harvest moon is 20

Spread the news! Harvest Moon 64 arrives on the Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow, February 23rd in North America and February 24th in Europe! This is the first time the game will be available in PAL territories :D

We’re celebrating 20 years of Harvest Moon history with #HarvestMoon20th all through 2017! We’ve got lots of Harvest Moon surprises in store all year long~

The newer games (Story of Seasons) are so difficult and I really wish they had the same charm as Friends of Mineral Town had for me. I love Trio of Towns because the characters are so alive but I want to meet the goals so my day becomes an endless cycle of run trough each town completing jobs and talk to whoever is in your way. In the beginning of the game I felt connected to the West town characters but now they are just there.
Alternatively, the Harvest Moon games are too easy. I finished Skytree Village in about 20 hours and I have no more reason to touch it. Late game has always been an issue for the series but i was pretty bummed out when I expected to last more than an in game year in the story on my first play through and instead beat the main story in mid-early fall.
I wish they could find a happy medium. I would love a title similar to my all time favorite Animal Parade and Tree of Tranquility. Or something that goes back to Mineral Town or Forget Me Not Valley.
But most importantly: I would love mining in actual mine levels to come back. I don’t understand how both sides agreed on this part.

30 Day Challenge - Farm Life Edition

Day 20: What was your first Bokujo Monogatari?

I have two answers for this oddly enough. A friend let me try their weird farming game their parents got them when I was spending the night at their place once. Turns out that was H2 for the GBC. I think I played it for like 30 minutes and got bored and fell asleep, then mostly forgot about it’s existence. My actual first game I willingly played and got for myself was AWL however. And we’ll, let’s just say people who knew my capacity to obsess over games weren’t shocked at all when I wound up beyond trapped in that game’s clutches.

Seeing as it’s the 20th anniversary of Harvest Moon and they haven’t yet revealed what they’re releasing to celebrate it, I’m really REALLY hoping for a game where Forget Me Not Valley and Mineral Town are both featured and you can travel between them both and all the same marriage candidates are still included, different yearly festivals and events are held in different towns, maybe even a second farm that you can buy and run too? Or maybe another farmer like you, and you’re linked with them historically via canon details - like in HM DS where the ancestor of your character is the main character from HM AWL. I just really wish they return to the original charm of the earlier games in celebration of 20 years of Harvest Moon, seeing as so many people rank those games as their favourite.


After a small hiatus, our monthly update column returns!  For those who are not familiar with our STATE OF THE FARM updates, this is where we collect together the month’s news in brief, and look ahead to the coming months. We are going to have LOTS of news to share over this year, and many of you know why…

That’s right! Harvest Moon on the Super Nintendo was released in North America in June, 1997. But there’s a crazy story behind how that actually happened.

Did you know HARVEST MOON almost didn’t make it to North America at all?  It’s true! Prez Hiro met Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of Harvest Moon bank in 1996 and brought back to the US a farming game he thought would resonate with a new audience.  Agriculture is a huge part of American life, and he thought people would enjoy a different kind of game than sports or action. But the reaction he got when he showed it to his American industry colleagues…

“It’s so boring!  Who would play this?”
“The gameplay is so slow!  Nobody will stick with this.”

But Prez Hiro remained undeterred. Despite it being near the end of the SNES life, he decided to release the game.  And the rest, as they say…is history!  We’ll talk more about the surprise success of Harvest Moon SNES and where the game went from there next month.  Keep an eye out for the #HarvestMoon20th hashtag on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram!


The final two months of 2016 was full of releases! We launched our FIRST PlayStation 4 game with Wild Guns Reloaded, and two 3DS titles: Harvest Moon: Skytree Village and River City: Tokyo Rumble. We were very excited to return a pair of classic titles to North America.  


2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year, and not only for fans of the Harvest Moon series! We’re excited to reveal other titles we’ll be working on this year in the coming weeks and months. We’ll be officially kicking off the Harvest Moon 20th anniversary in February – watch for it soon!