I just got Trio of Towns a couple of days ago! I’m loving it so far, though I haven’t picked which bachelor or bachelorette I want to pursue yet.

But yeah, playing that has got me in a huge Harvest Moon mood, and I started reminiscing about some of the first games I’ve played in the series, one of which being A Wonderful Life (the first actual one being Harvest Moon 3 GBC).

The girl I went for as a kid was Celia! But if you were to ask me now, I might go for Muffy instead. Maybe. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind talking more about Harvest Moon and drawing my favorite suitors from the different games *nudge nudge wink wink*

And if you want me to color this, just ask!

To people that wants a good ending on Harvest Moon 3 GBC. Please listen to Sara and Pete’s instruction carefully. You need the exact numbers of animals of of what they stated, and if it’s higher then you’ll reach the bad ending (animals only). The selling on fruits, veggies, and misc. does not matter as long it reaches the exact numbers or higher.

The girl version it’s trickier, because if you get the lover’s route on Pete the stakes are higher. However, like the male version you can still get the good ending, but if you indeed get the lover’s route on Pete then the game will end once the wedding commence. Only the male version has an epilogue.