I couldn’t resist. This made me cry. Talk about child-like faith. He was actually singing along to Our God, and clapping his hands, and stomping his foot to keep up with the beat. I don’t know why it made me cry exactly, but I mean it’s just the power of God can work in anybody. Tonight’s Harvest Crusade, I’m speechless for it. I mean idk how anybody could just not accept that after hearing that many testimonies and all those people that accepted Christ. “I hate religion, we’re in a relationship”- Greg Laurie. Yes our religion by default is Christianity, but on a much simpler level we’re in a relationship w/ Christ. :) That’s what that picture reminds me of now, looking at it again, a simple child-like faith in Him, to have that renewed relationship in Him and start over. Aight I’m done for tonight “live-blogging” Harvest. (Pretty much cuz it ended already haha).

Here is the Harvest Crusade in Dodger Stadium Los Angeles September 10th, 2011. On that date, I made my decision to follow God. And from that day forward, I got to know God better. I even went to Sunday School at Alta Loma Baptist Community Church in Rancho Cucamonga. I can’t thank my church enough for such appreciation to help me. These past few years I felt nothing such as not being normal. I’ve been diagnosed with a treatment and now I feel so much better thanking God. It was the most amazing night of my life. I was reborn. (September 10, 2011)

x-maegan  asked:

Hi! I was just wondering what's the title of the song on your profile? And I was browsing through your playlist and there's also a poem/rap song you posted a few months back and I was wondering if you could tell me who the artist is? Hopefully you don't think this is random but I just searched "harvest crusade" and your posts came up. So glad to know that there are many believers in Christ on Tumblr! :)

The song currently on my profile is called “Go!” By the Harvest Crusade Worship band, which you can download for free at go.harvest.org and the poem/rap song i think you are talking about is called “See You in Heaven” by Sam Ock [he’s a youtube star] or it could be a song by NAK where you can get all of his songs “http://nakhiphop.com/”. Anyway, no worries on the randomness, questions are welcomed and yes! It is nice to see know that there are other believers! So glad to met you Soul Sistah!

Over 4,000 people accepted Christ/rededicated their lives last night @ Angels Stadium… I can’t even imagine how many people did that today!!! Today was such a blessing! Me & my sister got to pray with these 2 girls our ages (who happened to be from the same city as us) and they rededicated their lives to Christ!!! It was so amazing and totally a God thing because they went there together, and were standing right in front of us so WE got to be the ones to talk to them together! SUCH A BLESSING! God is sooooooo dang GOOD! p.s. I’m obsessed with my shoes & that’s why they made the picture. LOL

SIDENOTE: everyone should go follow the beautiful girl in the picture (on the left) with me… she’s my sister and she loves the Lord! here’s her tumblr:


Dates: August 12–14, 2011
Location: Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA
Admission: Free (Angel Stadium charges $12 for parking)
Speaker: Greg Laurie
Translations: Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Sign Language

Southern California Harvest 2011 Schedule:

Friday, August 12
Gates Open @ 5:30 P.M.
Crusade Begins @ 7:00 P.M.
Music: David Crowder Band, Kutless, Crystal Lewis

Saturday, August 13
Gates Open @ 5:30 P.M.
Crusade Begins @ 7:00 P.M.
Music: Red, Phil Wickham, Lincoln Brewster, more to be announced

Sunday, August 14
Gates Open @ 4:30 P.M.
Crusade Begins @ 6:00 P.M.
Music: Jeremy Camp, Jars of Clay, Francesca Battistelli
Special Guest: Louis Zamperini


Date: September 10, 2011
Location: Dodger Stadium, 1000 Elysian Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90090
Speaker: Greg Laurie
Languages: Korean, Spanish, Signing for the Deaf
Cost: Free

Saturday, September 10
Gates Open @ 4:30pm
Event Begins @ 6:00pm
Music: Chris Tomlin, Kirk Franklin, Jeremy Camp, Katinas

Oh My Gosh Harvest Crusade At Dodger Stadium Is This Saturday!!!

I love how the body of Christ is coming together! Everywhere I go I see a church with a harvest poster and even when I’m walking I see flyers posted up and I’m just like:

Chris Tomlin is going to be there!!!

If “God Of This City” or “Our God” plays:

(Favorite worship songs<3)

Then when they ask people to accept Christ:

( Gods kingdom is going to get bigger!)

When they start praying for the people:

External image

when The presents of the holy spirit is just so powerful:

When its over and I see those people with their hate posters:

I’m so excited to see what God has in store!

God is truly moving in the valley!

Saturday needs to come already!!

 You should come!!!