harvest moon mark


I was just trying to find an old drawing so I could compare it to nowadays AND I BASICALLY FOUND ALL MY OLD HM FANART OH MY GOD so in case you ever wonder where I’ve come from with my art… these are the places.

Full Confession:

Natalie’s my favorite HM character, and I’ve always thought that the PierrexNatalie coupling was very random and awkward. To me, NataliexMark seemed more canon than PierrexNatalie. The official manga has some very cute moments for them, and also in Frantic Farming, there are some very adorable parts, such as Denny saying something about Natalie being Mark’s wife, and Taro saying that Natalie and Mark “must really like each other.” With all these official NataliexMark moments, I was rather surprised by the lack of material on the web for them.