harvest moon: connect to a new world

hello everyone! i’m kait and this is (and isn’t) a new studyblr post!

as of 4.30.17 my account kaitstudy was accidently deleted and all of my content and followers were lost. you might have seen my ‘stationary collection washi tape’ and ‘what’s in my backpack?’ masterposts floating around as well as a few others. (if you have seen/liked/reblogged one of my posts that I don’t have in my ‘my posts’ tag, i would super appreciate it if you would message it to me so i can add it~!)

here are some things about me:

  • my name is kaitlin and i’m 19 years old
  • i just finished my freshman year of college as a communications/human communications major
  • i go to school in california and i’m in a sorority!
  • i got my scholarship pearl for my sorority this semester! (4.0 gpa)
  • i have worked at disneyland
  • i love tea and starbucks
  • i love to craft, sew, knit, and embroider
  • i am a huge literature and history nerd, with a special love for regency-era novels and ancient world history (esp. egyptian and greek/roman mythology)
  • my favorite video games are animal crossing, harvest moon, and fantasy life!
  • i play the ukulele and the cello in my spare time <3

and here are some of my favorite / most inspiring studyblrs:

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please feel free to chat with me! i look forward to connecting (and reconnecting) with this lovely inspiring community <3


My guide book arrived today, so I took pic of the character concept pages (which actually my main reason for getting the guide, tbh).

There are comics, too, but they’re like overall and mostly about game basic since the comics are in fact part of the guide.

Sorry if the size are gigantic or something, since I uploaded this from my phone.

Speaking of which, according to the note, both protagonists’ design seem to be Igusa’s most favorite for this game.

Full Confession:

I know this sounds crazy, but I wish death was more prominent in Harvest Moon games. Everything’s sunshine and rainbows until that somber morning when your sick chicken gets a grave, but it’s still too hunky dory for me. It broke my heart when Nina died, and Connect to a New World/Land had a similar situation that I hope Story of Seasons will keep. There is so much more meaning in the games when a character dies. It’s sad. It’s real. And I’d like Harvest Moon to reflect on those sadder parts in life a little bit more. The old titles seemed to have a good handle on dishing out healthy doses of emotion and intrigue, but the newer games are spoonfuls of sugary syrup. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but I appreciated it when they didn’t try to censor what real life is like with all of the escapism and fantasy.