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thank you so much for all the love & support u guys have been giving my sos character!!! (⸝⸝⍢⸝⸝) ෆ i know im not the best when it comes to showing my appreciation to all of ya (sorry…) but really thank you! i really love drawing her and nadi so seeing others like them as well it seriously makes my heart swell w/ happiness! (。・//ε//・。)

pagan holiday guide 2017

hello friends!!! some of you may know me as a pagan (originally wiccan but decided that wasn’t the path for me so now just a pantheistic pagan). there’s lots of pagan holidays so any excuse for a party right?? here are the ones this year and what they’re all about and how to celebrate them!

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Foodie Friday: Healing in the Kitchen

Servings: Varies


-1 tbsp peppermint leaves (about one tea bag)
-1 tbsp chamomile (about one tea bag)
-½ tsp cinnamon
-½ tsp ginger
-¾ cup boiling water
-¾ cup honey (raw local honey is recommended)
-Optional: Powdered sugar, Powdered vitamin C, or Cornstarch for dusting

1. Steep your herbs in the boiling water for about 10 minutes, then strain and save the tea.

2. In a small saucepan, combine the tea and honey and heat to a gentle boil over medium heat.

3. Continue boiling until the mixture reaches a temperature of about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep careful watch, as honey can burn very easily.

4. Take off of heat and allow the syrup to cool for about 5-10 minutes.

5. Transfer syrup onto parchment paper in small spoonfuls (recommended teaspoon) and allow to cool to room temperature.

6. If desired, dust the lozenges with powdered sugar, powdered vitamin C, or cornstarch. This will absorb moisture, keeping the lozenges dry and preventing them from sticking in storage.

Note: The consistency of the lozenges may vary. There are several factors that play into this, including water loss, honey quantity, temperature variation, and weather.

Magical Ingredient!

Here in California, we’ve been blessed with some lovely rains! And while it’s absolutely wonderful to see the green come back after five long years of drought, it does come with a few downsides. The first is that mosquito populations boom. The second is that erosion issues that we hadn’t anticipated are cropping up all over the place. And the third is that with more moisture also comes a new rash of cold and flu.

Kitchen witchcraft is not limited to delectable dinner dishes. Nor is it limited to baking or crafting culinary delights. It is also very practical and encompasses herbal remedies that can be worked in the home. And so, it seemed right to share a recipe for homemade throat lozenges. All of the ingredients are tools of the kitchen witch, from the water to the tea, but of all of the ingredients, one stands out: honey.

Last week, we covered various alcohols and how liquor has been a staple of human consumption for most of human history, but honey mead is one of the primary drinks that come to light in that topic. In addition, honey has been a natural sweetener that humanity has loved since the dawn of time, even reaching a state where its presence represents prosperity and happiness (”land of milk and honey,” anyone?), and even wealth due to its golden color.

This image of wealth is further ingrained when considering the hard work put in by honeybees to produce honey, followed by their ferocity in protecting it when the hive is low on stores. Much like how one would work hard to acquire or earn wealth, and then protect their money when it’s been obtained.

Honey is, by far, one of the most cherished ingredients for its antibacterial properties and its natural sweetness. It is a natural preservative, and is far healthier than sugars due to its chemical makeup. In addition, it is an ingredient that has helped make many much more environmentally aware…

Domesticated honeybees (from which we get most of our honey) will produce close to 80 pounds of surplus honey per year, which is why beekeeping has been such a successful trade for so many centuries. In the late summer, beekeepers will remove wooden frames from the hives on which the surplus honey is stored (contrary to popular belief, the majority of beekeepers harvest honey in non-invasive ways which don’t stress the colony, and never harvest the stores the bees require for survival). This honey and the comb are then separated, processed (in some cases), and made ready for sale. By the time it reaches the plastic bottle as a clear golden syrup, it’s been pasteurized (depending upon the country’s health regulations) and processed.

From the store, one can pick up either processed or “raw” honey, which contains trace amounts of pollen from the nectar the bees had used to make it. This makes raw honey an excellent way of bolstering the immune system against the symptoms of seasonal allergies, in addition to the other traits honey has.

Honey’s composition is roughly 17 percent water, with most (not all) of the rest being natural sugars. As a result, if any bacteria, fungi, or molds try to settle on it, the water contained within them gets pulled out, killing them and preventing honey from spoiling. In addition, depending upon the flowers that the bees had pollinated, the nectar could have additional antibacterial properties (manuka honey, for instance, is particularly good at this and is used as an antibacterial in hospitals). Our ancestors recognized the healing properties of honey, and would add it to poultices and other remedies that would be applied directly to wounds, much as we would with Neosporin today.

From the witchy perspective, there really isn’t anything to dislike about honey. First, there’s its color, which is excellent for wealth and prosperity spells. Second, there is its healing properties, which are excellent for both remedies and for healing spells. Third, is its sweetness, which can serve to enhance the sweetening spells, and makes it an excellent offering to fairies and gods alike! Pairing they variant of honey with your purposes adds a whole new level of magic to your craft, as well! For instance, if you want to encourage prosperity and luck, use clover honey; alternatively, if you want to use honey for cleansing and healing, use rosemary honey instead!

A less common thought when it comes to using honey in magic is to incorporate its creator into the work. Bees are tireless workers, often inspiring bee enthusiasts and beekeepers alike, and it’s their effective communication and work ethic that can be incorporated into spellwork involving honey. If you need a spell to encourage productivity and energy, honey is a great go-to ingredient due to the bees’ tireless efforts. 

Like any ingredient, intent is key: channel your intent and energy into the honey before adding it to food or drink, or before adding it to a sweetening jar. If you’re making an offer of honey, consider what it may represent to the deities or spirits that it is meant for.

Lastly, another reason many witches appreciate honey is as I had mentioned above: it has helped increase environmental awareness. With bee populations struggling, it is important to consider ways to help “save the bees.” More specifically, save the environment. Honeybees are most well known to us, but they aren’t the only kind of bee present in our lives. Many species don’t produce honey but are integral to pollination. What makes them less noticeable is their subterranean nests throughout most of the year. Many witches feel a deep respect for the earth and for all animals, and bees are not alone in this. Consider switching from sugar to honey in most recipes to help bring honey’s properties into your life while helping fund further developments in beekeeping, and be sure to thank  the bees in your life for their hard work and inspiration!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(


Dandelion, AKA Devil’s Milk-Pail or Priest’s Crown: The juice from the stems is a soothant for bee stings, blisters, and warts.  Stem, leaves, and flowers are best picked and used fresh, but the roots can be dried after harvesting and stored for up to six months. If ground, the roots can be stored as a powder and made into a tea by adding boiling water.

Garlic: Deter unwanted lovers by placing a bulb of garlic with two crossed pins in it at a crossroad. Once walked over by said lover, they will lose interest in you. Alternately, hang over a bed to keep disease at bay. Ingestion of garlic tea makes it easier to transition between astral planes, and enter the realm of death.

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We’re celebrating 20 years of Harvest Moon history with #HarvestMoon20th all through 2017! We’ve got lots of Harvest Moon surprises in store all year long~


I made more Story of Seasons charms (because I’m weak for the bachelors in them…omg…) 

This time it’s Ludus from Lulukoko in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns! The charm is 2 inches clear acrylic, double-sided, comes with an acrylic red heart and clip-on keyring (a cellphone strap would not be able to string it because of how wide the charm is LOL sorry) Like the previous Story of Seasons charms, this run is limited and once he is sold out I won’t be printing anymore :’D

I’m selling him for $8 USD + shipping (thankfully Canadian shipping so the shipping costs aren’t terrible for international/america)! 

It’s up on my etsy store (brand-new since I decided to separate from my sister’s etsy store)! Since tumblr is a jerk and will hide posts with external links, you can access the store page from the source link at the bottom corner of this post (mobile users especially) or click here for PC users!

deathordesire  asked:

I really like your books, and was wondering if you plan on making anymore, or writing them i mean?

Oh yes, absolutely! I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was twelve, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.

Here’s what I’ve published so far:

Grovedaughter Witchery - A book of secular magic based on my personal practices, with instructions for building your magical supply kit, writing your own spells, and creating various charms and talismans to augment your magical practices, topped off with a generous helping of practical advice. I wrote this to be the book I wish I’d had when I started out as a witch. Useful for all skill levels, and especially recommended for beginners and newcomers to the craft.

The Sisters Grimmoire - A book of secular spells based on the works of The Brothers Grimm. There’s a deliberate emphasis on simple materials, personal empowerment, and spells that function as tutorials for magical tools and methods from basic to intermediate. Useful for all skill levels. (Collaboration with Anna Zollinger.)

The Witches’ Cupboard - A book of magical powder recipes, with instructions for creating magical powders, suggested uses, and possible sources for raw materials. This functions more as a supplemental work for practitioners looking to beef up the potions-and-powders section of their repertoire. Useful for skill levels from intermediate to advanced. (Collaboration with Anna Zollinger.)

And here’s what I’ve got in the works:

The Sisters Grimmoire, Vol. II - A sequel to the book of the same name listed above. This time, we’ll be taking a trip through the collected works of Andrew Lang, author of the well-known Fairy Books of Many Colors (The Red Fairy Book, The Blue Fairy Book, etc). The emphasis on simple materials and easy-to-learn spells continues, with new methods and new concepts to add to your repertoire.

The Grovedaughter’s Garden - A witch’s guide to simple windowsill and patio gardening, detailing how to grow, harvest, and store your own herbs and flowers for magical purposes. No yard? No experience? No problem! This book will show you how to save time and money on supplies with basic, easy-to-grow plants with a multitude of magical uses.

I’m hoping to get at least one of them published by the end of the year, so stay tuned! :)

Witchcraft Series: Types of Witches - Green Witch

What is a Green Witch and what are their tools?

Green Witches most commonly work with earthly energies and plant energies but they also can work with crystals, herbs (i.e. herbal remedies or herb based spells),  and even work with the fae. 

I only work with the element Earth, am I a Green Witch?

If you work with only the element earth then you be more along the lines of being an Earth Witch. 

How do I become a Green Witch?

When I first started to pratice Green Witchery I was told to learn how to communicate, or swap energies, with plants. Find out when they want to be moved, talked to, watered, or if they need another plant friend. You don’t have to start here though. You can start wherever you want but if you need a guideline, I would suggest learning how to communicate with your plants and how to care for them. 

Some beginner, low maintenance plants -

  • Aloe Vera
  • Spider Plant
  • Viper’s Bowstring Hemp (or snake grass as I call it)
  • Devil’s Ivy 
  • Common Ivy
  • Peace Lily
  • Jade Plant 
  • Cactus (ouch!)
  • Chinese Evergreens
  • Echeveria
  • Hoya
  • Succulents

I live in a dorm/apartment/somewhere I can’t have a garden, what do I do?

Have no fear because pots and window seals are good enough! If you can’t have a garden for freshly harvested herbs that’s alright. Store bought is just fine. Some good dorm plants would be something small but if you live in an apartment any of the plants listed above could work for you! 

I have low spoons/no spoons for a garden, what do I do?

Low maintenance plants are honestly the best. Perhaps if you have low spoons or none you could get a Succulent or Cactus. They don’t need to be watered but every so often and are very pretty! 

I can’t afford to buy/hunt for crystals, what do I do?

Clear Quartz is the all in one stone for everything you need. So if you can’t have a bunch of different stones that’s alright because you can use a piece, small or big, of Clear Quartz to do the job.  

I want to work with the fae, what do I do?

You don’t. Honestly lets not fuk with the fae. 

But if you want to here are some posts -

I want to work with herbs, what do I do?

Educate yourself on common herbs used in both mundane practices and witchcraft. Learn the uses that you would magically use them for and if you want, learn the art of Herbalism (but if you want to that’s also fine you can learn to cook with herbs instead). 

What books can I read?

Don’t step foot near Ann Moura. Spare yourself that torture. 

A lot of non witchy books can be found at your local library! Gardening books, herbalism books, cooking use herbs (and spices), etc. etc. 

As for witchy books, I personally don’t have any suggestions. 

Any other questions I didn’t cover or that you have please send me an ask! 

From Thought to Table: A Guide (of sorts) to Kitchen Craft

This is meant to be seen a sort of step by step guide to how kitchen witchcraft works in my practice. This is something that I am frequently asked about, so I felt that it was time to write up a little post about it!

Disclaimer: this is how I have broken down kitchen craft in my own practice. Other practitioners may have different process, and that’s fine! I am, by no means, an authority on the topic. Forge your own path and do what’s right for you.


What is your intention? How do you want your intent magically punctuated, if you will? Decide on these things and choose your approach and ingredients accordingly.

Example: I’m having a family dinner and I want those in attendance to get along peacefully. I will want to choose ingredients associated with peace, calm, happiness, friendship, familial love, etc. I would want to avoid things that may work against my goal, such as stimulants or ingredients with harsh correspondences. Consider your method: perhaps a dessert to sweeten them up? Or a soup to warm their hearts? It’s all up to you!


Herbs traditionally have ideal times for harvesting, so that their magic is best preserved. I try to heed this, if I am growing my own.

Growing your own herbs! If you have the time, space, and capability, I really recommend this. Not only can you add intent and power to your plant (giving it charged water, bonding with them, etc), but you can ensure that it’s harvested and stored correctly.

Not into growing your own? Or maybe, like myself (college witch problems, y'all), you are not in the ideal situation to grow and raise a full garden? I totally get it. I just try to shop in season. Shopping is harvesting, of sorts.

Preparation and Cooking

Prep is actually my favorite part of the whole cooking process. I don’t know why, I just find the methodical approach to making sure each and every ingredient has been prepped to be really relaxing.

Anyway, this is the time to focus on why you’ve chosen to add each ingredient. Invoke them, talk about what properties they have that made you choose them, thank them. Feel free to get personal.

As you prep and cook, focus on your intent. For me, this involves a lot of energy work and thinking about tradition.

I think about all of the times I’ve seen my family take these same steps in the kitchen, no matter what they were making, and the thought and care they took every time to make sure it turned out right.

I think about the different generations of my family and how they all found joy and strength in performing these daily rituals, like chopping and cooking and baking.

There’s something to be said for paying tribute to tradition. For this reason, I like to listen to music that I heard in the kitchen when I was growing up (The Temptations, anyone?), but I recommend choosing something that matches your intent.


This part is definitely optional, but it can really add a boost to your work! I like to work mostly with color psychology in this part, honestly. But the portion size, plating, all kinds of different variables can add a boost of intent to the meal!

Anyway, I hope this gives people some insight on kitchen craft! It can seem mysterious and secretive (which it certainly can be), but the basic steps are easy. It’s what you choose to do with it that counts! And don’t feel that kitchen witchcraft is only meant for the *best of ingredients*, or whatever. I’ve had just as much success with witchy Ramen noodles as I have a full-blown gourmet dinner.

No matter what you choose, as long as your energy and intent are there, it’ll turn out fine!


HThyHerbal starters! (Please be aware of the fact I’m still very new to herbalism myself!)

Starter herbs; always remember to start with the simpler to grow, easier to use and cost effective herbs. They are just as brilliant as any other herbs!
- Lavender
- Oregano
- Chives
- Sage
- Thyme
- Basil
- Lemon Balm
- Mint

Starter books; the best way to learn and understand the varsity and intensity that herbalism has to offer you is to hit the books, go to your library and ask them if they have herbalism books the older the better. Read gardening books, and also go to farmers markets if you can they have heaps of cheap books that are packed with information.
-Rosemary Gladstar’s - A Beginners Guide to Herbal Medicine.
-Rosemary Gladstar’s - Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.
-Paul Beyerl’s - The Master Book of Herbalism
(Although this one is very magickal as well)
-Simon Mills - Dictionary of Modern Herbalism
-The Royal Horticultural Society’s Encyclopedia of Herbs.
(This one’s great for herbalists who are gardening as well.)

Handy Hints: When beginning herbalism you may think you’ll have it mastered a lot sooner than you will but don’t stress because really it’s not a topic you can master. Just remember to always aim for further learning, read more books, do more trial and error, make more remedies and always stay positive about it. 

There are so many topics to learn; diagnosis, understanding the human body and how to treat it’s issues, understanding how to grow, harvest and store herbs, dosages, remedies etc. The best way to learn all this stuff is to just do it however you please. Don’t spend hours and days stuck on the one part of something. Just study all different topics and bits and pieces, it’s all about how you organize your informations. Keep a folder/book for each category. (Herbal properties and warnings book/folder, herbal remedy and dosage books, growing, harvesting and storing herb books.) This is an easy way to keep yourself interested and build a solid guideline that you can easily go back to whenever some information slips away! 


Matthew 6:25-27 (NLT)
“That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing? Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are? Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?

I was 13 years old attending a Jr High dance in the Fall of 1990, standing against the wall wondering why I was there and feeling isolated and lonely. My mom had given me a few bucks for concessions so I decided to break the monotony of wall leaning and see if there was anything I’d want. As I approached the soda counter I felt a strong compulsion to turn the other way and exit the building. My thought process was along the lines of, “There are far better ways to blow a couple of bucks than on snacks in a place where I don’t belong.” In a moment of clarity it became obvious to me what that better something should be.

My school was outside of the city proper and the nearest place that sold comics was a Harvest Foods grocery store some 11 miles away. It was dark outside and I was on foot, but somehow I mustered up the courage, reasoned it was a worthy endeavor, and began the journey. There was a really shitty neighborhood I walked through that was sort of scary and at one point I was chased down by a barking dog, but other than that I made it to my destination unscathed.

The Harvest Foods had a pretty darn good selection of comics, second only to Alternate Worlds, the dedicated comic store in our Mall, which was another 16 miles away and probably closed at that time of night. In the middle of this crowded magazine rack were copies of Uncanny X-Men #271 and #272. I only had two bucks and some change, so it became obvious very quickly which two books I’d be purchasing.

I took a different route home, stopping at a pay phone to tell a fib to my mom that I had found a ride home from the dance. Once I was finally home, I immediately went to my room, dived on my bed, and opened up my treasure. I read them both cover to cover several times that night. It didn’t matter that the two books I bought were non-consecutive parts of a larger crossover. I had no problem filling in the blanks with my imagination.

What mattered was I didn’t feel isolated and alone.

There were many times in my youth where I couldn’t connect to the people around me, so I was very fortunate to get to hang out with the X-Men during those lonely days.

Happy Autumn Equinox + Mabon Blessings!
External image

The Harvest is in

Food stored for the winter

Seeds secreted for Spring

Celebrate the inward journey

Join Persephone as she descends

Mother Earth turns toward Crone

As we dance the last dance

Half is day, Half is night

Harvest Moon, Orange sight

Bless the dance, Bless the rite

Half is day, Half is night

Half is dark, Half is light

Spiral out, Spiral in

Harvest, Death, rebirth again

Goddessselves blessing all wimmin

Who spiral out, and spiral in.

-Ila Suzanne

External image

The theme for Mabon and the Autumn equinox is “Giving Thanks”. Mabon is the Witch’s Thanksgiving, this is a time where the Sun’s path crosses over the equator, traveling south. We now celebrate the darkness as the whole world honors equal night and day. The summer is gone. This was the time when the ancients and our ancestors gathered fruits and vegetables from the gardenin preparation for the winter. this is a time to give away what welonger need. We now must reap what we have sown from the spring equinox. Many people find this to be the perfect time for storing their own fruits and vegetables by canning, pickling, and other storing methods . With the fall comes cooler, crisp air and the dulling of colors. Everything is now turning with the season, there is a restlessness in the air and the harvest moon is round and almost wheat colored, glowing from the sun.

The flaming color of the leaves is a reminder that life burns most intensely just before it dies. Mabon is the time where we can reflect and remember those friends and relatives who may have died in the past year,as we watch the falling leaves. We give thanks for the abundance in our lives, as the sun is about to enter Libra, the cardinal air sign of balance.

“We celebrate the time of lengthening darkness when the night equals the day by putting to rest all the activities of the summer." R. Barrett

External image

Autumn Altar:

Now is the time for rest and relaxation, celebrate the Sabbat (sabbat means "to rest”)  by creating your own autumn altar in grapevines, gourds, cornucopias, and brightly colored fallen leaves.

  • Candles: Brown = Stability, Focus, grounding
  • Orange= Vitality, Energy
  • Yellow= Warmth, Friendship, Creativity
  • Feathers
  • Stones: Smoky quartz, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Quartz, Garnet


Most modern witches celebrate the Sabbats on the exact dates to align themselves with the powerful symbolic and astrological energies that are inherent in each event. However, for others that are juggling jobs and families it means that they may need to plan their festivities within a few days as a matter of convenience. But on the day of the Sabbat it’s important to take just a moments out of your busy schedule to honor Mother Earth.  Spend time meditating on what you have accomplished in the past months, and write out a list of all you have to be thankful for. Gratitude is powerful medicine! keep your list posted where you can see, just in case you start feeling “Grinchy” as the coming winter months begin.


Some season questions to ask yourself during the Autumn Equinox: 

  • What is your personal harvest and what have your brought into manifestation this year?
  • How can you honor the Earth that sustains us all? 

“At Sunset say farewell to the powers of the sun. Give Thanks and praise for the heat and light that helped the crops grow and nurtured your body. Think of all you have nurtured since spring. Name what you brought to fruition by the workings of your hands and the blessings of the Goddess. Appreciate what you have and celebrate having tasted the fruits of your labors by dancing, naming, eating, your personal harvest. Let yourself really have it!” - R. Barrett, Dianic High Priestess

The Ethics of Meat Eating

by Saṃsāran 

This piece is not intended to be a condemnation of the eating of meat. I am only looking to the ethical basis for the practice. The eating of meat requires killing. It requires doing violence to another living creature. Animals feel pain. Animals feel terror. Animals want to live as much as any human does. I know. I have slaughtered hundreds of animals when I was a rancher, a hunter, and a trapper. I am not a bleeding heart. I do, however, recognize suffering when I see it.

Rationales behind the eating of meat:

  • It is natural i.e.  animals eat other animals in nature.
  • Humans are superior creatures to animals
  • Humans evolved to eat meat
  • Meat is healthy food

It is true that in nature animals eat other animals. This is the nature of raw nature and many animals have evolved as carnivores. Arguably man is one of them. We are omnivores. We would have never survived the ice ages had we not evolved to eat meat. In nature, outside of the tropics, plant foods are seasonal. With no means of transport, human beings would have had to rely on meat to survive. Moreover, lean meat in limited quantities is an excellent food maybe the best food available to our ancestors.

Now, having said this I will note that we no longer live in the state of nature. We live in an organized society which universally acknowledges that cruelty to animals is wrong. We would never beat a dog or drown a sack full of kittens but when it comes to the brutal killing and dismemberment of food animals we hypocritically turn a blind eye.

People today eat so much meat, and fatty meat besides, that we are beset with diseases like stroke and cardiovascular disease which is a major contributor to those diseases. We now have access to foods which are far healthier and do not require killing. The state of nature was a cruel one and we have evolved past that now.

We are superior creatures. Imagine this scenario. 60,000 years ago an alien race came to the Earth. They needed a reliable food supply for their interstellar near light speed travels. They use bioengineering to make a food animal which is clever, versatile and with no fur, claws or fangs and so easy to slaughter and make into food. Humans. They come back. Since they are traveling at near light speeds 60,000 years has passed on Earth but to them, because of Einstein’s theory of relativity, only a decade or so has passed aboard ship. They are highly advanced and far more intelligent than we.

They land and start harvesting their human herds storing up food for the next journey. Our attempts to stop them are the equivalent of tribesmen tossing spears at an M1 Battle tank. They simply go through the cities, grab the humans they see, strip them, gut them and then process them into food. They are pleased with their crop. They see us as inferior beings and we are. They can claim that they created us as food and so they have the right to eat us. Why should they care about us. After all we kill each other by the millions and let all that food go to waste. Besides they note that we do precisely the same thing to other creatures on the planet so what right do we have to complain?

๑ Samsaran ๑

{Recipe Included!} Fall is quickly fading, and the last of the harvest is being stored as winter rapidly approaches. This sunflower is one I harvested from my garden! Include the seeds in a salad (or enjoy them on their own!) to remind you summer will come again.

SUNFLOWER: Masculine
Sign: Leo
Magical Uses: wishes, fertility, truth, luck, wealth, happiness. Food for rituals in acquiring wealth, or creating a relaxed happy, environment. 

SOLAR MIST RECIPE (adapted from Lisa Rosati)

-1 average size bottled water (make sure it’s purified, otherwise the water will get mold or algae eventually. aka: don’t use sink water)
-1 handful of dried (or fresh) sunflower petals
-Mister spray bottle (easy to find in stores, also if you get the smaller ones, it should fill up 2 bottles)
- 1 small clear quartz (to magnify energies)
-1 small citrine (for protection)
- 8 drops Wild Orange essence oil (or more, depending on your nose! I like mine strong! Just make sure you use a dropper, and write how much you ended up using!)
-4 drops lemon essence oil (for purification. Don’t use lemon juice!)

Ground and center. Be in a positive headspace and make sure you keep your focus. Put water into a glass bowl and toss in the sunflower petals. Leave in a sunny location for 15-30 minutes (while you wait you can make sunflower bath salts, recipe to come!). When ready, take out the petals and place water in misters.

 Put in the essential oils until you reach the scent you want. Envision a happy, light filled room, with a cool breeze and chimes softly ringing. How does this make you feel/ Safe? Giggly? calm or relaxed? Great! This is what the scent will do for your room/home/sacred space! 

Add in the citrine and the quarts, give it a good shake, a spray yourself, your room, for a happy boost. OR spray it in the dead of winter when you need to be reminded of the warmth of the sun!