Haruka & Makoto: Good Night Voice
  • Haruka & Makoto: Good Night Voice

Audio and dialogue script courtesy of yume-no-fantasy!

Haruka: You can’t sleep? I know a good way to fall asleep when you can’t sleep… Close your eyes and imagine in your head that you’re floating in water… You’ll be able to relax that way. You can’t imagine it? I see… You want me to count numbers? I got it. 1 mackerel, 2 mackerel, 3 mackerel, 4 mackerel, 5 mackerel, 6 mackerel, 7 mackerel, 8 mackerel, 9 mackerel, 10 mackerel, 11 mackerel, 12 mackerel, 13 mackerel, 14 mackerel, 15 mackerel… How was that? Do you feel sleepy? You were too focused on the mackerel so you couldn’t sleep? Do I count sheep?

Makoto: Pfft… Ahahaha! Sorry, Haru…! It was amusing to see Haru so seriously counting mackerel… You should be counting sheep, not mackerel.

Haru: …Makoto, you were there? Mackerel and sheep are the same.

Makoto: You’re right. Sorry, sorry! To apologise for laughing at you, I’ll count in Haru’s stead. Here, Haru should lie down too. You have to close your eyes too. Are you ready? Here I go! 16 shee—

Haru: Mackerel is better.

Makoto: Ah… Um… I guess mackerel is fine too? Okay! Alright, I’ll start counting. 16 mackerel, 17 mackerel, 18 mackerel, 19 mackerel, 20 mackerel, 21 mackerel, 22 mackerel, 23 mackerel, 24 mackerel, 25 mackerel, 26 mackerel, 27 mackerel, 28 mackerel, 29 mackerel, 30 mackerel… Are you sleepy? I might be the one who ended up rather sleepy instead… (yawns) Haru seems to have fallen asleep; good work today. Do your best tomorrow too. Good night.

free! cinnamon rolls
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:Rin
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:Makoto
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll:Nagisa
  • Looks like they could kill you and will actually kill you:Sousuke
  • Could kill you by feeding you too many cinnamon rolls:Gou
  • The glaze (mackerel) on the cinnamon roll:Haru
  • The sinnamon roll:Rei
Free! Will Live On.

Even when the swim club is over, and Samezuka is behind,
When Rin goes for the gold and Haru just swims,
Makoto goes to university, and Sosuke does too,
Although, muscles will be forever loved by Gou
Nagisa will grow up, and Rei will as well, but that is not the end.
For, we will shout Forever Iwatobi!
Makoto will always be our Orca,
Haru, our Dolphin,
Rin the shark,
Nagisa, our penguin,
And Rei the butterfly.
Now, and till the end, they will live on in our hearts, as we shout the words that the fandoms shall hear:

“Forever Iwatobi! Forever Free!”

~crypticsilences, via Tumblr


…Thus, the full cast of the Monster!AU is born!!
And to think all this branched off from one doodle. orz

Costume design was very tricky and hard and time consuming, but it was very very fun! I had lots of fun drawing different kinds of clothes, cried about capes and collars and a bunch of other things, but it was a very rewarding experience for my slowly growing art skills.

My personal favourite design still has to be Nagisa though. I drew him first and I think his design looks best/is most original of them all! *V*


Marine biology au - How Haru met Makoto.

As Haru is so different from rest of the dolphin folk, he doesn’t care how others are. Makoto on the other hand is very conscious of his saddle patch. I think it’s sort of equal to the real Makoto’s fear of water. 

Haru actually swims long distances and happened to come across with Makoto when he was feeling very down because of his patch. Haru went to ask what was wrong and gained a very first friend (later mate).