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This trans body positivity panel thing pisses me off so goddamn much. Granted, i am perpetually pissed at trans masculine ignorance and toxic behavior, but this crosses a fucking line. Like these people got the opportunity to elevate trans voices and not one of the 4 people stopped to think “hey, maybe we should have trans femme people on this panel”. Like i cant imagine ever being so saturated in the trans masc community that i completely forget trans women exist. I cant tell you how many times ive seen drag/crossdressing/femminine characteristics/actual trans women be portrayed as jokes or criminals or “crazy people”. Yeah, of course, trans masc ppl are affected by transphobia, but its so largely targeted at trans femme people??? i would argue their voices are even more important, really, than trans masc people.

I mean especially on the topic of body positivity. like trans men on testosterone almost always pass flawlessly after a given period of time! and they gain muscle mass and they presumably are able to defend themselves better. Most trans femme people on estrogen are trying to lose muscle to pass. In addition, estrogen doesnt highten voice, change bone structure, etc. Trans women not only have a much harder time passing, at least from what im aware of, but they have to also face misogynistic marketing towards all women, shit like presure to lose wight and wear makeup and shit. like…. THATS A LOT MORE ISSUES TO DISCUSS. like if nothing else trans femme people bring more shit to the table to discuss, but more importantly they are TRANS and they should have a VOICE in this conversation??????????????????????

im so fucking disgusted about this. This is why im suspicious of hyper-masc trans guys. Masculinity has such heavy roots in the oppression and disregard for women and being trans doesnt absolve you of blame. fuck that whole panel and all those people who didnt even think for one second about all the people they were leaving voiceless by making this choice to exclude trans women. 

also then they add JUST ONE TRANS WOMAN and call it a day????????? im >:[

A Journal of the Plague Year; Or, Memorials of the Great Pestilence in London, in 1665. Daniel Defoe. London, William Tegg & Co., 1876. 

Revised edition with historical notes. By E.W. Brayley, F.S.A., M.R.S.I., &c. Illustrated by G. Cruikshank. Also, Some Account of the Great Fire in London, in 1666. By Gideon Harvey, M.D., Physician to the Tower of London. With an Appendix containing the Earl of Clarendon’s Account of the Fire.

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