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Do you all know anything about the Gullah people?

Funny story, lol I 1st learned about the Gullah people after watching Gullah Gullah Island as a child (please tell me you remember otherwise i feel old). I didn’t fully understand the culture and motive behind the show until last fall in my African Retentions in American course in college.

So here goes:

The Gullah people are the descendants of the slaves who worked on the rice plantations in South Carolina and Georgia. They still live in rural communities in the coastal region and on the Sea islands of those two states, and they still retain many elements of African language and cultureMany traditions of the Gullah and Geechee culture were passed from one generation to the next through language, agriculture, and spirituality. The culture has been linked to specific West African ethnic groups who were enslaved on island plantations to grow rice, indigo, and cotton starting in 1750, when antislavery laws ended in the Georgia colony.

A Board of Trustees established Georgia in 1732 with the primary purposes of settling impoverished British citizens and creating a mercantile system that would supply England with needed agricultural products. The colony enacted a 1735 antislavery law, but the prohibition was lifted in 1750. West Africans, the argument went, were far more able to cope with the climatic conditions found in the South. And, as the growing wealth of South Carolina’s rice economy demonstrated, slaves were far more profitable than any other form of labor available to the colonists.

Rice plantations fostered Georgia’s successful economic competition with other slave-based rice economies along the eastern seaboard. Coastal plantations invested primarily in rice, and plantation owners sought out Africans from the Windward Coast of West Africa (Senegambia [later Senegal and the Gambia], Sierra Leone, and Liberia), where rice, indigo, and cotton were indigenous to the region. Over the ensuing centuries, the isolation of the rice-growing ethnic groups, who re-created their native cultures and traditions on the coastal Sea Islands, led to the formation of an identity recognized as Geechee/Gullah. There is no single West African contribution to Geechee/Gullah culture, although dominant cultural patterns often correspond to various agricultural investments. For example, Africa’s Windward Coast was later commonly referred to as the Rice Coast in recognition of the large numbers of Africans enslaved from that area who worked on rice plantations in America.

Documentation of the developing culture on the Georgia islands dates to the nineteenth century. By the late twentieth century, researchers and scholars had confirmed a distinctive group and identified specific commonalities with locations in West Africa. The rice growers’ cultural retention has been studied through language, cultural habits, and spirituality. The research of Mary A. Twining and Keith E. Baird in Sea Island Roots: African Presence in the Carolinas and Georgia (1991) investigates the common links of islanders to specific West African ethnicities.

Enslaved rice growers from West Africa brought with them knowledge of how to make tools needed for rice harvesting, including fanner baskets for winnowing rice. The sweetgrass baskets found on thecoastal islands were made in the same styles as baskets found in the rice culture of West Africa. Sweetgrass baskets also were used for carrying laundry and storing food or firewood. Few present-day members of the Geechee/Gullah culture remember how to select palmetto, sweetgrass, and pine straw to create baskets, and the remaining weavers now make baskets as decorative art, primarily for tourists.

Aspects of West African heritage have survived at each stage of the circle of migration, with rice, language, and spirituality persisting as cultural threads into the twentieth century. The Geechee/Gullah culture on the Sea Islandsof Georgia has retained a heritage that spans two continents. Sapelo Island Cultural DayAt the end of the Civil War, lands on the coastal islands were sold to the newly freed Africans during the Port Royal Experiment, part of the U.S. government's Reconstruction plan for the recovery of the South after the war.

During the 1900s, land on some of the islands—Cumberland, Jekyll,Ossabaw, Sapelo, and St. Simons —became resort locations and reserves for natural resources. The modern-day conflict over resort development on the islands presents yet another survival test for the Geechee/Gullah culture, the most intact West African culture in the United States. Efforts to educate the public by surviving members of the Geechee/Gullah community, including Cornelia Bailey of Sapelo Island and the Georgia Sea Island Singers, help to maintain and protect the culture’s unique heritage in the face of such challenges.

The Gullah/Geechee have arguable preserved the heritage of their African ancestors better than any group in the United States.

Cornelia Bailey, with Christena Bledsoe, God, Dr. Buzzard, and the Bolito Man: A Saltwater Geechee Talks about Life on Sapelo Island (New York: Doubleday, 2000).

Margaret Washington Creel, A Peculiar People: Slave Religion and Community-Culture among the Gullahs (New York: New York University Press, 1988).

The Irish mythology in Berserk is to die for.

One of the most underappreciated things in the world is most certainly Irish mythology and folklore and to see it showing up in one of my favourite manga of all time is a dream come true. lemme break it down.

1. skellig island

heres a picture of skellig island, right well guess what? Skellig is most certainly named after the skellig Islands of ireland. The Skellig Islands are a pair of rocky islands of whick Skellig Michael is most famous. It was settled by christian monks and to this day is dotted with the remains of cells and stone buildings

Also you’ll notice the spiral covered rocks well those spiral patterns were synonymous with celtic tradition. Its called the triskele and it was a major part of celtic paganism and celtic christianity where it could represent the trinity.

This is a picture of the triskele in Newgrange tomb in Ireland, fun fact Newgrange predates the pyramids of Giza by several centuries. (3200 bce).

2. fairies and Danann

One of the major parts of Irish folk-history are the five invasions. These invasions describe the major settlements of people onto Ireland and were passed on orally before being transcribed by christian monks. In mythology the fourth invasion was led by the Tuatha dé Danann, who became the Gaelic Irish pantheon. Instantly you can see the connection, the namesake of all the gods of Ireland is a character in berserk.

Ireland also has an extensive Fairy culture, now when you hear fairy you might imagine the likes of Tinkerbell from peter pan but in Irish folklore almost all of the supernatural spirits were called fairies. There were exstensive amounts of warding techniques and some families continued using them as late as the 50s and 60s. creatures such as the Dullahan, leprechauns, changelings and Banshee all count as Irish fairies, The Tuatha Dé Danann are also counted as faries and its believed that when the monks of ireland wrote of Fairy kings or queens they’d actually be writing about God of Irish mythology and simply refused to call them gods.

3.The Otherworld

Berserk features a lot of extra-planar shenanigans and the witch’s village on Skellig is comparable to the gaelic concept of otherworld. The people who lived in Otherworld included the Aos Sí (meaning people of the mounds), they were said to live in bountiful kingdoms under the hills of Ireland. In these kingdoms time always worked differently, in tales such as Oisín i dTír na nÓg, a couple of years in the land of youth would be a couple of centuries in Ireland, but I’m familiar with a tale where a man is taken prisoner into the underground until he is busted out. when he returns he has a basket of harvest fruits because he had been in otherworld for half a year, but he returns to his Halloween party with none the wiser as to why he was gone for a while.

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How will the guys deal with their teething baby daughters?

Shu~ It was troublesome to say the least. Shu had accidentally left his sheet music portfolio lying about and no sooner had he went to go find it that he found his daughter, Lyla, chewing on the folder. She looked up at him innocently as if she had done nothing wrong, when in reality she was chewing and drooling on music that was over a century old. Perhaps you should acquaint Shu with technology. Like a scanner. So he doesn’t have this problem again.

Reiji~ He was beyond irritated to say the least. Isabella had arguably an overabundance of teething rings and appropriate items to chew on. So why on earth did she like to chew on his glasses? He had already had to repair the end tips of his glasses twice, but somehow, someway, Isabella was always a step ahead. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so much of an issue had it been a spare pair of glasses, or an old pair that he wore when he was younger. But no, she wanted the ones he wore every day. He tried giving her exact replicas, but she was never satisfied. At least she had good taste.

Ayato~ The problem wasn’t that Brooklyn chewed on one particular item. NO. She chews on everything. Everything. Furniture, books, dishes, toys, ties, pants, clothes, hair, you name it, she probably chews on it. This child has no preference or care in the world. Her gums hurt, and she needs relief somehow. Ayato has gotten lectured by Reiji plenty of times to control his child, but how can he say no to those big pretty eyes?

Kanato~ “VIOLET NO!” Kanato screeched, yanking poor Teddy away from the small child. No sooner had he done that his daughter erupts into a screaming fit, arguably matching the intensity of her father. It was a pretty regular routine: Violet chews on teddy, Kanato snatches Teddy away, Violet cries and screams, and then one of two things happens. Either 1) Kanato will eventually give in to his daughter’s cries and return the bear or 2) Violet ends up passing out from exhaustion and then Kanato feels bad and returns the bear to her for a short time only to repeat the process over again.

Laito~ Laito watched in horror as his precious Abigail sat mere feet away, her budding, pearly white teeth chewing and gnawing at one of his most precious possessions: his fedora. Granted, there are plenty of worse things she could be chewing on, like the sex toys he has locked away. But seeing her sink her tiny sharp teeth into the black material, coupled with the spit she was leaving behind, left Laito in shock. Maybe get him a new one to make him feel better?

Subaru~ “OW! Tch, Scarlette….” Pulling his infant daughter away for the fifth time today. Every time he held her, she would grab ahold of his hair and start chewing on it. This often resulted in pain for our well known tsundere since he had to literally tear his daughter’s hands out of his hair. Perhaps it’s because his hair was a reminder of a child’s favorite sugary treat…cotton candy. Or maybe just because it looks so fluffy and soft. Either way, Subaru does his best to handle Scarlette as best he can. After all, she’ll grow out of it soon…

Ruki~ The first time it happened he thought it just a coincidence, almost ten books (including a bible) later, he’s found a solution. Young Calliope loves to chew on hardback books. She favors the covers, especially the front cover, but she always chews on the front AND back. Never one or the other. Of course, this means that pages get lost as she tears her way through the book, but Ruki (being the resourceful person he is), got her suitable children’s cardboard books as a substitute. He would rather her chew on Red Riding Hood than War and Peace.  

Kou~ The feedback was terrible. It made even Kou’s ears ring as he fumbled to unplug the cursed microphone. It wasn’t that it was broken, no, it worked just fine. It was just that young Skylar mistakened the microphone for a lollipop.

Yuma~`He didn’t think it would be an issue. I mean, she was eating, and that was a plus. Now if she could eat the whole fruit or vegetable, that would be great. But no, all little Iris wanted was to take ONE BITE out of whatever her dad had grown in the garden before moving on to the next available fruit or vegetable. Nothing was spared. Apples, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onions, oranges, peaches, this proved problematic when Ruki was getting baskets of harvest with tiny teeth marks or small bites taken out of them.

Azusa~ Azusa was disappointed to say the least. He tried everything, anything, but nothing would work. Melissa would not chew on his fingers. No, instead she preferred her little teething ring. She chewed on his hat once, not that he minded. But he really wanted to feel the sharp sting of her budding teeth and fangs.

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A Uyghur husband and wife work together, storing away the Fall’s harvest of fruit for the winter. The fruit, which is usually apples and pears, will be used by the family and given as gifts until the Spring.

It is quite common for Uyghur couples and families of Xinjiang to work together in the fields, with a high respect for the mother. Not only does the older women work in the fields but also will tend to the family matters late into the evening.

The countryside of Korla, Xinjiang October 2012


Subscription crate unboxing #2.

Cosmic Energy - Gaia: Labradorite heart, hematite spheres, copper nuggets, palo santo incense cones, and patchouli/nag champa soy candle ♡

It smells so heavenly!

Eclectic Witchery - Witch Garden: zeolite crystal, tumbled moss agate, ritual harvesting basket, black eyed susan & wisteria seeds, and 4 elemental enchantment vials.

These themes this month are simply amazing. Sadly i cannot plant my wonderful seeds and use my enchantment vials, crystal and agate as intended as i live in an apartment that does not face a cardinal direction, but the items will still have amazing uses ♡ the Owner of the shop puts in so much love and care into each crate. It really is 100% worth getting a monthy subscription from her ♡

Mine-(Newt Fic)

Warnings: Smut

(A/N: So this is my first smut fic :) let me know what you guys think and if you have a prompt don’t be shy!)

It was an extremely hot day in the Glade. Your skin was on fire and you take off your sweater. It’s either you sweat to death or you suffer a bit of a sun burn and right now the sun burn seemed more worth it. You tie the sweater around your waist and get down on to your knees, pulling out some dead weeds and vegetables.

“Looking good, Y/N!” Minho shouts from the distance as he begins a slow jog to the map rooms, “How does it feel not being the Greenie anymore?”

“Yeah great.” You laugh nervously and wave him off.

You prop all of this weeks harvest into the basket beside you and balance it on your knee for a moment and reposition your bra so that nothing unnecessary pops out of place. By the time you lug everything over to Frypan’s the sun was completely gone. 

The boys were all prepping for the bonfire. You watch closely and see Newt, Frypan, and Zart throw their lit sticks into a pit and ignites the start of the party. You’re mesmerized by the sight of Newt, his sharp jaw and the way his soft blonde hair fell across his forehead. You bite your lip and twirl a piece of hair between your fingers.

“Just talk to him, “ Minho’s laugh startles you, “Make a move She-Bean!”

“No there is no way he would have an interest in me.” 

He looks you up and down.

“Um I don’t think you’ll have that issue.”

“Oh really? And what if he’s gay?”

“Trust me. Newt’s not gay.” He pats your shoulder “Go on and get some.”

You roll your eyes and take a swig of Gally’s special brew that Minho had offered you. You slowly walk over to him and he’s chatting to one of the other boys when you approach and you feel the need to pivot and move on back to where you came from until his voice pulls you back in.

“Y/N hey! Where are you going?” He grabs your wrist and spins you around, “I haven’t seen you all day. You’ve been keeping busy according to Zart.”

“Um yeah I really have been.” You smile and decided it was now or never, “Hey, um can we chat in private.”

You could tell he was a little buzzed. He had already downed two jars of moonshine. 

“Alrighty.” With jar in hand you follow him to the homestead and into his room. 

He places his jar on the homemade nightstand and smiles.

“Watcha wanna talk about, love?”

It’s your moment so you decide to take it. You stand up onto your tippy toes and plant your lips on his. He lets out a low groan and you feel his hands move down to your butt and squeeze. When you break apart you bite your lip and your cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

“I–I’m s-sorry.”

He presses his lips back onto yours.

“God I’ve been wanting to do this for so long,” He growls and nips at your neck and you let out a strangled whimper, “I’ve been fantasizing about you for a bloody long time.”

“Really?” He continues to kiss and nip his way down your neck and into your cleavage.

“This whole bloody month I’ve been taking the longest showers ever.” 

His fingers connect with a bit of exposed skin on your tummy and you feel like as if you’re holding your breath. A knot builds in the pit of your core.

You walk over to his bed and take a seat. He looks at you with eyebrows raised and walks over so he’s standing right in front of you. His bulge was evident a long thick indentation in his pants. You squeeze him through the material and he hisses. You hook your fingers in the sides of his pants and yank them down with his boxers. He’s huge and your heart starts racing as you bring your lips to the head and kiss it

He lets out a deep breath and you flick your tongue over the tip causing him to throw his head back. You wrap your lips around him and bob your head back and forth. His fingers are entangled in your hair and you look up at him.

“Shuck, that face is so fucking beautiful.” 

You speed up the pace and continue to make eye contact with him. He pulls out of your mouth and sighs.

“Your turn baby girl. Lay back.” He pulls off your pants and panties

“These.” He holds up your panties in between his fingers, “I’m keeping”

He winks and you bite your lip. He places them on the nightstand next to the jar and slowly gets onto his knees kissing your pussy lips. You let out a moan as he begins lapping at your folds and then gently sucks on your clit. Your hands instinctively run through his hair and your thighs close around his head. You moan his name and whimper when he pushes a finger into you. He pumps slowly and licks you all at once. 

“More. Please more.” You whimper

He pulls his head up.

“What was that?” He smirks and pumps the loan finger inside you a little faster.

“P-p-please I need you.” You cry out as he slips a second finger inside.

“Tell me exactly what you need baby girl.” His fingers work faster and you squirm beneath him.

“OH please Newt. Please fuck me.” 

He quickly pulls his fingers out of you and you groan missing the sensation. His hands make their way to your hips and you feel his member hit your inner thigh. He teases your entrance with the tip feeling your wetness and grunts as he slowly pushes into you.

He works his hips and spreads your legs out wide so that each and every time he pulls out and slams back in you feel the overwhelming sensation from being in such a vulnerable position.

“Fuck Y/N,” He groans, “You’re so bloody tight.”

You grip onto his sheets. He’s bringing you closer and closer to your release. You tell him you’re close and he picks up his pace.

“Come on baby girl.” He pumps into you faster.

“N-Newt!” You cry out and feel your walls squeeze onto him.

His thrusts become sloppy and within minutes he releases into you, digging his nails into your hips, and falls on top of you. You stroke his hair and kiss his forehead before he rolls over. You curl into his side and lay the top of your head on his chest.

“We should do this more often,” He smiles, “And I want it known that you’re mine and mine alone.”

Mukami: jealous. Requested by Anon.

They growled as they watched from their seat as you happily chatted with one of the brothers.
The way you smiled at them should only be for them.
They could feel the burning in their chest as they saw you laugh.
That’s it, enough is enough.

“Livestock.” Ruki purred as he grabbed your wrist. And began to lead you away.
“Are…you jealous?” You questioned as you followed the eldest make in the house to his study.
Growling he didn’t bother glancing back, “No.” He lied, “You need to study.” He huffed.
“No I don’t, I’m finished with all my homework and essays.” You commented.
“Well…you need to study more!”

“Awe~ kitten-chan. I just got back home and you not paying any attention to me.” He pouted as he came at you from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist and snuggling his face into your neck.
“Ya jelly?” You snickered,
“…yes…” He attempted softly, “now please kitten give me some love.”

“Oi you! Your helping in the garden and that’s that!” He huffed as he slung you gently over his shoulder.
“But I was talking to Kou!” You whined as you wiggled in his grasp.
“And that’s the problem, now shut ya trap and start working.” He huffed as he sat you down and handed you a harvesting basket.

Looking down, Azusa lightly tugged on your shirt.
“Would….my lady…like…Ruki…more than…me?” He questioned as he felt a hollow cavity forming in his chest. At the thought of you leaving.
“No, No Azu-Kun, I’m just friends with Ruki. I will always love you the best. Your my Azu-kitten.” Your chirped as you lightly kissed the pale vampire’s cheek.

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I am, like, stupid in love with your garden 'verse. Is there any way you could write a little something with Derek and Stiles gardening together again? Maybe their first garden after they move in together?

Sorry it’s so short, they’re just little vignettes. ;___;

Derek curses when he reaches into the bag of groceries and spears his fingers on a cactus instead. He extricates himself with another curse, then pulls the pot out of the bag, eyes narrowed. “Stiles,” he says pointedly.

“What,” Stiles says from where he’s putting stuff in the fridge.

“I thought we agreed no more plants,” Derek says, watching Stiles nearly fumble the carton of eggs and catch them at the last second.

Stiles shoots him a guilty look over his shoulder. “I had to,” he says. “Look at it, Derek. It’s so sad.”

Derek eyes the cactus, which looks fine to him, and he says so. Now he gets a scowl from Stiles. “It was on clearance.”

“I don’t care how much it cost,” Derek says. “We don’t have the space.” He swings his arm around in a movement that’s meant to encompass all the windowsills in the house, which are crammed with plants - with the exception of in their bedroom, because they don’t get enough light in there, and they also tend to get rowdy and break things during foreplay - and their balcony, which is also crammed with plants.

Stiles just gives him an endearing smile. “You better get working on that house search then, babe.”

Derek deflates, torn between continuing to tell Stiles off for buying the plant and telling him off for calling him babe, which Stiles thinks is cute and Derek just finds irritating, but mostly he’s unable to stay mad at Stiles, like usual, and the thought of sharing a house with him someday - a real house, not a worn-out apartment like they’ve got now - is enough to leech all the minor irritation out of him anyway.

Stiles names the cactus Enrico and carefully balances him on the edge of the kitchen windowsill.

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