harvey & sons


Thank you all for coming. I’m Lily. I was married to Gordon for almost 30 years. We didn’t make it the whole 30 and for a long time, I considered myself a failure because of that. But Gordon didn’t. A few years after our divorce, I wanted to apologize for things not working out. He just smiled and said: “Lily, what the hell are you talking about? We achieved something together that neither one of us could have done on our own.” Our sons. Harvey and Marcus. When Gordon was on the road, he would call home six times a day to check on them. “Did they eat enough dinner? Had they done homework? How many points did Marcus score? Did Harvey get his tux for the prom?” Gordon was proud of a lot of things in his life, but none of it compared to how proud he was of them.

3.  Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is. Answered~

5.  Who/what inspires you? People who inspired me to start drawing? Yusuke Murata and Masashi Kishimoto!

7.  Do you have any OCs? Yes! Her name is Roxy, she has a son named Harvey.

(I never posted this one before lol so yea)

8.  Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites? Answered~


Suits Appreciation Week | Day 1: Favorite male character

I am nice, and if that makes me a pussy, so be it.

tripletoeloop  asked:

cotton candy, butter pecan, and green tea for the ice cream asks !! :D

cotton candy: three places you want to travel to? 

- west coast of the US, ideally on a road trip from the top to the bottom.
- russia (st. petersburg, moscow, of course, but i’d like to travel the trans-siberian railway too for kicks)
- egypt (alexandria & cairo mainly)

bonus points for rome and barcelona, both places i have been to when i was a wee lass and would dearly like to return to someday.

butter pecan: favorite songs for life? 

GOD this is a hard one??? i like so much music tbh…

happy - mitski
liberation frequency - refused
i’m so tired - fugazi
flatlands - chelsea wolfe
dear darkness - pj harvey
angry son - indian summer
filmore jive - pavement

i think this reveals how much 90s punk/emo i still listen to and don’t admit to listening to.

green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?

strawberry & chocolate!

I was tagged by @stranger-ghoul and @lysergic-saturnine-desert
to share 10 songs I’ve been listening to. ✨🦇

1) The Pit - Priest
2) Deus in Absentia - Ghost
3) Zenith - Ghost
4) Dumhetens gudinna - TID
5) Into the Coven - Blood Ceremony
6) Love - Lana Del Rey
7) Sabbath - Lucifer
8) Henry Lee - Nick Cave & PJ Harvey
9) Son of May - Subvision
10) Mind Crawler - Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

I tag: @deadly-sweetheart, @tothepit and @origemdocaos