Listen and Internalize. 


AMY POEHLER addressing harvard’s class of 2011 with an amusingly coquettish and eloquent commencement speech. she can do no wrong. 


The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination.

Black Tie Manners

So, n0rrie, I hope you’re pleased with me ;) I could not be bothered adding backgrounds to the drawing, but never mind, it’s still good. I wanted to add a bit of (g-rated) Jayo into your lives today, and I used n0rrie’s plotbunny to do it.

“This isn’t going to work.”

“Yes it is. Stop fussing. You’ll wrinkle.”

Virgil adjusted John’s bowtie for the umpteenth time, because he would keep tugging at it. John just shifted awkwardly.

Tonight was the first black tie alumni ball John had been invited to since graduating Harvard, and he’d had to be pressured into it even that far by his colleagues in the scientific community who had studied with him. It was good to be seen, to network, shake hands and kiss babies, so to speak. He couldn’t help his hesitance. These big gala events might be all about what the more sociable Tracys did, but John felt nervous.

He was only glad he wasn’t going alone. He’d wanted to bring a brother as a plus one, but Alan was too young and Scott too busy, and Virgil turned him down, pleading it not being his scene. He’d finally gone to Gordon, who had thought about it for a long moment, and suggested somebody else instead.

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I was in my university’s production of Legally Blonde about a year ago. The show ends at the Harvard graduation ceremony so we all ended the show standing in front of these benches. During one of our evening performances, we ended the show and right after the blackout I turned to run offstage before curtain call and forgot about the bench behind me. I ended up tripping over it and falling right into the back of another cast member who was also frantically trying to run offstage! I then awkwardly had to hobble off as fast as possible because I was in the first group of actors for curtain call! And I got a nice bruise to remember the incident:) -thegretchenweiners

Hidden In Plain Sight: Tomorrow’s Education Leaders Already Work For You

So what will it take to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse generation of education sector leaders? That’s the question that EdFuel set out recently to explore with The Bridgespan Group, in partnership with The Broad Center, NewSchools Venture Fund, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and 50CAN. The answer, based on a spring 2015 survey of noninstructional leaders, came through loud and clear: allocate the time and funding necessary to develop and retain more current staff as system leaders.

Jolex week discussion :  Why Jo Wilson is an amazing and underrated character

1) She triumphed above her crappy childhood

heck she was abandoned by her mother at 2 weeks old, and was thrown from foster home to foster home, and even sleeping in a car for a long period of time. She supported herself through college and the most prestigous med school. If this is not what is called strong -willed and determined, I don’t know what is.

2) She is perfect for Alex

She is the one for Alex. She makes Alex a better person, she completely changes him into the gentle and caring man he is today. ( Even though he still tries to hide it beneath his tough exterior). She is still there for Alex even after the numerous times Meredith kicked her out of bed just to be with Alex. Other ladies would’ve left him right away.

3) She is smart

She graduated from Harvard!

4) She is beautiful

Yep, very easy on the eyes

5) She is funny and snarky

Name: Scarlett Andrews (née Vandervort)
Age: Thirty
Occupation: Doctor
Currently Living: Upper East Side, Manhattan?
Husband: Oliver Andrews

Where Is She Now?

Scarlett had always had a very set out plan for her life. She was going to graduate high school, top of her class (check!), graduate Harvard Medical School, also top of her class (check!), get the best damn job this side of New York (check!), fall in love (check!), start a family (eh…), and live happily ever after (four out of six ain’t bad, right?). All her life had been so focused on becoming a doctor and when she became one of the most in demand doctors for miles and miles around, Scarlett just assumed that everything else was going to fall into place. Men had never been her forte, so when Oliver Andrews had come into the hospital one evening after a drunken hoorah, she didn’t quite know how to handle his advances. She refused to take his number, well aware of his friendship with none other than Logan Hunter, and insisted that he would have better luck with one of the other beautiful doctors or nurses. Oliver was persistent though and soon enough, after many many forced accidents, Scarlett finally said yes to a date.

And boy… what a date it was. She laughed, she blushed, she flirted and soon enough everyone was talking about the new power couple of the Upper East Side. Oliver was everything she could have ever wanted, and even Logan became so much more tolerable after spending so much time with him. She could understand why Isobel, Charlotte and Jessica had loved having him around. And then Oliver proposed and, of course, she said yes, but soon her nerves started to build up. Scarlett wasn’t sure what was freaking her out the most; maybe it was the commitment, maybe she was worried that she wouldn’t focus so much on her job if she was a wife, or might it have had something to do with the fact that she had insisted on waiting until their wedding night to have sex? It was probably a mix of all three, but the point is, in a drunken stupor one night when Logan had found her drowning her anxiety in a bar (and being the decent guy he is, he took her back to his home to give her some water and sober her up before returning her to Oliver), she confessed to him that she had had feelings for him back in high school and that she wished she hadn’t cried that night they were about to have sex. One thing lead to another and suddenly Scarlett’s virginity wad gone. When they woke up the next morning, they swore that they would never speak of the incident to anybody and they went back to living their lives. At least… Scarlett tried to. Getting pregnant with your fiancé’s best friend’s kid really put a spanner in the mix for her.

  • Faceclaim: Jennifer Morrison

NAME: Greengrass, Astoria Hélène
DATE OF BIRTH: 07 April 1986 (29 YO)
OCCUPATION: Researcher, May 2013 - June 2015; Monitor, June 2015 - Present
PLACE OF BIRTH: Essex, England

BIOGRAPHY: Astoria Greengrass spent her childhood in a boarding school in England, learning all the things deemed proper for a girl of her standing and wealth – maths and science and history and literature, but also poise and grace and ambition and an unparalleled talent for cutting people down with a single glance, or a well-placed word. Bright and determined to best everyone around her, Astoria jumped immediately from sixth form into university, choosing to travel to the United States to pursue a degree in biomedical science at Harvard University, graduating with her bachelor’s degree in three years after intensive study and moving directly into a PhD from Harvard in Genetics and Genomics. Directly following her graduation, Astoria was hired at the DYAD Institute; her impressive academic record prompted the director of the Institute to assign her to work on one of the most sensitive and secretive projects in the works – after what seemed like a thousand nondisclosure agreements and a thousand more training programs she was brought in to work with human cloning, only to be told after two years of research that she was the Institute’s last-ditch effort to keep their own self-aware clone, Draco Malfoy, in line. As his monitor, Astoria – who now knows how to use a gun – keeps an eye on everything from his physical to his mental health, all while trying to work around his exceptionally large ego and help him bring other clones into the fold to be studied.

( When it’s just science, Astoria can do it – but what do you do when the science becomes so much more than that? How do you keep a cool head when you can’t keep control of your heart? )


MODERN MUSTAFA: A man who has accomplished almost everything at 25. He has spent six years at Harvard and graduated with the highest degree anyone can have .He studied madison but, he works in his father’s (Suleiman) worldwide company as the president of the company. Swarovski, the company that makes the most magnificent, gorgeous, eye catching jewelrys. Mustafa’s dad is a billionaire who owns the company. The company makes millions in just one day, the competition between Mustafa and his brothers are high, who will run the company after their father dies?

 MUSTAFA’S PERSONAL LIFE: Mustafa is a charming, educated, wealthy boy who is also a player. Every night he parties like the world is about to end, he parties hard, really hard. Almost every night he drinks but not too much… he never gets drunk. He is known in Turkey for throwing the most  breathtaking pool parties and parties of the year. He is always invited to the most luxury, A listed parties. His love life well… he always has a different girl in his bed every night sometimes more than one girl. He only falls in love with girls who he can't have. He has a collection of fast cars/sport cars. He makes one million Turkish lira and Dollar at the end of every month. Everyone wants to be his friend in Turkey. Mustafa’s mother, brothers and father mean the world to him. 

I got this idea from bravemellark so shoutout to them, thanks for the idea! Shoutout to all the gif makers. I filtered all of them tho omg wow I’m so selfish lmao.

I have neglected original intention of this blog, being to describe my experiences doing astronomy research at Harvard, so here’s an update.

Things are going well, I have results from my astrochemistry project and I am now working on writing a paper and making a presentation. My advisor has all but told me that I will get into one of my top grad school choices, so that is a pretty motivating thought. I also decided to apply for the NSF Fellowship this fall. Not many people get it before they get to grad school (you can apply again after you are in grad school) but if I do get it, I get a pretty nice stipend for 3 years that is applicable to any US grad school. So that would be pretty cool, but I’m not holding my breath.

I also finalized my list of 12 grad schools that I will apply to (in order of desirability):

University of Arizona
UC Santa Cruz
Ohio State
Penn State

So that’s a pretty hefty list but all the applications are more or less the same. It would be nice (and not out of the question) to get in to Harvard but at the same time, I think I already have an in at Columbia with exomoonologist David Kipping, who is excited about me potentially going there to start his research group. By all accounts and my own impressions, he would be a great grad advisor and I would undoubtedly become a competent researcher under his tutelage. Best not to think to far ahead I guess.

Anyway, nothing too eventful has happened, research day in and day out. So much programming, but my python skills have increased dramatically. Everyone at the Center for Astrophysics has continued to be really nice and awesome and helpful. My research here will turn into a published paper, so that would be pretty cool to get going.

Frazel Short: My First Words to Love
I had just started college.
My friend, Annabeth, tutored me in my freshman year, and now, soon enough, I’m here. Harvard. I had graduated valedictorian of my senior class, not to mention skipping sophomore and junior year. I was looking for my dorm, but also looking for one thing.
When people are born, they are born with the first words of their soulmate. Unfortunately, my phrase was “Excuse me.” I was basically cursed. How was I supposed to find a person that said “Excuse me,” but also had my quote? 
I was at college, hoping to find my dorm room. How was I supposed to find it when it had the numbers 12789B? I was in front of a door that said 6A. It was going to be a long walk.
I finally found my room, and knocked on the door. A girl, with bronze skin and golden eyes, opened the door.
“Excuse me?” I said, “is this my room?”
I noticed she got kind of nervous, though I didn’t know why.
“I’m sorry I bothered you…” I said. But then she said it.
“I’m sorry, I was nervous about something.” She said, like she was turning herself in for a crime. 
I slowly turned my wrist over, seeing those words. She glanced at her wrist, looking like she was about to faint. “Are you okay,” I asked, “I’ll take you to the infirmary.”
“N-No, I’m okay… I’m Hazel, by the way, Hazel Levesque.”
“Well, Hazel, I’m Frank Zhang. And it appears we both have Mr. Chiron’s mythology class.”
“Well then,” she said, “since we’re sort of soulmates, would you like to walk together?”
“I think it would be a good start.” I said, as we walked.