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Roadhouse Blues [Part 2]

Summary: Since you appear to be a Beta you took work at the Roadhouse for Ellen and Jo filling in for Jo when she’s in heat, unfortunately that changes when your heat is triggered one night in the bar.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: It’s A/B/O so the usual warnings for that, SMUT, Due to abo possible dub-con 

Tags: thanks to @bkwrm523  for being my beta for this!

@kittenofdoomage your A/B/O’s gave me inspiration to write this

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[A/N: this is my first attempt at an A/B/O, I am so glad it’s had such a good response!]

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“She is not going anywhere! I don’t give a damn about some stupid hunt; Y/N is not leaving here!” Ellen yelled. You were slowly becoming conscious of what was being said around you. A sweet scent washed over you - it was a mixture of whiskey, old books and forests making you feel at ease. As you breathed in this scent you could feel someone’s arms wrapped around your back and holding your legs bridal style, leaning your head to the side you felt a hard chest.

“Ellen I can’t leave her alone, and we can’t ignore this hunt!” The voice from above you argued as the grip on your body tightened, “I won’t leave her.”

“So you want to take an Omega in her first heat on a hunt!?” Another voice snapped, you could easily tell it was Jo. “She’ll give away your position without meaning it!”

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anonymous asked:

can you do a scene where dean and Cas have been married for years but then dean loses his memory do to a car crash or something and forgets everything but gets his memory back months later. Hope you respond!

Of course Anon!! Here you go!!

That Color Blue

Context: After the car crash, Dean was sent to a specialist to try and regain his memory and after he remembered Sam for the first time, Sam thought it would be a good idea to introduce Cas again, but didn’t want Dean to know Cas was his husband because he was afraid of another gay panic.

It began when he was driving with that guy Sam, his younger brother, who Dean recently remembered with detail. Dean had been staring out the window at a clear, cloudless sky. It was the blue of the sky. Alarm bells went off in his head, screaming at him to remember where he’d seen that blue before. The nameless, empty memory caused his heart to ache and his breath to shorten. He missed that color blue and he couldn’t for the life of him remember why. It was the first time that something made him want to remember.

Every day after that, he began looking for the source of that blue color. Trying to make sense of the way that it made him feel. He couldn’t remember feeling that way about anything before. It was killing him to remember. Even worse, he was losing sleep again, lying awake thinking about that blue. The way it resonated deep in his chest was scaring the shit out of him.

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Roadhouse Blues

Summary: Since you appear to be a Beta you took work at the Roadhouse for Ellen and Jo filling in for Jo when she’s in heat, unfortunately that changes when your heat is triggered one night in the bar.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: It’s A/B/O so the usual warnings for that, however, this part has no smut.

Tags: thanks to @bkwrm523 for being my beta for this! 

@kittenofdoomage your A/B/O’s gave me inspiration to write this

@aprofoundbondwithdean @abaddonwithyall @bovaria @dreamsfromthebunker @mrswhozeewhatsis @spnashley @leviathanslovedick @the-mrs-deanwinchester @diaryofawimpywinchester @spnfanficpond @ruby-loves-supernatural

[A/N: this is my first attempt at an A/B/O, I didn’t want to rush into it, hope you like it.]

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It was another normal evening at the Roadhouse. Jo was cooking for the few regulars, and you were on the bar. Ellen had hired you because you hadn’t presented yet. It appeared you would be a Beta to Jo’s Omega, so that when she was in heat, you could look after the Roadhouse. The regulars made idle chit chat with you, asking about how you had settled into the town, a few of the more regular hunters asked for information you could slip to them so they wouldn’t have to pay Ash.

“Sorry boys, you know the rules.” You chuckled as one man sighed.

“Come on Y/N, we know that genius tells you practically everything! Can’t you tell us just one small thing?” One of the older hunters smiled his usual half smile as you shook your head, a light laugh falling from your lips before you leaned into him, his interest now piqued.

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Guys, I need help. A while back, I read a fanfiction. A modern cooking-show-competition DESTIEL AU. It was magnificent. It was full of images, and FOOD. And now I can’t find it. They all lived in a house for the duration of the competition, and they’d hide in the bathroom because it was the only place that cameras weren’t allowed. Dean and Cas were the finalists, and I think dean won? But dean was a chef at harvelles roadhouse and for his audition he made a sandwich. IT IS SO SO GOOD AANDD I can’t FIND IT. It’s on Ao3. Anyone know it’s name? This is a matter of life or death

Within His Arms - 6

Summary: After your father is killed on a hunting trip you are faced with the reality that you are now truly alone. The Winchesters are determined to help you but when they were the cause of your sorrow, how can you let them in; Especially Dean who broke your heart.  But more so how can Dean mend the bridge between the two of you with his guilt ripping him apart. This is a story about learning to live again and finding forgiveness when you don’t think it’s possible.

Author: Heather

Warnings: themes of grief but really nothing major.

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

Minutes turned to hours as the car continued down the empty roads, your indignant silence torturing you as much as Dean. He always would fill the car with his classic rock but he didn’t dare touch the radio with you beside him. You did your best to project every bit of protest you had towards the situation but your stomach refused to keep up the pretense. Growling with hunger and threatening to throw up anything you thought about consuming left you in an awful dichotomy. A reflection really of how your brain and heart were at odds, an entity of conflict and contradictions, what a way to be. You knew you needed your wits about you, but you weren’t lying when you wished the monsters would come for you too.

The harsh reality of your life left you searching more than you’d ever admit. Losing your mum was a hot butter knife that ripped through everything, losing Dean and most of your heart in the process was a blunt serrated knife that continued to plunge into your soul ripping at everything you were and now losing dad, it was like nothing you’d ever felt before. No previous hurt, no measure of pain, no description would ever be enough. There was so much of you that just wanted to scream but every attempt would remain silent. Dean’s muscles continued to tense beside you; he wanted to talk, he wanted to ease your burden but he knew words could never be enough. So he continued to drive until he saw a small diner on the side of the road, empty enough that you would feel comfortable sitting for a while but not so empty it would be ominous.

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Roadhouse Rage Pt. 4

Note: The final installment to this series! Sorry it took so long. @number-one-supernatural-trash: I loved your prank suggestion, and wanted so badly to work it into this, but I couldn’t make it happen. Thanks for the help, and maybe I can use it in another fic:)

Characters: DeanxReader, Sam, Jo, and Ellen

Warnings: Bullying, little language, detailed gore, blood, and death.

                                                    Jo’s POV

We arrive at the motel after a horribly silent ride. I’m feeling crappy about the whole deal, and actually afraid to face Y/N. I won’t blame her if she hates me forever. I can actually live with that. It’s Dean I’m doing this for.

Dean parks the Impala and kills the engine. “Let’s get this over with, kiddo.”

I wince at the title and climb out. My pride is as bruised as an overripe banana. Dean goes to the door and opens it slowly, gently calling out Y/N’s name. It kills me to hear her name on his lips.

“Y/N? Sweetie, I’m back. I brought Jo with me. She’s-” Something bright green and blurry comes flying at me and next thing I know, I’m pinned to the floor. Y/N’s face is right above mine, her eyes burning with hate. I’ve faced a few monsters in my short life, but never have I been more afraid than right now.

Dean’s grabbing at her, yelling for her to get off of me. Her hands are closing around my throat, tighter and tighter. I cough, struggling to inhale.

“Stop! Y/N, let go of her!” Dean manages to pry her away, pulling her across the room so there are several feet between us. “That is enough you two!”

“She freaking tried to kill me!” I shout hoarsely. My throat hurts and I’m sure there will be bruises tomorrow.

“You heartless, son of a-”

“ENOUGH!” Dean nearly screams. “I can’t take much more of this. One of you is gonna get seriously hurt or worse.”

“Tell that to this stupid-”

“Y/N.” Dean gives her a warning look and I can’t hide the smirk on my face. Her eyes instantly fill with tears and I have to work hard not to roll my eyes. Seriously, this is the girl Dean wants to marry?

“Now you both have been acting like immature children, and it has to stop. Right now, end it.”

Y/N locks eyes with me. She’s waiting for me to apologize first. She’s practically daring me. I stiffen my jaw and meet her gaze.

“Girls, end it.”

We continue to glare at each other. I am not about to back down when challenged. And by the position of her chin, she isn’t about to give in either.

“Y/N, be the better man- er woman. Just end it.” Dean is sounding both ticked off and scared.

“Why me? I didn’t start this. She did.”

“Come on-”

“No, she started all of this. I did nothing wrong, Dean.”

I snort. “My stomach says different.”

“Jo.” Dean warns.

“So far, you’ve been directing all of this to me.” Y/N is crying again, good grief. “You’ve been telling me to end this, to make up, to apologize. Why me, Dean? Why are you on her side?”

“I-I’m not.”

“Then tell her to-”

“Quit blubbering like a baby!” I snap. Seriously, her water works display is getting annoying. “Toughen up for goodness sake.”

“Um, I wouldn’t-” Dean gets cut by Y/N advancing towards me.

“Listen here, missy. I’ve had just about enough of you.”

“That makes two of us.” I refuse to be intimidated by her. “Things were so much simpler before you came along. Dean was happy. He didn’t have to cater to an emotionally wrecked cry baby. He didn’t have to choose between his friends.”

“Jo, that’s-”

“You little son of a b***h.” Y/N’s eyes are sparkling with tears and for a fleeting moment, I regret my words. But only for a moment.

“You wanna fight? Go ahead and take your best shot.” I open my stance to welcome her anger, but instead, she takes a step back. She shakes her head as her chin trembles.

“No. I’m done.” She sniffs back tears and turns away. Dean reaches out a hand to touch her arm, but she shrugs him off. She goes into the next room and closes the door behind her. That’s when Dean turns to me.

“What the heck, Jo?”

I avoid his gaze, my anger subsiding enough to feel ashamed by his attention. Having Dean upset with me hurts a lot. “I-I’m sorry- I-I”

“That’s a little too late, don’t you think? Why couldn’t you have said that to her?”

“I-I don’t-”

“Get out.” Dean strides to the door and swings it open for my exit. I fight back the urge to plead my case and step outside.

“Dean, I-”

The door slams in my face.

                                                     Reader’s POV

                                                   Two Years Later

There is so much blood. I clamp my hand over the open wound, swallowing back vomit as I touch organs.

“Hang in there, baby.” Ellen croons, touching her daughter’s cheek. “Stay with us.”

Sam and Dean lock the doors and begin to pour salt at every possible entrance. The hellhounds are howling outside the door, trying to get inside.

“Sam, we could use some help here.” Ellen calls, trying to remain calm, but I can see the look of panic in her eyes.

Jo clenches my free hand in hers, gripping it so tightly that I feel the bones crack. “You okay?” she asks past gritted teeth.

I don’t even look down at the wounds made by the hellhounds. Mine will heal. Jo’s….. it doesn’t look good.

“Don’t worry about me. You saved my life, Jo.” Never would I have imagined that I would be thanking Jo Harvelle for anything.

Sweat mingles with the blood on Jo’s face. She groans softly against the pain as she tries to focus on my face. She tries to speak, but the pain is too intense. I brush her hair back and squeeze her hand back.

“Why’d you do it, Jo? It had me, that would’ve bought y’all some time.”

Jo gives a short chuckle, immediately followed by a sharp breath. “Yeah, that makes sense now. But Dean would never have forgiven me.”

“He’d have had you to comfort him though.” I try to mean it as a joke, though the truth of it hurts.

“No, Y/N.” Jo’s eyes connect with mine. “It’s always been you. There was never any doubt. Guess that’s why it made me so angry.” She groans and for a moment, she closes her eyes and goes so still, it frightens me.


She stirs slightly. “I’m still here.”

“Y/N, go look for a medical kit.” Ellen orders. “We gotta get this bleeding stopped.”

I scrounge around for medical supplies, while Dean manages to get a radio working so he can talk to Bobby. I overhear him telling Bobby about Jo, and how his voice breaks when he tries to tell him that she’s not going to make it. Jo’s words play in my head again. It was always me. Dean loves Jo like his little sister.

I help Ellen bandage up Jo, but it feels pointless. She’s lost too much blood and no amount of stitching is gonna put her back together.

When the boys propose a way to get out, Jo stops them. Ellen starts to cry when she tells them to leave her behind. We argue for a bit, then agree to follow through with her plan. The boys and I set to work making a bomb that Jo will set off when we leave.

Tears stream down my face as I fill a bucket with nails. Dean kneels beside me to pour salt in and touches my hand with his. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

“Isn’t there another way?”

Dean tightens his jaw and shakes his head. We finish the bombs and one by one, we say our goodbyes. Dean puts the detonator in Jo’s hand. I watch through the tears as he kisses her forehead, both of them fighting tears.

I kneel beside her, taking her pale face in my hands. “Jo Harvelle, I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’m gonna miss you.”

She smiles through the tears. “Don’t be a crybaby.” I can’t hug her because of her position and for fear of hurting her, so I kiss her cheek. Salty tears and blood linger on my lips as I slowly pull away.

“Y/N,” Jo whispers. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“So am I.” I give her arm a gentle squeeze, then rise.

Ellen kneels by her daughter and Jo begins cry.

“Ellen?” Dean asks when she doesn’t get up.

“Someone’s gotta let ‘em in. And she ain’t moving. Now go.”

“Ellen,” Sam begins.

“I said go.”

Dean takes my hand and we follow Sam up onto the roof. If it wasn’t for Dean’s hand, I wouldn’t be able to move from being blinded by tears. We get outside and a few yards away from the building blows up. The three of us stop and watch the flames rise up towards the sky.

“Goodbye, Jo. Goodbye Ellen.” I whisper, hoping they can hear me. “Rest in peace.”

Wendigo Worry

Imagine Ellen calling Sam and Dean so that they could go find you.

Warnings: F word (oh no how terrible!) also it’s unedited because I’m lazy

Part 2? Send me some requests!?

Dean’s phone rang as he was checking into another motel. He quickly motioned for Sam to finish checking them in as he answered, “Hello?”

“Dean! It’s Ellen. I need you boys to come down to The Roadhouse right away,” and with that she hung up. Deans eyes widened as he turned towards the front desk. He walked up by Sam, who was about to hand their card to the front desk lady and stated, “Sorry sweetheart, but we don’t need that room anymore,” before walking out of the motel.
Sam gave Dean a questioning look as the rushed to the Impala. “What was that all about?” he asked. “Ellen called. Needs our help for some reason.”

They spent the rest of that night and the next day driving down to Ellen’s. As they pulled up they saw Jo waiting for them on the porch. “Thank god,” she muttered before pulling them through the door.

Ellen quickly walked up and gave them hugs before handing them each a beer. Dean could sense right away that they were both worried. Jo paced while Ellen wiped the bar down over and over again. Ash was sitting in the corner with his laptop while typing like a lunatic. “Alright why the rush?” Sam finally asked.

Ellen sighed before saying, “Y/N, my other daughter, she’s missing.” Dean’s eyebrows furrowed before saying, “You have another daughter?” Sam gave Dean a look before Jo explained, “Well, she’s not my actual sister, but she’s been around since I was little so..” Jo trailed off.

Ellen quickly explained, “Her parents weren’t the best people so I took her in, and she usually comes by to visit around this time of month, but she hasn’t shown up in the last two weeks. Last we heard she was up in Minnesota working a case. Ash did some research and found out it was a Wendigo hunt.”

Sam and Dean could see why they were all worried. Taking on a Wendigo by yourself was never a good idea. “Was she alone?” Finally Ash spoke up, “Not sure. But I’ve been looking and some lady’s brother disappeared and Y/N tried to help. There hasn’t been any other reports or anything so…”

What Ash said made Ellen sigh and Jo tear up. It was obvious that they all care for Y/N so Dean finally asked, “Well, what can we do?”

“Please go find her? I told mom I would but she refuses to let me,” Jo practically begged. “Damn right I won’t. One of my girls has already been hurt. You think I’m gonna let you get hurt to? Hell no,” Ellen stated.

Dean and Sam promised Ellen and Jo they’d find you. The only problem was that they didn’t know if they’d find you dead or alive. Hopefully the latter.

The brothers quickly rushed to Minnesota after getting the information from Ash. Once arriving they made a pit stop at the ranger’s station to ask if anyone had seen you. They said that they were your cousins and were eager to catch up to you on the ridge.

“Ya she was in here about a week or so ago said she was going onto the ridge with a family friend. Her brother had just disappeared on that ridge though. Animal attack probably a grizzly. Just stay safe.” “Do you know of any mines or caves that are up there?” Sam asked hoping the ranger knew. “Actually ya. There’s an old mine on the north ridge, but I think it’s collapsed.”

Sam thanked the ranger while Dean grabbed a trail map. Who knows if they’d need it.

As they set out, Sam in tennis shoes and Dean in biker boots, they began to worry about the girl they’d never met, and if she was still alive. They could only hope, for the Harvelles sake, that you were a fighter and that you’d make it through. With the little knowledge they had from John’s journal you should still be alive depending on how hungry the Wendigo was.

They hiked through the dense woods trying to find the entrance to the mine or a cave somewhere along the way. It grew dark and they started hearing noises.

When all of a sudden they heard a scream. Dean spun in a circle and barely had the chance to see a flash of skin as a bush shook. He cursed under his breath before spinning towards Sam.

Only Sam wasn’t there. Dean started shouting out profanities into the night before realizing that he could try to follow the marks on the trees.

He ran through the woods, desperately trying to follow the scratches along the tree trunks. Finally he stumbled across a mine opening. He slowly flicked on his flashlight before entering. After making sure the Wendigo wasn’t around he cautiously made his way further into the cave.

He heard hushed voices to his right. Dean slowly entered another branch of the mine and realized it was a dead end. But there was people there. Including Sam. He rushed forward to his brother and untied the ropes he was dangling from. Sam being so tall that his toes scraped the ground.

Sam and Dean quickly ran to the other two people who’d been hanging beside Sam. As they untied the woman and her brother the woman coughed before rasping out, “O-over there, get her.” Dean turned to see where she was pointing. Only then did he notice you hanging from the highest beam on the other side of the mine shaft.

He rushed to get you down but came to a halt when he saw the deep gashes covering your body. You were bleeding, badly. Red was the color of the dirt beneath you, but Dean simply ignored it and untied you. Your eyes slowly blinked up at Dean as you mumbled, “Ellen’s gonna kill me.” Dean was almost tempted to laugh but he knew he needed to get you all out of here.

“Sam. We need to get them out of here and gank this son of a bitch,” Dean whispered. When Dean mentioned ganking something it’s like you suddenly snapped into reality as you looked around you.

“I have an idea,” you mumbled as you stumbled to the corner to grab the flare gun that the Wendigo had thrown away when he’d tied you up.

Your shoulders ached from being tied up for so long, and you felt the intense need to curl up in a ball and sleep, but you knew you needed to get these people out of here. You then proceeded to tell the rest of them your plan. Dean refused, saying you were too injured, but Sam was okay with it, he just wanted everyone out safely, and this was probably the easiest way to do it.

Dean reluctantly agreed before taking the woman and her brother and leading them out of the cave. Sam walked with you until you found a spot for hiding and then went his own way. Him being the faster one with the longer legs would have to be the bait. You could hear him making noise from deeper in the cave, trying to lure the Wendigo to him. Your wounds were still hurting and your vision blurred, but you stayed upright.

You heard him curse before taking off. When his footsteps grew closer and he screamed your name you jumped out from around the corner while aiming the flare gun.

However a body smashed into yours. A gross, disgusting body. You fell to the ground with the Wendigo on top of you. The monster quickly hauled you to your feet along with him before slamming you into the wall. You grunted as you felt your wounds flare. His claws were scraping your neck and his hands were leaving bruises. You knew for sure it was over when your vision blurred and your head grew fuzzy, but you heard the flare go off and you fell to the ground. Once your vision grew slightly better you looked up to see Dean along with a burning, screaming Wendigo. You were able to haul yourself to a sitting position while clutching your sides and neck to stop the bleeding.

Once the Wendigo had finished its dramatic act of dying Dean walked towards you. He heard you mutter, “Ellen is going to fucking kill me.” Then you blacked out.

Part 2????

Roadhouse Pranks

Requested: {Hi, can you do a one shot where you’re a hunter who’s been dating Dean for a while, and he decides to introduce you to Ellen Jo and Ash, and Jo ends ups disliking you because she’s jealous that Dean loves you? Thanks!}

Note: So, this is part 2 to Roadhouse Rage. Y’all asked me to do a second part, so I hope this meets your expectations:) Thank you to everyone who commented, shared, reblogged Part 1! You guys are awesome and are the reason I keep writing. Lots of love and Happy New Years!!!!

Characters: Dean x Reader, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Ash

Warnings: Bullying, fighting, and pranks

Jo’s words resound in my head as I ride alongside Dean on the way to our motel. She’d run off after those parting words, “Not if I have anything to say about it.” What could she mean?

“You’re awful quiet.” Dean nudges me.

“Just tired.” I say, not wanting to drag him into this. He’s still oblivious to Jo’s feelings for him and I’m not about to make things even more awkward.

“Ellen really likes you.” Dean continued. “You two will get along great.”

“I hope so. She’s pretty cool.” I take a sip of the still warm coffee Ellen sent us with. After such a long day, my body just wants to plop into bed. I sigh and stare out the passenger window. It typically takes more than a lovesick girl to rattle me. What is it about Jo that has me so worried? Maybe because she’s a hunter? Like me, she’s capable of wreaking havoc. Not like an angry teenager wanting to get revenge. Except now, that’s exactly what I’ve got. A teenage hunter seeking revenge.

“Y/N, are you okay?”

“What?” I hadn’t even heard what he’d been saying. He gives a hard look and shakes his head.

“What’s going on? Something’s got you rattled. Did Ash say something?”

“No, no, nothing’s wrong. I’m just- a lot to take in. A lot of traveling and no hunting…. I’m just tired.” A yawn proves my point. The caffeine just isn’t working.

Dean eyes me, but says no more. To ease his mind, I snuggle up beside him and watch the headlights zoom by until I fall asleep.

I wake up the next morning to Dean talking on his cell. I can hear him through the thin motel walls and scamper to get dressed. I pull on jeans, a white cami and a plaid overshirt. I’m still hopping into my boots when there’s a rap on my door.

“Y/N, you awake?”

I open the door, popping my foot into the boot. “Good morning- what?”

Dean’s face has gone red and he puts a hand to his mouth to hold back laughter. Tears form at the corners of his eyes as he struggles not to laugh.

“What is wrong with you?” I look down to check my appearance, but my clothes look fine.

Dean gestures to my head, then bursts out laughing. “Oh, my gosh, Y/N! Your- your hair!”

My hands go protectively to my head. I’ve woken up with bedhead before and never gotten this response from Dean. There’s a sort of sticky film on my hair and I rush to the nearest mirror I can find.

Overwhelming emotion renders me speechless. My fingers touch the shorn ends of my hair and tremble at the loss. In place of my original color, my hair is now a florescent green. Chunks of my hair have been randomly cut off.

Dean is still laughing from the doorway, but I fail to see the humor in this. And of course, my first thought goes to Jo.

“I am going to kill that-” I march across the room to leave, but Dean catches my arm.

“Whoa, where- oh my gosh- where are you going?” Dean has to gulp for air in between words.

“It’s not funny!” I shout, tears threatening to spill over. “She did this!”

“Who did? F-fairies?”

“Grow up, Winchester.” I shake his hand off and storm out of the motel. Morning sunlight probably only worsens the color of my hair and I am very aware of it. Wanting to hide myself, I open the Impala door and grab Dean’s old hoodie from the backseat. I slip it on and use the hood to cover most of my shame.

“Y/N, stop!” Dean comes running outside. “I’m sorry, I- you just look like- man, even I’ve got nothing.”

“This is not funny, Dean.”

“You’re right, it’s not. What- how did this happen?”

I bite my bottom lip and shake my head- my green head.

“You didn’t hear anything last night?”

“No, I slept all night. I never do-” I stop, anger welling up inside of me like a volcano about to erupt. “That little monster.”

“Y/N, what’s going on?” Dean sounds concerned, but I am too angry to even see straight.

“She did this- all of it. She drugged me- the coffee Ellen gave us. Then she did this to me.”

“Ellen?” Shock rang out in Dean’s voice.

“No, Jo.”

“Jo? But why?”

“She has a crush on you, Dean.” I’m not going to play this game anymore. “She’s jealous of us- of me. She told me last night she was going to put a stop to it.”

Dean tries to pull me into a hug, but I’m having none of that. “Come on, sweetie, Jo wouldn’t do something like this. Sure, she may have a little crush on me, but can you blame her?”

“Oh my gosh!” I groan.

“No, seriously, it’s nothing. She’s young, hasn’t experienced the world. She gets worked up over the first guy she sees, that’s all. She’ll get over it.” He pushed back a loose green hair that had escaped my hoodie. “Hey, she hasn’t won. I think you look great.”

I sniff and rest my head against his shoulder. “Yeah right, I look like a green Smurf.”

“I was thinking more of the Grinch, but- whatever.” He presses a kiss to the top of my head. I’m glad he’s done having fun at my expense, but my anger still hasn’t subsided.

“Let’s get going. I want to talk to Jo about this.”

“Are you sure you’re up for it? I mean,” Dean’s expression says he knows what I’m capable of. “You’re going to be cool about it, right?”

“Cool as a winter morning.” I pull away from him and climb into the Impala, facing forward while he stands outside the door. “Come on.”

Dean scratched the back of his head. “Um, you gonna wear that hoodie all day?”


“Even though it’s- well, you know, it is seventy degrees already and it’s only nine in the morning.”

“Just get in and drive.”

Ellen’s tossing a bucket of slop off the porch of the Roadhouse. She waits for us to park, shielding her eyes from the hot sun. She’s dressed in a tank top, sweat patches already showing down her back.

I would die to take off this hoodie, which is what will have to happen if it gets any warmer. I am soaked under all this fabric and I’m sure my flaming red face is brighter than my florescent hair.

“Dean, Y/N,” Ellen nods as we get out. “Wasn’t expectin’ y’all till- Y/N, what the heck happened to you?”

“Where’s Jo?” I’m not going to stand here, sweating like a sinner in church, and explain everything. Dean can do that. I climb the stairs of the porch and wait for Ellen to point me in the right direction.

“I think she’s upstairs…” That’s all I need. I head inside and climb the short flight of stairs that lead to Ellen and Jo’s bedrooms. Ellen’s door is cracked open and empty, so I go the closed one. My knuckles rap against the hard wood.

“Jo?” When there’s no reply, I open the door myself. The culprit is lying on her bed, stretched out like a cat sunbathing. She’s in a tank and shorts, her blonde hair already dramp at the roots from sweat. A small fan is on the floor, blowing stale air in her direction. “Jo?”

A muffled beat coming from the blue earbuds in her ears explains her ignorance of me. I stalk over to the bed and yank them out of her ears.

“Hey!” Jo sits up, her face scrunched into a glare. “What are you doing up here?”

“Funny, I was going to ask the same thing of you last night when you came into my room- oh, but wait: I was drugged so I couldn’t wake up and ask that very thing.” I rip the hoodie from my head, exposing my now damp, bright green hair.

Jo’s face crinkles into a joyous smile, her eyes snapping both triumph and ugly pleasure. “Color suits you.”

I want to smack her so bad. My hands tremble from the urge, but I hold back. “This has to be the most immature, childish prank you could pull.”

“Not the most. There’s plenty more where that came from.

“This has to stop.”

“This is only beginning.”

I narrow my eyes. “You have no idea who you’re dealing with.”

“Then you underestimate me.” Jo flashes me a look that would have melted an ice faster than this heat could. But it only fuels my anger. I lean against the bed to get in her face so our noses are almost touching.

“You’re going to be sorry you ever started this.”

“Hit me with your best shot, Shrek.”

I pull back and give her one last parting glare before I leave. Two can play this game. If it’s a fight Jo wants, then it’s a fight she’ll get.

so it’s been a little less than a year since the last time I compiled a fic rec list for these two dweebs. there’s been so much good fic, I figured I should make another one! 

PLEASE BE WARNED that there are a lot of fics and kinks under the cut and if you’re easily triggered, proceed with caution! (◠‿◠✿) 

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Roadhouse Rage

Requested: {Hi, can you do a one shot where you’re a hunter who’s been dating Dean for a while, and he decides to introduce you to Ellen Jo and Ash, and Jo ends ups disliking you because she’s jealous that Dean loves you? Thanks!}

Note: I hope you like it! Thank you so much for requesting this, it was fun to write:)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Ellen, Jo, Ash

Word Count: 1810

Warnings: none

“It’s just a few more miles.”

“Hey, I’m good. Those Milk Duds hit the spot.” Dean grins as I pat my belly, pretending to look bloated. Despite the fourteen hour drive, it has been a fun trip. Relaxing and uneventful, both of which are words hardly ever used in our lives.

“You’re gonna love the place. And Ellen- you’re gonna love Ellen.”

“Just hope she likes me.” I toy with a piece of frayed leather from my seat, feeling those butterflies awaken in my stomach again. I had been putting off this trip for months now, ever since Dean had suggested I mean his ‘extended family’, and they meet me. I’ve heard way too much about them to not be nervous, and I know how much Dean looks up to them.

“They’re gonna love you, okay?” Dean reaches over and pats my knee. “Don’t worry about it.”

Easier said than done, but I give him a smile and force myself to focus on the positive. What’s the worst thing that can happen? They hate me and we move on. But will their opinion change how Dean feels about me? My stomach twists at the thought.

We have been dating for nearly six months, but of course we’ve known each other for much longer. After a hunt gone wrong, we’d joined forces and become a team. Shortly after that, Dean and I had started dating, and I have a feeling that it’s getting to be very serious. Hence this long drive to meet these people.

A few minutes later, and the Roadhouse comes into view. It’s daytime, so there’s only two trucks parked outside. The front door and windows are open to let in the fresh air. Dean parks the Impala outside and turns to me with a big smile on his face.

“Are you ready?”

“I feel like I’m meeting the parents.”

“Relax, it’ll be fine.”

“Easy for you to say.” I mutter, climbing out of the car. Dean walks around and takes my hand securely in his. I’m grateful for his support. We walk up to the building and step inside. There’s only two customers, two guys, sitting at the bar quietly drinking beers together.

An older woman is cleaning shot glasses with a white cloth, her dark brown hair falling past her shoulders. She turns at the sound of footsteps and a slow smile causes her brown eyes to crinkle.

“Dean Winchester, as I live and breathe.”

“Hya, Ellen.”

Ellen comes around the counter and wraps Dean in a hug. It’s quite touching to see someone care about Dean in that way. Ellen seems to have assumed the motherly role in his life, and I’m glad.

“Jo! Look who’s here!”

A blonde headed girl comes in through a back door. Once she sees who it is, she runs across the room and throws her arms around Dean. This is less touching then watching Ellen. While Jo is much younger, I can sense a fondness in her being that goes beyond sisterly love. Warning bells go off in my brain, but I remind myself not to judge and that they are just friends.

“Alright, Jo, don’t squeeze him to death.” Ellen laughs.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming?” Jo playfully punches Dean on the shoulder, smiling up at him.

“Just decided at the last minute. Plus I wanted to surprise you.” Dean turns and smiles, directing their attention to me. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet-”

“Dean! Good to see you, old buddy.” A middle aged man steps into the room, and judging by his hairstyle, I figure this is Ash. He slaps Dean on the back.

“Hey, Ash.”

“You’re just in time. Little bird told me about a case down in Virginia, sounds just like-”

“Ash,” Ellen cuts in, looking exasperated. “Dean didn’t come alone.”

“Sure, sure, Sam can help too.”

“No, idiot,” Jo’s eyes are narrowed as she looks at me. “He brought her.”

Dean steps away from them and puts an arm around my shoulders. “This is Y/N Y/L/N, my girlfriend.”

Ash gives a low whistle, which makes my face burn. “Boy, you snagged yourself a nice one.”

“Mind your manners.” Ellen extends her hand to me, which I shake firmly. “Good to see Dean’s finally found himself someone. I take it you’re a hunter.”

“Oh yes,” I give Dean’s hand a squeeze. “I love hunting. Deer, moose, bears….”

At the surprise and fear in their eyes, I hurriedly continue, “I’m just kidding! Yes, I am a hunter, been one all my life.”

Dean is laughing at the relief on all of their faces. Well, not all. Jo has a look on her face that reminds me of sucking on lemons.

“And she has humor.” Ellen smiles then. “Good job, Dean. Come on and sit down. Y’all hungry?”

“For your cooking, always.”

Ellen goes to the kitchen, while the rest of us sit down at a booth. Dean and I on one side, with Ash and Jo on the other. Despite my previous decision to give Jo the benefit of the doubt, I can’t help but feel uneasy as I watch her look at Dean. Like he’s some kind of prize and she’s set on winning it. He’s oblivious to it, thank goodness.

“So how did you two…” Ash waggles a finger between the two of us.

“Meet? Well, that’s a story- do you want to tell it or should I?”

“Oh, you go ahead.” It warms my heart to see Dean so happy and at ease. He goes into the tale- which is really just that, a fable and hardly close to what actually happened. I don’t mind. Dean’s version is much more exciting.

Ash gets a few laughs out of the story, and Jo echoes his enjoyment, but it’s forced. She ignores me completely, focusing only on Dean. By the end of the story, Ellen returns with steaming plates of food. It is the best food I’ve ever tasted.

“Mrs. Harvelle, Dean told me you were a good cook, but he didn’t do you justice. This is terrific.”

Ellen smiles and I think her chest lifts a little in pride. “Glad you like it. I’d give you the recipe, but it’s an old family secret and meant to stay in the family. Maybe if you and Dean…”

I turn to Dean, clasping my hands together in a beseeching gesture, “Will you marry me? I HAVE to have that recipe!”

Everyone laughs, except for Jo. She is finally looking at me, and if looks could kill, I’d be dead right now. I try to give her a smile, but she looks away. Maybe I can talk to her later.

When everyone’s done eating, Ellen starts to clear the table and I hurry to help.

“You don’t have to do that.” Ellen says, waving me off. “Jo can help me.”

“No, really, I’d like to help.” I stack a few dishes and carry them into the kitchen. Ellen and Jo follow, filling the sink with hot, soapy water. Mother washes while daughter dries, so I go back out to get more dirty dishes.

As I come back with an armload, I can hear the ladies’ voices getting louder as their conversation picks up.

“I don’t care how you feel about it, it’s done.” Ellen’s voice sounds tired and frustrated. “They’re happy together. It’s mean to be, there’s an end to it.”

“Come on, Mom, we don’t know anything about her. You’re just going to let Dean fall in love with someone who could probably be a siren or a demon?”

“Joanna, that’s enough. She’s not a siren and she as heck ain’t a demon. Dean’s smarter than that. Now this needs to stop. Besides, Dean is much older than you are.”

I sigh and take a few steps back so they won’t know I was eavesdropping. I shift the dishes so they clank, then walk into the kitchen. Jo refuses to meet my gaze, but Ellen offers me a smile.

“Will you and Dean be staying in town tonight?”

“Yeah, we’ve got a motel down the road.”

“How long will you be staying?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask Dean.”

Jo slaps the dish rag onto the counter and storms out of the room.

“Jo Harvelle!” Ellen calls after her, but it does no good. She sighs and shakes her head. “I’m sorry about that. Don’t know what’s gotten into her.”

I’m not one to beat around the bush. I like clearing the air and settling things as soon as possible. Less drama that way. I mutter something about being right back and head in the direction Jo had. I find her outside, tossing rocks at an old shed across the yard. Judging by the force used to hurl those stones, I figure she’s seeing me and not the shed as her target.

“Hey, Jo.” She ignores me and picks up another rock. “Can we talk?”

“I have anything to say to you.”

“Yeah, you’ve made that clear.”

“What do you want?” She turns and faces me, her expression wrinkled in a frown. She would be so pretty and cute if she’d learn to smile.

“I want to talk. Let’s see, what could we talk about? Oh, I know, let’s talk about how cold it was back in the Roadhouse. Or who those rocks are really meant for.” I have to work hard to keep my tone free of sarcasm. Experience has taught me not many people respond well to it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Come on, Jo, sure you do. You like Dean, I get it.”

Jo’s eyes narrow. “You don’t know what you’re-”

“Yeah, I do. You’ve got a crush on Dean, and everyone knows it. It was cute for a while, now it’s not. He’s moved on and found someone else. You need to do the same, Jo.”

“You have no right- no idea what’s going on!” Jo looks ready to cry and, really, that’s the last thing I want. “You don’t understand!”

“Sure I do. I went through the same thing when I was your age. And I can’t fault you for taste. But Dean is a lot older than you, and honestly? he thinks of you as his sister.”

“That’s not true. We’ve done a lot together, been through a lot. He just needs a little time to figure it out.”

“Sweetie, he has figured it out. And he’s moved on. He’s got me.”

“Not if I have anything to say about that.”