Full Confession:

I was playing Harvest Moon DS, and I needed some extra cash so I hired some fishing sprites to do some extra fishing for me. I wasn’t expecting much, maybe a few hundred G. I hired them for three days, and saved on the fourth morning. Well turns out I activated a money glitch without even noticing–if you hire fishing sprites at the ocean in the winter, you get way more money than usual. I was actually really upset because I didn’t want unlimited money, so I bought a bunch of golden lumber. Oops.

I always imagined the the background music is just the Harvest Sprites playing music to pass the time. The protag is the only one who can hear it though, so when a song gets stuck in their head, they have to come up with some weird excuse as to why it is, or what song it is. I think they might slip up one day when someone asks and say “The song for winter” or something like that and get a weird look.