Final Announcement

Okay, so, remember a few months ago when I said my computer was somewhat working? And I said I would give it a week before starting confessions? It died before the week was up. However, it’s working now but I don’t know how well it’ll work. Which leads me to the next announcement.

Admin and I have decided to close harvestmoonconfessions.

It was a lot of fun when we first started the blog (Admin having started it before me), but our time has come. We’re here to hang our bonnets and just say goodbye. Please know that we had so much fun with you all. We have good times and bad times, but our followers have always been amazing. Thank you so much for making these years memorable.

What does that mean for the blog name? Well… we’re keeping it? Sorry if that makes us seem selfish. However, if anyone else is thinking of making a confessions blog, let us know!

I will keep the asks open for a while. When (and if) someone decides to make a new confessions blog, please hit us up! The promotion for the new blog will be the last post and, if you’re okay with getting a ton of messages, I’ll be more than happy to send you the confessions we unfortunately couldn’t make. Once someone makes the new blog, the askbox will be closed and this place will be used as an archive of sorts. However, feel free to message me on my personal (shirostightass). And fret not. If you had any questions that are in our inbox, I’ll be sure to answer them in our last questions post before making the promotion post.

Thank you so much to everyone. Take care!

-Mod V

Otome Challenge Day 17

What are your top three otome-related blogs on Tumblr? Link and tag them!

Uhm. Well. I just don’t about that. D= I don’t like ranking things much. But, if I must, in no particular order…

Noel’s Wonderland

Otome Sweetheart

Harvest Moon Confessions

(Okay that last one seems really random, but, I love Harvest Moon, and it is kind of a lot more of an otome game than it used to be, and the way they make the confessions always look so cool… >.< *ahem* Anyway.)

I used to think that the hype about HM games is just too much & what the big deal was about them… However, finding this site and reading confession after confession slowly made me want to pick up a HM game again after quitting on earlier on.  I dunno how, but if I end up loving them as much as everyone who’s submitted confessions… THANK YOU, GUYS (in advance)!  & if not, I still thank everyone! :D