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Mira HC things

Had a neat discussion with a few harvest moon buddies after a simple discovery:

Mira’s living quarters in Animal Parade is divided in two, the left side being her bedroom and the right side being her late husband’s. From this image, we can see that Mira plays or had played the piano.

  • What kinds of music would she play? Maybe a piece that reminds her or ties her to her late husband. 
  • Peer:  “Perhaps as you befriend her, and bring her out of her grief, she goes back to the piano little by little. She starts out only playing sad songs. But introduces more uplifting music as you get to know her. ”
  • The more she comes out of her depression, the more she goes back to church and shares her music with the Perry and the community.
  • She’ll play music at weddings!!

And in another room discovery:

It looks like Chloe may have been or is learning to play piano. Bonus points if Ramsey asks Mira to tutor Chloe on small pieces and progression chords. ♥