haruna chan

I had an interview the other day for my role as Haruna Ichito from IDOL-RISM.
The photo shoot was at a University, and I wore white and put on glasses.
The Seiyuu Grand Prix issue will be on sale from April 10th. Please look forward to it.

Prepare yourselves guiz: UME-CHAN IN GLASSES.

FYI, Haruna Ichito…

Well, it was nice knowing you all. I’m essentially going to be done in from ikemen overload.

SCANDAL; “Greetings” blogpost by Nakada Aki☆

Yesterday, I wrote about SCANDAL, but I went to greet them after the live and here’s the photo that I’d gotten of us together.

TOMOMI-chan, HARUNA-chan, RINA-chan, MAMI-chan. Everyone’s cute~. I’d honestly wanted to speak plenty (about them), along with this photo on『Oha!4』, however, since I unfortunately had to introduce other affairs on the 4 o'clock slot, I’ll upload it here.

There are also overseas performances on this round’s tour! They’re greatly active even across the seas.

Maki-san’s Instagram:

Known as Kojiharu, AKB48′s “Kojima Haruna”-chan. The one whom I call her by “Kojima”! I’ve known Kojima much earlier. She’s really one of the more popular ones in AKB. Even with her popularity, Kojima hadn’t change a bit from the past. She’s definitely the idol who’s really my-paced and doesn’t flatter anyone! lol She’s one who’s not good in making conversations, but she’s really one with a really really good personality. She really like kids, and at location when there’re kids, she’s really nice to them, and I thought then, that she’s really a good person. In the past, she gave all the staffs at the Hawaii shoot a  T-shirt at the end of filming. On the last day, she gave everyone a T-shirt too. But the T-shirts have “Stupid” written on it! This is the Kojima that I really love!💕💕💕💕💕💕


@nyanchan22: Makisan💛 I’m happy!Love you😭💛
@nyanchan22: What is stupid 😂💛
Makisan: Eh?Did you buy it without even knowing the meaning?lol Seems like what Kojima will do!lol

TL Note: 
Maki-san replied saying it’s a shirt bought from Stupid Factory.