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A Journal of the Plague Year; Or, Memorials of the Great Pestilence in London, in 1665. Daniel Defoe. London, William Tegg & Co., 1876. 

Revised edition with historical notes. By E.W. Brayley, F.S.A., M.R.S.I., &c. Illustrated by G. Cruikshank. Also, Some Account of the Great Fire in London, in 1666. By Gideon Harvey, M.D., Physician to the Tower of London. With an Appendix containing the Earl of Clarendon’s Account of the Fire.

My Suits 100 Fics: AU

I’ve written eight fics for Suits 100, so I’m rounding them up in two masterposts. The canonverse-ish ones can be found here. Here are the four that are set in dramatically alternative alternate universes.

Not Just a Great Lawyer - Mike and Harvey, 3K words, rated G. Mike and Harvey meet for the first time, but Mike’s the established lawyer and Harvey’s the college dropout. Somehow feels canon to me?

Firm (Coming Soon To Theaters Near You) - Ronna and Marvey, 5K words, rated T. All the characters are running Hollywood! Light angst, mostly comedy.

Scenes Aboard the U.S.S. Justice - Gen, 2K words, rated G. Suits in space.

Jessica Pearson’s Traveling Circus - 5 sentences, rated G. A comedic circus!AU.