a nation that says out of many, we are one”. Anyone who would like to combat this post, go for it, I’m ready, with knowledge and an open mind, comes respect