“TV Boy” Sketchbook & Digital, 2017
FLCL aired on this day 14 years ago in the US, marking one of my favorite and possibly most pivotal pieces of work. It inspired a large compendium of my early art as well as writing and still to this day remains a huge piece of inspiration. I don’t think you can mention the series to fans without conjuring one of two images to mind right off the bat: Haruhara Haruko, for more obvious reasons of being almost solely responsible for all of the events that unfold in the show; and Canti, better known as Naota’s live-in house cleaning robot that was the first piece of Medical Mechanica tech to emerge from Takkun’s forehead. With allusions to several episodes mixed in, and after the announcement of a second (and third) season, I couldn’t not do a piece as an homage to one of my primordial beacons of inspiration. From Little Busters to Last Dinosaur, there’s nothing not to like <3