I always imagined the the background music is just the Harvest Sprites playing music to pass the time. The protag is the only one who can hear it though, so when a song gets stuck in their head, they have to come up with some weird excuse as to why it is, or what song it is. I think they might slip up one day when someone asks and say “The song for winter” or something like that and get a weird look.


Natsume’s Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Contest Entry by sharmander-chama

Uploading here first since I can’t be bothered to upload to deviantart atm ;;

Not gonna lie, I love and hate this piece. I love how it turned out, but holllyy this thing took forever like sobs. 200+ layers baby~ took at least 4 days to finish and eff backgrounds, but I want to win those cow headphones huehue

I’m especially happy with how I did the Harvest Goddess ahhhHHh!

Good luck to everyone who participated!

Winter Q&A Part 6: All About Us (Part 1)

“Which Harvest Moon games has become your favorite throughout the years?”
-witz3nd, Tumblr

Prez Hiro: “Harvest Moon 64.”

The Boss Man: "Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.“

Localizer Adam: "Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands. It has a kind of RPG element to it in that, for example, you can’t just go out and accidentally catch the best fish. You have to level up your fishing ability to succeed. It’s probably one of the most ‘hardcore’ Harvest Moon games, and that’s why I like it, but it’s definitely not for everyone!”

CeeCee: "I’ve got a tie between Harvest Moon: Magical Melody and Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.  Both did a great job of maintaining the core gameplay mechanics I like about HM while telling a really great story.  Both took risks that made them different from a more traditional HM game.“

“Out of all the Harvest Moon games you’ve played—which character was your favorite?”
-chuuponpon, Tumblr

Prez Hiro: "The main character ("Jack” as he’s called by fans) from Harvest Moon 64.“

The Boss Man: "Karen in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. I’ll let people guess why.”

Localizer Adam: "Witch Princess is my favorite. She has a kind of playfully sadistic streak in her, which I love. :-) She never means any real harm, but she does and says some things that will make you do a double take sometimes. I love that unpredictability in a character!“

CeeCee: "The Harvest Sprites, Budum.”