'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ to Be Enshrined in Harvard University’s Library

Producer 9th Wonder has been tapped to curate Harvard University’s We Are the Breaks project, which will archive 200 hip-hop albums that are a “standard of the culture” to their esteemed library.

The first four albums that 9th picked to be enshrined in the library are A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory, Nas’ Illmatic, Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly and Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Each album will be archived with liner notes and the vinyl that was used in the original production.

9th Wonder went on his Instagram account to formally announce his four distinguished honorees to start with for the Harvard Library. He wrote:

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The diplomas of Ted Kaczenski, the man responsible for the nationwide killing spree that had killed 3 people and injured 23 others over the span of 20 years. Ted was known as a mathematical prodigy and was accepted into Harvard at 16 years of age where he would earn his undergraduate degree, becoming a Bachelor of Arts. 

The diplomas in the last image are of his two graduate degrees he recieved from the university of michigan; a Master of Arts in mathematics and a Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics. His diplomas were sold at an auction as well as many of his other possesions and the victims of his crimes had split the money that was raised.

In the 1962 Harvard alumni report, Kaczenski listed himself as a “prisoner” in the occupation category and that his greatest accomplishments and awards was being given “eight life sentences, issued by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, 1998.” He had also listed his home address in the alumni report as his prison number, P.O box, and the physical address of the prison itself.

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hermionejean  asked:

do you have any advice for applying to college in general and/or for specifically applying to ivy league colleges? thank you!

Okay, here’s the thing about applying to any college, but especially a highly selective college like an Ivy: it’s all a numbers game. Literally, the admissions office will boil everything you’ve spent the last few years working your ass of for down to a handful of numbers and it sucks, but that’s how it is.

At an Ivy, everyone is going to have your test scores, your grades, and a bunch of extra curriculars. Not that you have to give up hope, hope is good, but it’s something to keep in mind. Still, there are things you can do and some things you can’t control.

  • Some things you just can’t control: race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, your school and state, your parents’ education level. Schools are trying to build a diverse coalition of students from different races, income levels, and parts of the world and being “different” from their normal (read: rich white male and probably northeastern) can help.
    • Don’t lie about this stuff, obviously but if you do have something that makes you more diverse, share a bit about that if you feel comfortable. (My Common App essay was about how my ethnic identity was tied into my inability to speak Spanish, for example.) This especially helps if your school puts special emphasis on their diverse population (*cough*Columbia*cough*)
  • Get good letters of rec. Remember all letters are going to recommend you go this school so pick teachers who know you well enough to help you stand out. Ask teachers who you have more of a personal relationship with. who liked you and had you for multiple years, if possible. If you can, ask teachers in the field of study you would like to pursue, as long as they’re a core class (English, math, history, science, language, etc.)
    •  If you have an arts or music teacher, coach or gifted teacher who knows you very well and can add a more personal touch to your application, submit something from them as a supplemental second or third letter: most schools allow for this. Don’t send more than one though. Two to three letters is enough.
  • If you have one class that’s a little bit more rough than the others (@AP Calc for me this year) try to work for an upward trend in that grade to show you’re dedicated to improving in the places where you struggle. Yeah, you have to have good grades for an Ivy, but they know you aren’t perfect. They just want to see you’re trying.
  • Take advantage of alumni or campus interviews and use them to make yourself seem more human. My Harvard interview was actually a lot of fun: we talked about fake news, fanfiction, being LGBT at Harvard, and a bunch of other stuff. These people see a lot of rote answers that are just people reciting their resumes for an hour. Be polite and polished, don’t be a afraid to brag a little, but be yourself.
    • Also, if you have gaps in your application (example: I couldn’t afford subject tests, which Harvard recommends) this is often your place to explain those. Take advantage of that.
  • Don’t load up on extra curriculars. It’s stressful as hell (speaking from experience here). Instead pick a handful and show dedication to them. Stay with them throughout your high school career and take on leadership roles where you can.

If you have more specific questions, let me know! Hopefully this is a start though. 

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Harvard awards 10 honorary degrees

Dame Judi Dench, Doctor of Arts

Dame Judi Dench is a celebrated actress who has garnered wide popular and critical admiration for a career marked by outstanding performances in both classical and contemporary roles.

Over her 60-year career, she has been revered for her work in television, film, and on stage. Dench gained international recognition for her legendary role as M in seven James Bond films.

Dench has won numerous major awards, including an Academy Award, 10 BAFTA Awards, eight Laurence Olivier Awards, and a Tony Award for Best Actress. In recognition of her many achievements she received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 1970, became a Dame of the British Empire in 1988, and in 2005 was awarded a Companion of Honour.

A few caps from the Commencement Morning Exercises.  I managed to snag them while at work.  Better ones to follow later.

An Excerpt From River Cuomo’s Harvard Application Essay

Fans ask me all the time what it is like to be a rock star. I can tell they are dreaming, as I dreamed, when I was a kid, of someday ruling the world with a rock band. I tell them the same thing I would tell any young rock-star-to-be. Be prepared for a lot of Taco Bell. Be prepared for a lot of Subway. Mylanta figures big in your future. Buy a walkmen to block out the nonsensical ramblings of your brain-dead band-mates and advise them to do the same. Get used to writing letters from the road because only the biggest stars can afford all the calls you make when you get lonely. And you will get lonely. You will meet two-hundred people every night, but each conversation will generally last approximately thirty seconds, and consist of you trying to convince them that no, you don’t want their underwear. Then you will be alone again, in your motel room. Or you will be on your bus, in your little space, trying to kill the nine hours it takes to get to the next city, whichever city it is. This is the life of a rock star.

dream schools+ harvard university;

harvard’s motto is “veritas”, latin for “truth.” with a low acceptance rate and famed academics, harvard represents a dream to many; one of challenging and fabled school life, defined by excellence.
Harvard student submits rap album for final thesis and passes with honours
An Ivy League student will be graduating with one of the highest accolades after submitting a 10-track rap album for his final thesis, the first to do so in the history of the university. Obasi Shaw wrote the album, titled Liminal Minds in a year. It was awarded the second highest grade in the department - summa cum laude minus.

Obasi Shaw wrote the album, titled Liminal Minds in a year. It was awarded the second highest grade in the department - summa cum laude minus.

Each song is told from a different character’s perspective, a format inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer’s seminal 14th century piece, The Canterbury Tales, and focuses on black identity in America.

Can we talk about how utterly impressive and cool this is!?

Leo & Aquarius
  • Leo, talking to Aquarius on the phone: No, I did not need to know that information- I'm grateful I now know that you have a wedgie
  • Aquarius, taking a walk outside @ night: But now that you know, your 10% smarter. Look at you, your Harvard material now!
  • Leo:
  • Leo, sighs: Bitch, I'm in community college, don't play my emotions like that

The Harvard Murder
Sinedu Tadesse

On the 28th of May 1995 in Harvard University, student Sinedu Tadesse stabbed fellow roommate Trang Phuong Ho 45 times before hanging herself in the bathroom.

Days before, Tadesse sent a picture of herself along with a note saying, “Keep this picture. There will soon be a very juicy story involving this woman”, to the The Harvard Crimson  

Tadesse was a loner at Harvard and began sending form letters to random people from a phonebook. The student expressed her unhappiness and asked to be friends, many thought the letter was obnoxious apart from one person. However they were later disturbed by Tadesse’s content.  

Phuong Ho was a popular student that Tadesse became obsessively fond of. Later, Trang distanced herself from Tadesse and in the following year decided to room with other students. This hurt Tadesse deeply.

Life Update

Hi all! I know I’ve been dead af lately, but I thought I’d finally make the announcement that my life is about to change forever! I’ve recently been accepted to my dream school. This is an amazing opportunity and I am blessed beyond measure. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Harvard 2021 ❤️

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I met 2013 Nobel laureate winner Dr. Martin Karplus from Harvard University today after his lecture for the Schulten Memorial Colloquium at my university! I usually find talking to professors, let alone introducing yourself to them very intimidating; but Martin is one of the friendliest professors that I’ve ever met and is very humble about his work.

I also asked him about his experiences working chef Joël Robuchon (not many STEM professors can say that they’ve done something like that) in France, and he told me some really cool stories! Skipping physics discussion was worth it, and I can see why my sister has so much respect for him. (She hosted him at her school, the University of Chicago back in March).

More professors need to be like Martin. Just saying.