Like mother, like daughter || harvelleheart

It had been over a year since one of her daughters had tried to contact her, so when Jo received a text message from Sarah Ellen, she had gotten dressed and left as quickly and as quietly as possible, leaving Dean asleep in the motel.
After four hours Jo pulled up to the little diner they’d agreed on meeting at.

[text: Sarah Ellen] I’m here.

Crime and Punishment || Sarah Ellen && Ben

It was so wrong, but for some reason Ben didn’t really care. All he knew was that he was in love with her. Nothing else mattered. Well, something mattered, and that was her reciprocating the feelings. He knew she wouldn’t, because it was wrong in so many ways.

Ben was doing whatever he could to get her affections in the way he wanted, which meant he would wait on her hand and foot. Though it also had something to do with the fact that he was her slave for three more days- Four if you’re counting this one. Right now he was doing one of her chores, cleaning the kitchen. It was something he was happy to do, considering the situation.

After five minutes of washing down benches, mopping up the floors, he made his way back to the female. Wearing a rather goofy smile. “Okay, the kitchen’s done. Anythin’ else you want or need doin’?” His words were hopeful, almost cheery. A little weird coming from Ben’s lips, but he couldn’t help it. When he was around her, everything brightened up, and it only happened recently. He never questioned it, but maybe he should be.