harvest moon pierre


I was just trying to find an old drawing so I could compare it to nowadays AND I BASICALLY FOUND ALL MY OLD HM FANART OH MY GOD so in case you ever wonder where I’ve come from with my art… these are the places.

anonymous asked:

Awash! Omg!!! Craig I live harvest moon!!!! Who is your #1 harvest moon waifu (including the bachelors)? Tweek, don't feel jelly (°_°)

Craig: I’ve played almost every harvest moon game starting with the Super Nintendo all the way to the 3DS. I will only list my picks from the last several games I’ve played. 

The Tale of Two Towns- Cam and Reina

Animal Parade- Maya and Chase

A New Beginning- Neil and Witch Princess (I like Witches!)

Island of Happiness- Pierre and Witch Princess

Uhhhh….so pretty much all the blond bachelors and bachelorettes.

Pierre kinda reminds me of Tweek…