harvest moon spin off

Full Confession:

I hate it when people compare Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons to Rune Factory. I hate seeing someone go “Oh I wish that in Harvest Moon you could do this, like is Rune Factory.” “Why can’t Harvest Moon be more like Rune Factory?,” “Why can’t the protagonist talk like in Rune Factory?.” It’s an unfair comparison.

Yes, Harvest Moon games may not be up to snuff as they use to be back in the day, but comparing it to a completely different genre of gaming is just unfair. It makes some Harvest Moon games look worse than it actually may be. I hate hearing people sing Rune Factory’s praises while slapping Harvest Moon in the face simply because it’s not like Rune Factory, especially when Rune Factory started as a spin off of Harvest Moon. Like I don’t mind when people just don’t like some Harvest Moon games and complain about the games or things in the game, I mean I do that too, but this comparison drives me off the wall.