harvard swag

Harvard University
“This is an original rap from my future Harvard classmate. We were attempting to do a comment rap battle inspired by a Princeton rap video, but then he blew everyone out of the water with this gem right here." 

Yo, listen up, y’all, cuz I’m about to spit da truth
And my apologies in advance if I come off as uncouth
But there’s been somethin’ on my mind, and I’ma come right out and say it
And I’m hopin’ I can find da perfect words to convey it

See, I’m headed to a certain college in Massachusetts 
And I’m constantly afraid that I’ll come off as a nuisance
When peeps be all like “Yo, homez, where ya headed next year?”
And I’m like “oh, umm… Harvard’s where I’ll start my college career.”

Call us what you will. Yeah, I know there’s a consensus
That some of us can come off as arrogant or pretentious
But we ain’t all that bad! We just have dope school spirit
Which you’ll probably see next year at Da Game; learn to FEAR IT!

And speaking of Da Game, how ‘bout dem Yalies, am I right?
Why have a bulldog as a mascot if you ain’t got no BITE?
Sucks to suck, I guess! Who wants to spend four years in New Haven?
“Nevermore!” quoth Yale victims, a la Poe’s “Da Raven”

Shout-out to John Harvard! THERE’S a man with a vision.
Thanks to him, I’ll pahk my cah in Hahvahd Yahd and bleed CRIMSON!
Though I’m still confused as hell how I got into dis school,
I’ve gotta admit… Harvard U is soundin’ pretty fuckin’ cool. 

So pack yo bags for Visitas, and peep da Facebook group!
And buy stacks on stacks of Harvard swag next time you’re at Da COOP.
We on dat Cambridge grind, mothafucka, enrolled like a boss
Harvard Class of Twenty-Eighteen represent – VERITAS!

- Da Fre$h Prince of Cambridge