harvest moon backgrounds

I commissioned @starlightshore for a Harvest Moon 64 // Earthbound crossover art piece and I LOVE IT. Gonna put it in a nice frame and give it to my sister-in-law (Who gave me those cute hats). This is the perfect gift for her and the quality is AMAZING.

PS, check out @askgasterfamily who is also run by Sam!

PPS, aaaaaaaa those backgrounds ilovethem


Thanks for the memories.

Well “Year of Jamie” has finally come to a close! Thanks to this little poncho I have gotten the chance to meet many new people, done things I never dreamed I’d be able to do, improve my art skills, learn new things about myself, and become a somewhat better person. If it were not for Jamie I would probably would have left Tumblr within my first year here, thus missing the chance to get to know these amazing people I like to call my friends. So I wanted to do something to show my appreciation!

Thanks to flower-thorns, asa-turney, charitynorn, randombore, owl-be-in-my-room, lazytumbls, magicalpoptarts, blueberryblanket, and remmy-o for making this possible.

; w; Everyone’s Jamie was so cute, I just wish I could have done them better justice.

Thank you everyone.

Thank you Jamie.