harvest moon luna



Seriously though, if a friend declares war on you just because you like the same person, they’re not really a good friend…

🌛🍎🌾 🎃 Harvest Moon Sept 16. 🎃🌾🍎🌜

what is the harvest moon?

🎃 It is the full moon that is seen nearest to the time of the autumnal equinox, the often last full moon before Samhain. It is sometimes called the the “Chrysanthemum Moon”, “G*psy Moon”, “Elk Moon”, “Singing Moon,” and “Wine Moon”. It is followed by the hunter’s moon.

what does that mean for witchcraft?

🍎 This is the time for completion. Anything you have left undone or overdue, this is the time to wrap it up. Tie loose ends and trim the fat. As we approach the end of the year, it’s a time to ready a clean slate for the new year.  

🌾 This is the time to collect debts and crops, to reap the efforts you have put in, take what you are owed. Some take this advice to mean to serve just desserts to those that have wronged them.

🎃 There is more moonlight during this full moon, as it rises earlier and appears to stay full for multiple days, which can be used for multiple-night full moon rituals. 

🍎 The spells best for a full moon are charging/cleansing crystals and items, healing, love magic, banishing, and clarity of mind.


Hey, I made a decent amount of changes that I thought I’d share!

I tweaked my home quite a bit, and also started work on a new ui.

I’ve changed a few of the characters as well, mainly repainting their eyes and changing the colors of their outfits/hair. It’s all experimentation at this point - I’ll eventually be painting new outfits for most of them. (Right now I’m just trying to make Selena’s skin darker without making it look totally pixelated UGH)

ok I have to do homework now bye