descendintoinsanity  asked:

What harvest moon blogs would you recommend? Love you blog so much btw

Thanks for the love <3

So here are recently-updated HM-related tumblrs in my list:

Enjoy the flood of harvest moon goodness xD

milkteaghost  asked:

I wanna follow more harvest moon/story of seasons blogs, do you have any recommendations?

Sure! I don’t follow too many since seasonalstories is a sideblog (I’m always looking for new blogs to follow as well!) But these are the blogs I follow (and suggest you do too!):

@clingyalpacas @starfellfarms @hikariplaydiary @harvestea @harvest-the-moon @hellyeahharvestmoon @cursedwateringcan @toyflower @harvest-moon-town @storiesofskyler @harvestmoonmeadow @ranchstoryblog @blushingvaughn @official-castanet @harvestfarming @nokappa @just-harvest-moon-things @vaughn-baby @treeofoaktown @mariethecrocheter @tsunagaru-shin-tenchi @harvestmoonconfessions @harvestmoonfandom

I just went in order in my following list and I’m so sorry if I missed anyone! And please like or reblog this if you are a harvest moon/story of seasons blog because I really need more to follow. I follow from ellesanimalhaven c:

Otome Challenge Day 17

What are your top three otome-related blogs on Tumblr? Link and tag them!

Uhm. Well. I just don’t about that. D= I don’t like ranking things much. But, if I must, in no particular order…

Noel’s Wonderland

Otome Sweetheart

Harvest Moon Confessions

(Okay that last one seems really random, but, I love Harvest Moon, and it is kind of a lot more of an otome game than it used to be, and the way they make the confessions always look so cool… >.< *ahem* Anyway.)