Otome Challenge Day 17

What are your top three otome-related blogs on Tumblr? Link and tag them!

Uhm. Well. I just don’t about that. D= I don’t like ranking things much. But, if I must, in no particular order…

Noel’s Wonderland

Otome Sweetheart

Harvest Moon Confessions

(Okay that last one seems really random, but, I love Harvest Moon, and it is kind of a lot more of an otome game than it used to be, and the way they make the confessions always look so cool… >.< *ahem* Anyway.)

Whenever I submit a confession here, I feel different things. One is relief I can share things I’ve never been able to share with anyone because not all my fellow HM fans are as into it as me. Then there’s excitement I can have a voice with people who probably feel the same as I do. But mostly I like to pretend I’m confessing this to Father Carter, since this IS a confession.

I used to think that the hype about HM games is just too much & what the big deal was about them… However, finding this site and reading confession after confession slowly made me want to pick up a HM game again after quitting on earlier on.  I dunno how, but if I end up loving them as much as everyone who’s submitted confessions… THANK YOU, GUYS (in advance)!  & if not, I still thank everyone! :D