Daren the Harvest Sprite from Harvest Moon ToT!!! :

I’m superduper happy with how this turned out, but I’m still such a beginner haha. If anyone has tips how to smooth out Sculpey, send them my way! :D

Materials: Sculpey®, Acrylics, Cotton ball, Gorilla Glue®, Blush 

If you’d like to see more of my art, please follow trystharvest.


Natsume’s Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Contest Entry by sharmander-chama

Uploading here first since I can’t be bothered to upload to deviantart atm ;;

Not gonna lie, I love and hate this piece. I love how it turned out, but holllyy this thing took forever like sobs. 200+ layers baby~ took at least 4 days to finish and eff backgrounds, but I want to win those cow headphones huehue

I’m especially happy with how I did the Harvest Goddess ahhhHHh!

Good luck to everyone who participated!


I had way too much fun capturing screenshots for Rowan’s reveal this week.  He’s the first Harvest Sprite you’ll meet, and he walks you through Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley’s introductory tutorial.  

Tutorials are sometimes a tough balance.  You don’t want to alienate the veterans, while at the same time newcomers do need a little more guidance.  We took a long look at past Harvest Moon titles, what worked and what didn’t, and we hope players enjoy their time with Rowan :D

I always imagined the the background music is just the Harvest Sprites playing music to pass the time. The protag is the only one who can hear it though, so when a song gets stuck in their head, they have to come up with some weird excuse as to why it is, or what song it is. I think they might slip up one day when someone asks and say “The song for winter” or something like that and get a weird look.