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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Breaking SasuSaku Bad .(animation by Studio Pierrot, written by Ukyo Kodachi, and Supervised by Masashi Kishimoto)

Sarada implies for Sakura to find a new papa for their family(?)

Even Sakura’s reaction implies the same.

Sakura reconfirms what we all known since Naruto gaiden (except for SS shippers that are still in denial). 

So what kind of “date” only lasts two and a half minutes it probably went something like this:

Sakura knows how much Sasuke “cares” about her lol..

Friendly reminder to SS shippers: Boruto Naruto Next Generations is canon. Kishimoto is credited in the anime opening as director/supervisor role and is also very hands on with the anime (confirmed by Ukyo Kodachi in an interview).


♡ Like Mother, Like Daughter


(Warning! Age gap!) 

Teacher x Student AU | 

Lemme tell u. Uchiha Sensei is hot. I don’t know how I got into this au but (laughs into hands) I need more– 

This is also based off of one of the wonderful fics I commissioned @pastelnoctis ///


​I really think Sasuke sent his messenger hawk to Sakura on purpose because he wanted her to give his letter to Naruto with him, like how couples attend a ceremony together and give their congratulations together. He knows Sakura will get lonely because he wasn’t around so it’s his way of making it up to her.

He could’ve just sent it to the Hokage Kakashi but he chose her instead. It shows that Sasuke thought about Sakura’s feelings even during his travels.

It took me a while to realize this but when I did I was like ASFDSHFJKSUKDSNVKLABVSAGVSKABDHB *FANGIRL SCREAM*

and look at Sasuke’s smile AAAAAAAAAAAHHH