harvey is so attached to mike

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Not a question, just a THANK YOU for sex shirt with visible chest, Harvey on my dash this fine day!

I was going to say you’re welcome and attach a coloured version… BUT I just spotted some amazing non-hetero behaviour, so instead -

That’s right, look at Mike’s eyes.  They are not on Harvey’s face when he asks, “Mike, what are you doing here?”  No, they are not.  All I have done is slow this scene down.  Mike is checking out that little patch of skin Harvey is showing off.

And I don’t know about anyone else, but it isn’t much of a stretch for Harvey to catch that subtle glance, and yank Mike inside by his tie and ……. NSFW!

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For the fanfic trope meme: doctors AU?

Ooh, good one!

How likely am I to write it?

Hmm, probably not very if I’m being honest. I lean more towards cop shows than medical ones (although I watched ‘E.R.’ and a British show called ‘Casualty’ fairly regularly back in the day), and while I might watch the odd episode of something like ‘Chicago Hope’ here and there or something, the medical world isn’t top of my list for AUs I’d like to explore in my writing. I would read other people’s, though, especially if I knew and enjoyed the author’s previous work or if the summary sounded like something I’d like or if it was recced to me.

What character(s) or pairing would I most likely write it for?

My mind immediately went to two pairings I’ve written in the past. First, and possibly most predictably, Johnlock (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson). Predictable because John is already a doctor so we automatically have a way into the story. And of course one can’t help but think Sherlock would make for a fabulous fantastically arrogant surgeon who’s the best at what he does, but whose tongue is just as sharp as his scalpel. There’s also scope for a Doctor Strange crossover! (Although in general I’m not a huge fan of crossovers.)

My other first thought (if you can have more than one first thought, lol!) was Marvey. Because, much like Sherlock, I can imagine Harvey making for an incredibly arrogant surgeon, albeit one who’s much more of a playboy with a very persuasive bedside manner! Mike, naturally, would be the cocky new intern, all mouth but with a heart of gold, absolutely 100% dedicated to his patients. And he and Harvey would clash, of course.

“You gotta learn not to get emotionally attached, kid.’

“Jesus, Harvey, why the hell did you become a doctor in the first place if you claim not to care about your patients so much?? If money and power were all you wanted you could’ve just went to work on Wall Street with the rest of the douchebags!”

“What did you just say to me?? Let me explain something to you, Doogie Howser. John Q. Public comes through those doors? He’s not interested in who’s best at holding his hand and wiping his fevered brow and whispering soft, soothing platitudes to him. No. He wants the guy who’s the best at what he does. The guy who gets in, gets the job done, and gets out. He wants the genius, not the Florence Nightingale. Even if that genius is an asshole. He doesn’t care about that. He wants the asshole! Because he knows the asshole is the only one with the balls to take the risks others won’t. The one with the balls to try that risky new procedure or that incredibly delicate operation. The one who can pull off miracles because he’s just that good. I’m just that good, Mike. I’m the difference between life and death for these schlubs. I hold people’s lives in my hands on a daily basis, hotshot. There’s no greater power than that.”

“Oh my God, you fucking dick! These are real people! With real lives and feelings and families and people who love them! Not pawns to be sacrificed to your massive ego! Not playthings you can manipulate to satisfy your need to play fucking God! You need some serious fucking help, my friend. Physician, heal thyself. Go see a fucking shrink before you kill someone with your God complex!”

And then Harvey pushes him up against a wall and they have an incredibly hot make-out session which leads to some incredibly hot hate sex which leads to a series of less angry, but still hot as fuck, sexual encounters which slowly become more and more loving over time, and, oh fuck, Harvey’s in danger of falling for this kid.

And then of course Harvey does actually lose a patient, one that he thinks he should’ve been able to save, and he spirals into guilt and depression and loses faith in himself and his abilities. But Mike’s there to help him through it. To help him accept he’s only human, just like the rest of us, and he’s slowly helping him rebuild his self-confidence, but Harvey still hasn’t been able to step back into an operating theatre. And then something happens…

Someone is hurt or taken seriously ill (maybe it’s Mike, maybe it’s not, I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet) and Harvey is the only one qualified to help, but he doesn’t know if he can do it. But there’s no one else there who can help and if he just stands by and does nothing he’ll definitely lose them.

So he steps up to the plate, all the while thinking of this kid with the mouth and the attitude and the bluest eyes he’s ever seen, who looks better in scrubs than anyone has a right too, and who has the biggest heart Harvey has ever encountered, and, yes, I’ve just decided that Mike is the patient and Harvey is about to see that actual heart for himself when he has to open the kid up to operate on him. Because Mike (stupid, soft, beautiful Mike) caught some junkie he’s been trying to help attempting to steal drugs and the junkie (let’s just call him, oh, I don’t know, just off the top of my head, Goddamn Trevor 😡) stabbed him for his bother, nicking his heart, and now it’s up to Harvey to save him.

To save the man he’s fallen hopelessly in love with somewhere along the way. The man who showed him what being a doctor, about helping and healing others, is all about. The man who helped him reconnect to his own humanity. And who he’s damned if he’s gonna lose now!

“Scrub in, Nurse Lois, because it’s about to get Litt up in here!”

Naturally the operation is a success. But some of the other hospital staff still have a bone to pick with Harvey…

“While I’m thrilled that you’ve finally embraced my catchphrase, Harvey, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me Nurse Lois?!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Lois. Would you prefer it if I called you Nurse Jackie or Carol Hathaway instead?”

“Goddamn it, Harvey! I think I preferred you when you realised were fallible, just like the rest of us, and you couldn’t get out of bed in the morning and you looked like shit and didn’t think you were the shit!”

"Sorry, Lois, that’s guy gone, and he’s never coming back if I have a say in the matter. And you know I never look like shit. I rock the grunge look. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a patient under the influence of some serious anaesthetic I have to go propose to before he comes to his senses and realises what he’s agreeing to.”

And, okay, so maybe I do have a medical AU in me after all!😂

I’ve also now just thought of a third possible pairing for this trope. I don’t think anyone’s ever done a James Hathaway/Robbie Lewis (from the British detective drama ‘Lewis’) doctor AU (that I’m aware of), and I think that could work.

Only it would be the reverse of the Marvey one. James is the new, young surgeon, recently recruited by the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, and marked for great things by the hospital administration. He cares deeply about his patients, but is intensely private and sensitive, with a mysterious, troubled past, so he has walls and he often comes across as cold and distant. It doesn’t help that his talent, especially in one so young, causes many of his colleagues to resent him. All this leads to him feeling rather isolated and questioning his career choices.

Until the grumpy, compassionate Dr. Robbie Lewis returns to the John Radcliffe after a two year sabbatical with Doctors Without Borders that he embarked upon following the death of his wife, that is.

The hospital administration, in particular Jean Innocent, the woman tasked with overseeing the everyday running of the hospital, would like him to take up a teaching position, but Robbie still feels he has more to offer in a hands-on role. He resists, and he and James find unlikely allies in each other, sharing a sense of humour and a healthy cynicism, but still with the desire to make the world a better place.

James, a formerly devout Catholic (who seriously considered being a priest for a while) has struggled to accept his bisexuality in the past, but he can no longer deny it as he finds himself falling for this kind, if somewhat gruff, older man. But he doesn’t know if the seemingly heterosexual Robbie would be receptive to the attentions of another man, plus he has a rival for Robbie’s affections in the shape of hospital pathologist, Dr. Laura Robson. Could Robbie surprise him by showing him that you can teach an old dog new tricks or will James end up licking his wounds?

Ooh, I like that! What do you think, @rolodexthoughts? Do you know of any Hathaway/Lewis doctors AU fics that I might’ve missed? And seriously, I’m just gonna start calling them Lathaway or Hewis because Hathaway/Lewis is such a mouthful (cue gratuitous ‘that’s what she said!’ reference!)

And damn you/bless you, @sal-si-puedes, now I suddenly have ideas for an AU I didn’t even think I’d any interest in writing when I started this post!😂

(Sorry, this got rather longer than expected. Sometimes my brain just gets carried away with itself and all these rambling thoughts pour out. Hope I didn’t bore you too much, and actually gave you some kind of coherent answer to your ask.)

Thanks for the ask. Love, Dee.😘😘😘

The Strange Courtship of Mike Ross 

Words: 34069


Mike Ross has been arrested for drug running, but because of his Omega status he cannot be thrown in jail. So he and his partner in crime have been turned over to the National Commission for Omega Rehabilitation, where they will be force-bonded to upstanding Alphas.

Harvey Specter was just doing a favor for a friend, but when a frightened Omega (literally) crashes into his life, he steps into a role he never expected.

I don’t feel right (when you are gone away) 

Words: 47575


Harvey loves his suits. But there maybe something else he loves more. He just needs a little something to help him realise it before it’s too late.

A Day Too Early (Still A Couple Of Dollars Short) 

Words: 11424


Harvey picks up Mike in the pilot instead of Miss Eat-It-Off-My-Stomach. Mike isn’t easy, in any sense beyond the obvious.

The Awkward Life and Times of Mike Ross

Words: 17687


With the image of Harvey’s skin has come a relentless need to see more and Mike doesn’t yet know if it’s a natural curiosity, a simple sense of wonder that he has to re-learn to ignore or whether it’s more than that, and more than he can overcome. But he has a feeling that if Harvey keeps flashing his wrists like a geisha down on her luck, Mike’s going to have to find out sooner than he’d like.

Fair Enough

Words: 1878

Teen and up 

Rachel thinks it’s time to take a chance on Mike. Unfortunately, when she knocks, a naked man answers Mike’s door…

Disturbing the peace

Words: 2964


Harvey has a new strategy for dealing with this thing that isn’t really a thing, because it’s not like it’s planned or regular or something he’s attached to in any way (though he has to admit that this can’t happen again is a resolution that hasn’t exactly held): just don’t talk about it.

Simple. There is no need to discuss what is clearly a straightforward case of Mike being hot and easy and surprisingly flexible and Harvey not being idiot enough to turn that down, so they won’t. Discuss it. Ever.

Harvey drafts this mental memo and files it away under “things to remember,” and that is that.

Maybe he should have made sure to somehow forward it to Mike, though.



Words: 3774

Fifty random moments that make up a beautiful life together.

Imperfect Perfection


Words: 15222

Mike Ross has never been comfortable with being an Omega. When he is called into an interview with Harvey Specter, Alpha, he is forced to re-evaluate all of his preconceptions.

All the words in the world may not be enough


Words: 114198

A collection of drabbles, mini-fics, suits-meme mini fills and comment fics. [each chapter is an individual fic]

Some Assembly Required


Words: 6919

An argument at IKEA escalates to a re-evaluation of Harvey’s sexual identity crisis.

How to Ruin it


Words: 3143

Harvey likes to room alone in his Harvard dorm.

Enter his new roommate; Mike Ross.

My Suits Fanfiction Recs

I’ll keep updating this list as I find new favorites.

Ordered in overarching categories, and sometimes in sub-categories.

I sometimes put spoilers in those personal notes, because they’re for my own reread/recognition purposes. So if you don’t want to be spoiled about the story, skip over the crossed out lines.

For the links to all my other rec lists, go here.

————————————————————————————————————————————— Canon Divergent —————————————————————————————————————————————

– Ambiguously Set in Canon (usually only S1) –

Not the Worst Step-Dad in the History of Everything by Pookaseraph

When the son he never knew he had is deposited on his doorstep by Child Protective Services, Harvey does the kindest thing he knows how to do: put Mike Ross on the case. Mike responds by doing what he does best: get emotionally attached to the client.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~15,000 words.

Personal Note: I’m a sucker for kid!fics and everyone is perfectly in character which is amazing.

Possession by Xanthe

Louis tries to lure Mike into working exclusively for him, but Harvey points out that as possession is nine-tenths of the law, Mike belongs to him. Can he prove it though?

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~36,000 words.

Personal Note: You know I’m a sucker for BDSM fics.

Good Boy by MajaLi

After a long process of tears and expletives trial and error, Mike becomes Harvey’s sub. Or maybe he always has been.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~10,000 words.

Personal Note: Another great BDSM story.

Subspace by poppypickford

Harvey Specter loves Subs, but commitment has never really been his thing. That is until he hires a skinny-ass Dom whose real orientation is not the only thing he has to hide. And really, it doesn’t matter how distracted Harvey is by his new associate because Mike doesn’t want to be a Sub and he certainly doesn’t want to be Harvey’s Sub… at least, that’s what he tells himself.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~71,000 words.

Personal Note: A biological D/s world. This is the first of a trilogy.

My Brother’s Keeper by Closer

Donna and Harvey have been looking out for each other since they were kids. It’s what family is supposed to do, after all.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~28,000 words.

Personal Note: I love love love dysfunctional family stories. And Donna is awesome.

by my side by tattooedsiren

Three days after Jessica fires Mike, Harvey invites Mike to be his plus one for a fundraiser.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~19,000 words.

Personal Note: This could maybe go in the next section because Mike eventually gets a different job but mostly the story focuses on the slow realization of Harvey and Mike that they are in love with each other.

– Mike has a Different Job (But Sometimes Still Becomes a Lawyer) –

Courier Service by smilebackwards

“He just needs to get to know me,” Harvey insists to Donna after another brush off from Mike, who delivers a parcel to Jessica and then challenges Louis to a speed Sudoku match.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~3,500 words.

Personal Note: I’m a sucker for stories that treat Louis well. Also Harvey is so bad at emotions.

The Rest is Details by Antihelen

Snapshots of another life: Louis and Mike are brothers, and the rest is just details.

Side Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~5,000 words.

Personal Note: Another good!Louis. Mike’s a student and the fic mostly just focuses on Louis’s POV of their family.

needs must by thatotherperv

When Grammy needs an upgrade in care, Mike knows that the usual one-off gig as a paid submissive won’t be enough. He takes a job he’s been refusing for a while - a long-term, full-time contract. He expects his client to be a sadistic asshole. He expects not to like it. He’s wrong on both counts.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~99,000 words.

Personal Note: One of the best BDSM-exploring stories on ao3.

The Go to Guy by Closer

Harvey’s client is trying to take on the mob, in the form of John “Three-Guns” Boccacho. Johnny Three-Guns has decided Harvey’s an easier target, but fortunately Harvey’s top PI and all-around badass, Mike Ross, is on the case.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~27,000 words.

Personal Note: Because PI!Mike is awesome and it’s a good case-fic.

Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai by friskaz

Harvey is (still) a lawyer. Mike is the only barista that gets his coffee order right, and isn’t afraid of a bit of intelligent and snarky banter.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~38,000 words.

Personal Note: I think this was the first Suits fic I read. And I still love it. Jenny features prominently as a good person which I like and Harvey is just a loveable bastard.

Pizza And A Movie by Closer

Harvey’s still a lawyer but Mike’s not a pot runner – he’s a deliveryman for Rollo’s Pizza and Ribs, which happens to be Harvey’s favorite pizza place. Once Harvey finds out his pizza guy is a genius, Mike’s life takes a few turns he would not have expected…

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~30,000 words.

Personal Note: There’s a reason this is one of the most popular stories in the fandom. It’s brilliant, all the sequels and companion pieces are brilliant, if you haven’t given it a chance, go do it now.

a day too early (but still a couple dollars short) by thatotherperv

Harvey picks up Mike in the pilot instead of Miss Eat-It-Off-My-Stomach. Mike isn’t easy, in any sense beyond the obvious.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~11,500 words.

Personal Note: Great bantering and Dom/sub suggestions.

something inevitable by tatooedsiren

AU in which Harvey doesn’t hire Mike in the pilot episode.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~15,000 words.

Personal Note: Mike eventually gets a different job, not as a paralegal or anything.

Imperfect Perfection by Skara_Brae

Mike Ross has never been comfortable with being an Omega. When he is called into an interview with Harvey Specter, Alpha, he is forced to re-evaluate all of his preconceptions.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~15,000 words.

Personal Note: I don’t know if being an Omega counts as having a different job but… whatever. Mostly this story is just porn with feelings.

– Mike is Legally a Lawyer or Becomes a Paralegal Instead –

Like Gravity by kaylin_neya

A different way Mike comes to work for Harvey–he works for someone else first.

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~8,000 words.

Personal Note: Mike is an associate for a rival lawyer.

In the Air (And Breathing) by escribo

Mike went to Harvard (for real this time).

Mike/Harvey. Complete. ~12,000 words.

Personal Note: Mike is just a random associate at Pearson Hardman who catches Harvey’s attention.

Coming To Your Senses by Skara_Brae

Mike is a Sentinel who just wants to finish school and get a job. Harvey is a Guide who just wants to close his newest client. But soon after they meet and are drawn together, they are swept up into new case involving blackmail, sex, and the intricacies of Sentinel-Guide bonding, and are forced to challenge their long held assumptions about themselves.

Mike/Harvey. Trevor/OMC. Complete. ~32,000 words.

Personal Note: At the mixer, Harvey hires Mike as a paralegal at Pearson Hardman and then they get mixed up in a case fic which is great.

To Court a Monster: Suits Edition by Rhiw

Harvey Specter had given little thought to taking a mate. The Dominant was thirty-nine, at the height of his prime, and enjoying himself immensely humiliating one Human after another using their own legal system. Being an apex predator in New York provided endless amounts of entertainment. It also helped that he was stupidly rich. So no, he’d never really given any thought into trying to find a Submissive. The Roux-ga-Roux were fairly rare now a days - rare enough that if the Human’s knew about them they’d be considered endangered - and Harvey really didn’t have the time to go scouring about in search of a mate. And then Rick Sorkin - Mike Ross - a Submissive with a nervous smile and the bluest eyes Harvey has ever seen, chooses to hide in his interview room. And Harvey suddenly wants nothing else.

Mike/Harvey. Marcus/OMC. WIP. ~16,000 words.

Personal Note: I love this whole AU series and I’d recommend reading the Hannibal story that sparked it before this one, but even if you don’t this is still great so far. Harvey hires Mike as a paralegal in the firm and then starts courting him.

The Strange Courtship of Mike Ross by Skara_Brae

Mike Ross has been arrested for drug running, but because of his Omega status he cannot be thrown in jail. So he and his partner in crime have been turned over to the National Commission for Omega Rehabilitation, where they will be force-bonded to upstanding Alphas. Harvey Specter was just doing a favor for a friend, but when a frightened Omega (literally) crashes into his life, he steps into a role he never expected.

Mike/Harvey. Trevor/Travis. Complete. ~34,000 words.

Personal Note: It’s a rather gross Dub-con world but Harvey is actually aware of that and does right by it and his relationship with Mike is adorable. Because of the sort-of-slavery aspect of it, Mike ends up working with Harvey at the firm legally.