harvest of bonds

The Goddess of Spring becomes Queen of the Dead

Prompt: Legendary Lovers
Paring: Levi/Mikasa
Setting: Fantasy/Mythological AU
Rating: T

A/N: This is long long LONG overdue like many of my other fics. Read part one [HERE] if you haven’t. Well, what else can I say? This story needed a part two. Characters feel a little ooc because I wrote it all in fairytale-speak. So here it is. Enjoy <3

The Goddess of Spring becomes Queen of the Dead

Death has fallen in love. In search for a bride, he became captivated by the maiden of Spring. His dead heart beating for the first time. He took it upon himself to capture her as his bride. And so, opening the earth, he unveiled his Hell, dragging the maiden against her will into the haunting darkness of the underworld he owned…

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Harvest of Bonds (Inigo and Gerome)

Inigo: Hey Gerome, there’s a fountain! This really is a pretty town.
Gerome: …..
Inigo: Ah, they have stalls selling things over there too. What a cute doll!
Gerome: … hey, we’re in the battle of a battle here. Stop talking about such trivial things.
Inigo: Right, right, I’m very sorry… I suppose my plan to make you, Mr. Sulky Face, smile has unfortunately failed as soon as it began.
Gerome: If you have the leisure to come up with such a stupid plan, why don’t you go and defeat some enemies as well?
Inigo: We have such a fun festival waiting for us after the battle, and yet you’re as cold as ever… look at you — don’t you think you’ll have fun in a masquerade ball or something? Lend me that mask for a bit.
Gerome: !! Hey, don’t just take off my mask without my permission!
Inigo: Ahaha! Don’t sweat it, it’s just for a bit… hm? Those are some pretty bad eye bags, don’t you think?
Gerome: It’s none of your concern! Just give it back!
Inigo: Ah, you hid them. Gerome… could it be that you’re not getting enough sleep? That’s no good! You shouldn’t be staying up so late.
Gerome: … hmph. It’s the same for you, isn’t it?
Inigo: Hm? What do you mean?
Gerome: I’m saying that you going out in the middle of night will cause problems the next day.
Inigo: W-what are you talking about…? I’m always in my tent at night, though…?
Gerome: Liar. Last night, you left camp and went to the banks of the spring, didn’t you?
Inigo: Why do you know that…? Gerome, c-could it be that…
Gerome: Yes. Last night, I saw you dancing.
Inigo: Eeeehh!? T-that’s embarrassing! I mean, you should’ve said something if you were there! Staying silent and watching me is just bad taste!
Gerome: I apologize.
Inigo: … or was it so terrible that you didn’t even think there was any point to calling me? That’s right… if it wasn’t bad, then you would’ve said something…
Gerome: … hey. I didn’t say anything about…
Inigo: Because I screwed up a lot yesterday… and the choreography isn’t even complete… it’s obvious that anyone would think that I’m no good at all…! Ngh, Gerome, you idiot! Of all things you could’ve seen, why that dance…!
(wyvern call)
Gerome: … hey, Minerva!?
Inigo: Huh, what happened!? Why does she look so angry…!
Gerome: Minerva, calm down! I understand what you want to say, but biting is definitely not good!
Inigo: B-biting — you mean me!? Wait a second, Minerva! U-uwaaaaah!
Gerome: Wait, Minerva!

part 2

Gerome: … I apologize about before.
Inigo: No, I’m sorry too. I said some pretty bad things… she got mad and did that because I insulted her master.
Gerome: …
Inigo: Gerome?
Gerome: … anyway, I should take responsiblity for my partner’s blunder. I’ll do medical treatment, so give me your arm.
Inigo: Wha… no, that’s embarrassing.
Gerome: Don’t say such a weird thing! Hurry and do it — enemies are coming!
Inigo: Nngh… I get it. Well… I’ll leave it to you.
Gerome: ….. the wound’s more shallow than I thought. It’ll heal quickly at this rate. I’ll disinfect it just to be sure.
Inigo: !! O-ow ow ow…!
Gerome: Endure it. It’ll be over soon.
Inigo: I… know but, if it hurts, it hurts…!
Gerome: Hey, don’t move so much! It makes things difficult!
Inigo: S-sorry…! But, if you do it like that…! Ge-Gerome, be a bit more gentle, please…!
Gerome: !? Wha..!? What are you saying all of a sudden!?
Inigo: B-because… you’re making it hurt…!
Gerome: Don’t say things like that! Someone might get the wrong idea!
Inigo: “Get the wrong idea”…?
Gerome: It’s nothing! Here, I’m done!
Inigo: T-thanks. Heh, your disinfection was sloppy but you’re good at wrapping the bandages!
Gerome: Calling it sloppy is unnecessary.
Inigo: Ahaha, sorry, sorry. Thank you, Gerome. That’s right — after the battle is over, is it okay if I go apologize to Minerva? “Sorry for insulting your master and angering you”, or something like that.
Gerome: … no, she didn’t lose her temper because her master was insulted.
Inigo: Really? Then why…
Gerome: Minerva was angry because you were so belittling of your own dancing. She was… completely enthralled with it. It’s natural to dislike it when something you like gets insulted.
Inigo: Eh!? N-no way…!
Gerome: Why would I lie about something like this?
Inigo: T-that’s… right. But, I was talking about… the reason she got angry.
Gerome: Aah. That’s why I didn’t call out to you when I saw you yesterday. It’s you, after all — if you knew I was there, you would stop, correct? If that happened… Minerva would be disappointed.
Inigo: I see… It’s embarrassing, but I’m glad that Minerva liked it. Um… tell her that she can come to watch again, if she’d like. I’ll be able to apologize to her and work on my dancing as well.
Gerome: … that’s true. It could be a good way of killing time when I can’t fall asleep.
Inigo: Haha… “killing time” is pretty mean… … — wait, could it be that you’re planning on coming too!?
Gerome: It’s dangerous to let Minerva go out by herself in the middle of the night.
Inigo: W-well… you have a point. But, I see.. Gerome’s coming too…
Gerome: What, are you fine with Minerva but not me? Could it be that Minerva is fine because you think she’s cute…!
Inigo: No no no! How shameless do you think I am!? It’s just, I don’t think you’d have much fun watching me dance. Getting you to escort Minerva and then making you stay and watch doesn’t sit right with me…
Gerome: … that’s not true.
Inigo: Huh?
Gerome: … I don’t think your dancing is bad either. As long as you’re fine with it, I’d… like to see it again.
Inigo: …..!! Gerome…
Gerome: … I said too much. I’m returning to my post.
Inigo: … fufu. Thanks, Gerome. I gained a little more self confidence because of you. … I’ll be waiting, all right. For you and Minerva to come and watch.

Man, I really do love this. XD