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The Farmer always goes around solving everyones problems, but I'm sure that they have bad days too! What does the town do for them when they're feeling down?

I’ll do this for the bachelors and bachelorettes.


Alex - He picks up the Farmer and spins them around, giggling and kissing them all over.

Elliott - He cuddles the Farmer from behind and whispers sweet poetry in their ear. He occasionally kisses the Farmer’s ear.

Harvey - He lets invites them to listen for airplanes with him, and also lots of hot kisses and mustache tickles. 

Sam - He would write them a short, silly songs about all the other people in town. The Farmer cracks when he starts singing about the elusive and infamous ‘purple shorts’.

Sebastian - He doesn’t say anything, but during dinner he plays a program for the Farmer that animates a picture of their pet. He spent the whole day writing it.

Shane - Lots of cuddles and hugs and bringing the Farmer at least 7 baby chicks to pet.

Abigail - She puts on the Farmer’s favorite video game, grabs some beers, and they cuddle and play until dawn.

Haley - She and the Farmer dress up in the silliest outfits her sister can find and they take dorky pictures until they are both on the ground laughing.

Leah - She plays a game where she has the farmer describe an animal with the most basic descriptions of shapes, and Leah tries to draw them. Somehow a cow ended up with 7 legs.

Maru - She and the Farmer will use her telescope and look up at the sky and make up new constellations until the sun comes up. 

Penny - She’ll attempt to cook the Farmer’s favorite meal. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Emily - She’ll surprise the Farmer with a big, fancy, colorful hat. She also made herself one. They match.


I recently started playing Stardew Valley and BOY I did not expect to fall for three guys at once. It’s year 2 and I still can’t decide who to woo. They’re all just so precious <3

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MMMM how about shane finding out about the farmer passing out in the mines? :) also i love your stories so much <3

It was Maru who called. Shane scared her half to death, dropping the phone without hanging up, and running out of the house, still throwing on his coat. He ran to the clinic, fear growing in him.

He burst in, desperately looking around. Maru didn’t hesitate. She jumped up and showed him inside, rushing him to the Farmer’s beside. Harvey looked up with a frown, nodding to Maru.

“Shane…” Harvey started. He became very worried at how Shane’s face fell, completely despondent at the Farmer’s unmoving form.

“She’s stable,” Harvey supplied. That didn’t seem to have much effect on Shane. Harvey sighed. He would have to take shifts with Maru tonight to watch over them. It wasn’t just the Farmer at stake.

Shane sat down in the chair next to the hospital bed. In the corner, he noticed the backpack of all the supplies and gems and ore she had found before… before…

Shane leaned over and rest his arms and head on the bed, next to the Farmer. He took her hand in his, feeling how cold her hand was. He didn’t like that. He watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest, until tears obscured his view. He never was a religious man, but he found himself praying to Yoba. He lost track of time and space, only focusing on his beloved.

He didn’t find himself until the Farmer’s eyes fluttered open.

I call this The Noodles of Reptiblr, part 1
These are only a few of the beautiful snakes that grace my dash~ You guys make my day <3

Tali and Leliana belong to @i-m-snek
Yolo belongs to @skullbird
Sunny and Kabuki belong to @tailsandco
Ygritte and Harvey belong to @wheremyscalesslither
Monty and Mango belong to @william-snekspeare
Marzipan belongs to @solid-snakes

two-face: crane threw a hotdog at batman to get away last night

riddler: please tell me that’s true and that you got it on camera

scarecrow: y'all’d’ve done the same if you were me. yain’t been put in that situation so you can’t pass judgement



two-face: what the fuck

riddler: i don’t know what that was but it wasn’t english