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Still cannot get over how Suits manages to be the gayest show on tv while also having the most aggressively hot hetero sex scenes

Somebody wire-tapped my soul and then made a show about it.

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M: “What the hell was that about?”
H: “What?”
M: “Oh, I don’t know, you cutting the deposition when we had them?”
H: “Mike-”
M: “Harvey! You should have left it. I could have led them exactly to where we needed them.”
H: “It wasn’t about that.”
M: “Then, what was it about? You didn’t trust me to handle it?”
H: “I can’t stand to see them come after you.”
M: “Bullshit.”
H: “It’s not bullshit.”
M: “You think I can’t take it?”
H: “Look, you’re not listening to me, okay? I can’t take it!”

H: “I love you Mike.”

Just a reminder that:

Harvey chose Mike out of a room full of actual Harvard grads.
Harvey walked into an apartment and confronted a man with a gun to save Trevor for Mike (and made Mike wait outside.)
Harvey covered for Mike when he screwed up a case.
Harvey threatened Louis to protect Mike.
Harvey stood up to Jessica for Mike and told her to give Mike the benefit of the doubt.
Harvey lied to Jessica to protect Mike.
Harvey clearly loves Jessica, but still chose Mike over her.
Harvey chose Mike over his career a million times (”He goes, I go.”)
Harvey threatened Hardman to protect Mike.
Harvey refused to fire Mike when Jessica told him to. 
Harvey told Mike he was proud of him.
Harvey took Mike to Atlantic City.
Harvey couldn’t name a single associate besides Mike when Donna asked him to (”the blonde one”, “Mike Ross.”)
Harvey checked on Mike after his grandmother died, got high with him, talked about his own family to make Mike feel better.
Harvey was thinking about Mike and even Jessica could tell because “who else would it be?”
Harvey chose Mike over Donna during the memo debacle.
Harvey took Mike’s side when Rachel cheated with Logan.
Harvey threatened to beat up Tess’s husband for hitting Mike.
Harvey literally blackmailed a dozen people to protect Mike’s secret.
Harvey lets Mike stroll into his apartment, sleep on his couch, eat his food, drink his whiskey, and doesn’t care when Mike leaves dirty dishes in his sink.
Harvey chose Mike over Scottie.
Harvey wanted Mike to knows that he trusts him.
Harvey didn’t want Mike to quit and work for Sidwell.
Harvey begged Jessica to let Mike come back to the firm.
Harvey came to work early and pushed right past Jessica to see Mike when he came back.
Harvey squeezed Mike’s shoulder to comfort him.
Harvey tried to warn Mike about Forstman.
Harvey took Mike out to dinner to get him to stop worrying when Rachel was in the hospital.
Harvey yelled at Mike to let him take the fall for the fraud the first time Mike was questioned. (”This is on me!”)
Harvey bribed people to protect Mike.
Harvey begged Mike to come back to him when Mike left to work for Louis (”You’re going back where you belong.”)
Harvey was annoyed that Mike got engaged to Rachel because jealousy.
Harvey said Mike deserved his promotion, that an army couldn’t have kept him from voting for him, and had a nameplate made for him.
Harvey told Mike he was family and hugged him and teared up when Mike walked away.
Harvey got Mike out of jail.
Harvey went up against Anita Gibbs for Mike and tried to trade himself for Mike’s freedom.
Harvey was willing to perjure himself for Mike.
Harvey let Mike represent himself because he never says ‘no’ to him.
Harvey called Mike “my guy” three times.
Harvey RAN to stop Mike from taking the plea deal.
Harvey didn’t tell Mike he was found not guilty because “it would’ve broken you.”
Harvey said “Mike’s throwing his whole life away and there’s nothing I can do about it,” and “I’M TRYING TO PROTECT MIKE!”
Harvey was scared Mike couldn’t defend himself in prison and let Mike punch him.
Harvey still tried to go to prison for Mike.
Harvey drove Mike to prison to say goodbye, and hugged him (even tho the writers cut that scene because they’re all satan.) 

Harvey is just generally fucking gone for him. 

Look at this domestic bliss. 

Please reblog with anything I have forgotten because I know there’s enough material to write a heartbreaking novel with. 

This little interview really is fucking ridiculous though, like on the rewatch I can’t believe how extra they are, like even if USA told them to be like this or something did they have to be this like this:

From PJA’s “Oh, are you gonna…” after Gabriel looks at Patrick when he says “I ship…”:

to the “No, you’re not gonna, but I’m cracking up” after Gabriel starts to say “No, I’m not gonna go there”:

to Gabriel’s fucking lip bite after “not gonna go there”:

to these fucking giggles like there is no reason for them to look like that if they’re not talking about their own characters, would they look like this if they were talking about dullvey or rachel/mike or jessica/harvey or jenny/mike or scottie/harvey or?? (also Patrick’s lip bite)

And then Patrick just spends the rest of the answer absently staring at Gabriel’s mouth which is honestly, not even jokingly, routine for them so in the weirdest way it really is nbd:

I hate them.


I understand that different people ship different things, see fiction in their own ways, support and like stuff someone else might  dislike, but what I do not understand and will never be able to accept is people who feel the need to bring others down for the sake of lifting something they think is right and true up???

I have been in the Darvey fandom for a long time yet I had never ever seen someone say shit about Scottie to make Darvey sound better. I had never seen people hating on Mike because of “Marvey” (I don’t like Mike’s character, I have expressed that a million times but it has less than 0 to do with any sort of fictional ship he is a part of. I dislike him because I find his personality unattractive and I don’t appreciate people who aren’t prepared to work fair and square to reach their goals or think they are saints whenever they do the right thing ETC ETC. Again, 0 to do with any ship in any way shape or form. I had disliked him looong before I knew what “marvey” is.) and the reason I don’t do that (besides wanting to not be a disgusting human being and not wanting to waste my breath on pointless stuff) is because I don’t have to and would never like or support anything on TV that requires of me to bring a character down for the sake of making my ship look better.

And this brings me to Donna. I have seen a few people lately saying that she is pathetic, attention seeking, egoistic, narcissistic ETC ETC and sad enough, all of these “labels” come without any other justification (I mean actual stuff, not just taking shit out of context.) than wanting to portray her in a bad way to prove their cases that Harvey should be with Mike / Scottie. She has literally supported Harvey (AND MIKE FOR THAT MATTER. MEANWHILE SCOTTIE HATES HIS GUTS. Another random fact Marveys who are now supporting Scarvey just because half of the ship isn’t Donna are ignoring but not surprised, they seem to ignore every actual storyline anyway.) since day one selflessly and with faith for him and his actions and called him out on his bullshit yet THAT seems to make her pathetic?

And she is attention seeking, egoistic and narcissistic because she isn’t afraid to show confidence and self-love? We literally live in a world where EVERY SINGLE DAY people hate on each other and try to make u feel less worthy than you actually are YET when a strong, female character that inspires so many people to be more confident is portraying how to be self-loving and believe in yourself, people like that try to give it bad connotation for the sake of making her less appealing in some lame attempt to make her unworthy character of Harvey’s heart and time? Not to mention the fact that Harvey himself has been called narcissistic by a psychiatrist and is, by far, a lot more vocal about his love for himself than Donna ever was (nothing wrong with that, just saying), yet he is amazing and worthy more than her?

Every time Harvey does anything nice for Mike he is suddenly in love with him (while he literally voiced a million times in s6 that he “owes him” or that he “feels guilty”, but whatever) and I strongly disagree with the idea that being someone’s support system, fighting for them, being a good friend always implies romantic feelings, YET when Harvey does stuff for Donna, when he fights for her while having 0 to do with her mess, dreams about her, tells her he loves her, its never about love? Hilarious.

Marveys talk about being examples of supporting gay community and call anyone who stands in your way homophobic for disliking a ship of two characters you are forcing to be something they aren’t and accusing the writers of being homophobic for not putting them together PLUS trying to bring down a woman because half of your ship happens to be in love with her and try to reduce her whole personality to NOTHING. And then YOU CALL US awful people and then say you think Donna was only good in s1 where she was her own person YET NOW THAT SHE IS TRYING TO FIND HERSELF AND THE SHOW IS SHOWING HER FOR HER, NOT JUST SOMEONE’S SECRETARY OR A SHOULDER TO CRY ON AND IS TRYING TO FIND WHAT SHE WANTS OUT OF LIFE FOR REAL U ANALYSE A SCENE PORTRAYING THAT AS A LAME ATTEMP TO MAKE HARVEY INTO HER?

I have 0 trouble at admitting that I am far from perfect and have a lot yet to learn to improve my personality and generally views on life but, man, I really wonder how bad your personality must be to do all that? She literally went to Harvey to give her LEGAL ADVICE on whether she should take the deal that would determine HER OWN FUTURE and then she OPENED UP TO HIM ABOUT HER LIFE AND WHAT SHE HAS BEEN THINKING ABOUT (literally what Harvey has been doing to her for half of the show, yet then it’s never pathetic or lame…) and when she said “I want something more” the actual translation of that wasn’t her wanting to get some sort of love confession out of him???????? AND HE WAS THE ONE WHO ASKED HER WHAT SHE MEANS BY MORE AND SHE SAID SHE DOESN’T KNOW. You can say that maybe a part of her was talking about Harvey but that scene was about her life in general and she wasn’t freaking trying to have him say something or beg her to stay. It isn’t about that (NOT TO MENTION that she broke up with a guy she described as perfect because she realized he wasn’t the one for her despite the fact that he was smart, funny, asked her to move in with him and all that, BUT NEVER WENT TO HARVEY WITH THE INFO. She never asked anything from him. SHE is doing the things she does for herself. Not anyone else.) They are best friends since always. They trust each other. They lean on each other. She went to him for advice. That’s what people do.

And to say that his face in that moment was disgusted or YIKES about the idea of her wanting more with him?? LOL, seriously? He literally had a dream about her not working for him anymore because of them having more in 6x11 (while kissing her in bed, he must really be disgusted and soo not into her right?) and this scene was her saying she might want to do something else and he was so freaking shook about it + what is he supposed to say other than be supportive and understand where she is coming from? I honestly love that scene with all my heart. I don’t think it was important for him to say something in that moment. I don’t think it was important to Donna to hear him say something. That scene was about her. About her life and future. It wasn’t about Harvey and his feelings. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HARVEY.

And I would also like to say another thing- even if you don’t see Darvey as romantic for whatever reason, you can’t deny they have been a team for over 12 years and have a strong bond and partnership and she admitted to him that at this point in her life having this job isn’t enough to her. IT’S HUGE. Even if you choose to look at in that way. HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO RESPOND TO THAT? HOW DOES ONE (EVEN IF THEY DON’T HAVE ALL THE ISSUES HARVEY HAS AND HIS LOW EQ) FIND THE RIGHT WORDS TO THAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WHOLE MESS THAT WAS HAPPENING TO HIM IN THAT MOMENT? I would have HATED it if he said something like “Please don’t leave me” or “Please stay here” or “Don’t” OR WHATEVER CERTAIN PEOPLE THINK THE MAJORITY OF DARVEY FANS WANTED HIM TO SAY? He has no right and she has supported him through everything in his life and it’s time for him to give her the same and I would bet my life that he will do that in season 7, you will see.

Bottom line is- you ship whatever you want to ship, love whatever you want to love, you don’t need reasons to. BUT when you are trying to criticise something / someone, show real arguments and don’t take things out of context and maybe try to think about what kind of world you want to live in. I most certainly don’t want to be a part of something that requires me to shit on an amazing, strong, ambitious and supporting character that is trying to find her place in the world. Whether you think Harvey is in love with her or not, or you know he is and don’t want him to, I DO NOT CARE, I COULDN’T GIVE LESS SHIT about it. It just makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to have to live in a world where I have to see a girl bring another girl down for the sake of her ship.

I have 0 doubts Harvey will be supportive and loving, continue to be her rock, just like she is his and I WILL ENJOY WATCHING THAT whether you choose to see that or not, it’s only making your experience worse, not mine. But what I will not shut up about is saying shit about Donna and making her into something she is not, so you can feel better about a concept of a ship that is long dead, or never existed in the first place for that matter.

That’s all.


(I understand and I am aware that there are perfectly nice and awesome Scarvey and Marvey shippers somewhere out there too, I am not trying to generalize you all to the same thing. Just addressing those who fit the descriptions I just gave.)

anonymous asked:

One of the reasons why I never could ship Donna/Harvey is because of the power imbalance between the two. Writers usually "fix" this issue first by establishing, despite their jobs, both characters are on equal standing. But Donna&Harvey don't even seem to be good friends: she was astonished when Harvey came to her play which suggests he usually didn't even though this is important to her bc she DIDN'T expect Harvey to come. Plus Harvey doesn't really seem to respect her? Am I imagining this?

Hi anon! I gotta be honest and say I’m not in the greatest mindset for fandom right now because I’m still very much shaken by the election here in the US and all the subsequent hate crimes and other things happening since but I’m going to try to answer this and I’m probably going to be more blunt than I should be and get in trouble but here goes.

Long story short. No you aren’t imagining it.

I agree there is a very much unaddressed power imbalance between Harvey and Donna that contributes to why I don’t ship them. But more than that it’s the way Harvey responds to that power imbalance because he doesn’t want to see it changed and he doesn’t see them as equal. The scene in 2x05 where she says that he doesn’t tell her everything and he yells at her that it’s because he’s her boss is one of the best examples of that. Harvey fundamentally views their relationship differently than Donna does and the show has never given any indication that has changed. Does he care about Donna? Yes, of course. But he also sees her as someone who’s life he has power over. No greater example of that is that over the years he’s paid her above and beyond what the company values her work at without her knowledge which gave her a false sense of worth as an employee at PSL and when she finds out nothing comes of it. They dropped what should have been an issue between them. Donna just found out that she wasn’t worth what she thought professionally because Harvey kept it from her and there was no further dealing with that because this show has zero interest in Donna’s self worth professionally or personally. She is there merely as an extension of Harvey and Louis’s characters and occasionally Rachel’s in order to further their storylines.

As far as Donna and Harvey being friends, the show has done too much tell and not enough show in that department for me to feel that their friendship is genuine. We are told repeatedly that Donna knows more than anyone about Harvey but we aren’t shown Harvey ever telling Donna anything. Everything Donna knows about Harvey she knows because either she was there to witness it happen as his secretary, she overheard it listening in on the intercom or someone else has informed her of it. We’ve never seen Harvey divulge something deeply personally to Donna. We have seen him have those scenes with Mike, Jessica and Scottie but not Donna. The only time Harvey confides anything in Donna is when he wants her to talk him out of something like when he went to her apartment instead of his therapist’s office when he was contemplating turning himself in during episode 5x15. He wanted Donna to talk him out of doing it.

Even more importantly for someone we are to believe he has a genuine friendship with we are never shown them socializing in the ways he does the other characters. Case in point he’d only ever been to her apartment two times in over the decade she’s been working for him up until last season. How many times has he and Mike been at each other’s places? How many times has Jessica been at his place? Like you said, she was shocked he was going to her play. We don’t see Harvey consider Donna part of his social circle. He spends time outside of work with Mike all the time so why not Donna? For me it goes back to the above, he doesn’t see his relationship with her as something sustainable outside the office. When she was fired in s2 he didn’t go see her once to check on her and only showed up at her place when he needed something from her professionally. Contrast that to when Mike was fired and Harvey cleared his whole schedule for him. Every time we’ve ever seen Harvey go to Donna’s with the exception of one time, it’s been because he needs her to either talk him out of something or because he needed something from her office related.

As for him respecting her, he doesn’t. He only cares about her needs until it comes up against his needs. He has no problem degrading her or dismissing her wants if it interferes with what he wants. Their relationship is a co-dependent mess that has little respect in it at all because I’d argue Donna doesn’t really respect Harvey either. Most of the time it seems like Donna doesn’t even like him despite being in love with him.

And here’s where I’m going to get into real trouble but I’m saying it anyway, I think a large part of Harvey’s attitude toward Donna stems because he doesn’t see her as his intellectual equal. I am not saying by any means that Donna isn’t smart, she is very intelligent but she is not playing on the same level that Harvey, Mike or even Scottie is when it comes down to it. Harvey loves to be challenged and he loves to compete with someone who can think just as fast as him and outsmart him. His whole attraction to Scottie stems heavily from her being in constant competition with him at Harvard. He hired Mike because Mike was a genius and that excited Harvey. Harvey is used to being the smartest person in the room and when that is challenged he is instantly intrigued. If you look at the women Harvey has had relationships with or pursued relationships with beyond a one night stand they are all accomplished, intelligent women at the top of their field. Scottie, Zoe Lawford, Evan Smith and Esther. All of them are either in charge of their own business or a lawyer on even footing with Harvey in their own right. Donna doesn’t fit this mold. She is literally beneath Harvey professionally. It goes back to the whole power imbalance argument and the show not ever showing us that this is something Harvey has any interest in fixing or showing us that Harvey sees Donna as his equal in any way. Donna doesn’t challenge him beyond challenging him emotionally and the more Harvey has evolved emotionally the less he has needed Donna for that reason. The last season most of their interactions has been Donna needlessly lecturing Harvey on something he already figured out for himself. Their relationship has never evolved beyond that and Harvey has never showed an interest in evolving it. If the show was being completely honest about their relationship, they have both outgrown it. The show never put any real effort in evolving them. Any momentum we have seen happen between Harvey and Donna has been easily erased because of that when the writers decide they don’t want to pursue anything with them that season. So for me these two characters have grown apart more than together and a window for the show to have an organic evolving of their relationship into something romantic has long since past. These are two people who would be better off parting ways more than coming together because of the show’s refusal to evolve them. They are the most stagnant relationship on the show. Even Harvey’s relationships with Louis and Rachel have evolved more. And that is one of the many reasons I can’t ship them.

So I hope that answered your question. I probably said too much but I’m posting this anyway. Thanks for the ask!