harvard hottie

the signs as chris evans' characters
  • Aries: Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)
  • Taurus: Curtis (Snowpiercer)
  • Gemini: Steve Rogers (Captain America/The Avengers)
  • Cancer: Narrator (Playing It Cool)
  • Leo: Colin Shea (What’s Your Number?)
  • Virgo: Jake Wyler (Not Another Teen Movie)
  • Libra: Harvard Hottie (The Nanny Diaries)
  • Scorpio: Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four)
  • Sagittarius: Cary Baston (Opposite Sex)
  • Capricorn: Jensen (The Losers)
  • Aquarius: Mr. Freezy (The Iceman)
  • Pisces: Mike Weiss (Puncture)
Hayden Appreciation Post

Rich guy that lives in the Upper East Side, raised by 9 nannies and a boarding school.

When his proposed date gets ruined he doesn’t complain, he improvises:

He likes kids and doesn’t mind helping out!

Sweet. Doesn’t hold grudges.

A sense of humor

While he’s stubborn he isn’t pushy, and he’s got the patience to out wait pretty much anyone.

Basically, it’s hard to find fault with him in any way.

Except maybe that it took about 96 of the 100 minutes in this movie to learn his name.

Mini Chris Evans Rant. Deal. With. It.

Dear Chris Evans,

Stop playing the handsome/lovable douchebag/charming man/cutesy and cheesy but still funny/dude’s dude character in your movies.

I keep falling in love with these damn fake people.

It’s making it harder for me to judge what I want in reality. 

Like Steve: He’s good for the sake of good. He’s a leader.
He’s not a complete ass… but he just needs help getting back into our own time. 
Harvard Hottie: Roses. Pizza. Simple. Straight forward. New Yorker.
&Colin Shea: ASDFJKL; You sing, play in a rock band. Steal people’s iPods and take baths in someone else’s apartment. Have wicked crazy stalker skillz. And you’re hilarious. 

Yes, I realize that these characters have waaay too many flaws.
(I really don’t want to make a list and clog up more space.)
If they didn’t have flaws, I would totally hate on the writers…
The people who you were wouldn’t be believable as characters.

All in all. 

Stop being a very handsome life ruiner.


Like for example:


To that last one I only have this reaction:

On a scale of one to the freedom of America… 

I am dead because of your shenaneganry. 

A stupid and crazy kid who has internet access.

PS:(By the dubs, there is no lovable douchebag in real life. 
That’s why they’re douchebags.)