JACKET REPEAT: Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Wizard

Requested by kebs

I don’t know if any of you know about this jacket, but it’s spent weeks evading me and I FINALLY FOUND IT.It first appeared on Ankh back in Kamen Rider OOO and then AGAIN somehow (now with the original right arm) on Haruto from Kamen Rider Wizard. I guess the costume team just really liked this jacket enough to keep it around. I mean it sure is something…

MURDER LICENSE Draped Riders Jacket in Wine (Released in 2010, 15,800円 w/ Tax)

The mix on 8tracks

A mix for rivals

Cover by Sandy again

Gold Lion - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Gold lion’s gonna tell me where the light is/Gold lion’s gonna tell me where the light is/Take our hands out of control/Take our hands out of control/Outside, inside/This is the moon without a tide/We’ll build a fire in your eyes/We’ll build a fire when the cover’s getting brighter”

WTF? - Ok Go

“It’s like a skydive/or getting high/The kinda thing’ll maybe kill you./It’s like I’m eye-to-eye/with a wild lion./Oooohh/I don’t know what to tell you/There’s just this thing about you.”

Don’t Give Up - Eagle Eye Cherry

“Yes we must believe/That it’s going to get better/Don’t give up/Never give up/We won’t stop/Giving all we got.”

International Small Arms Traffic Blues - The Mountain Goats

“My love is like a powder keg/My love is like a powder keg in the corner of an empty warehouse/Somewhere just outside of town/About to burn down.”

The Delicate Place - Spoon

“Have you got the answer/Have I yet won the part /Is this just your way of breaking my heart/Everyone denies it but they just want to be told.”

Cold War - Janelle Monae

“So you think I’m alone/But being alone is the only way to be/When you step outside/You spend life fighting for your sanity.”

Chemicals Collide - Cloud Cult

“I was out catching up to tomorrow/Or was I caught up in the past/These days it’s hard to tell what’s out in front from what’s behind/And oh god, it’s unforgettable/Unpredictable/The way our chemicals collide.”

The Ghosts That Haunt Me - Crash Test Dummies

“There are nights when all my aching bones won’t let me sleep/And demons come to plague me as I lie in bed/But I know if you were sleeping there beside me then/That you could fend them off and they would let me rest.”

Hard to Find - The National

“What I feel now about you then/I’m just glad I can explain/You’re beautiful and close and young/In those ways we were the same/There’s a lot I’ve not forgotten/I let go of other things/If I tried they’d probably be/Hard to find.”

Come On Home - Franz Ferdinand

“But how I needed you/When I needed you/Let’s not forget /We are so strong/So bloody strong/So come on home/So come on home/So come on, home… home.”