This is Haru

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Who cooks: Haruka does all the cooking, because he doesn’t want to stress out Water-sama after a long day at work. 

Who does the laundry and other chores: Haruka also does all the cleaning and laundry. However, sometimes Water-sama helps him out when he’s struggling to completely some things. 

How many children do they have: They don’t have any “actual” children, but they do have lots of fish. 

Who’s more dominate: Water-sama definitely. Haruka always seems to get so flustered around Water-sama that he can barely even think. 

Favorite nonsexual activity: They love to just soak in each other’s company (see what I did there-).

Their favorite place to be together: Definitely either the pool or the beach. They like to be together where it’s calm and away from large crowds of people. But sometimes, when they’re too tired to leave, then stay around and soak in the tub. 

Any traditions: After a long day of training, Haru left Water-sama wash him up and relax his aching muscles with hot water. 

Their “song”: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

What they do for each other on holidays: Haruka always makes sure that everything is squeaky clean and nice before treating Water-sama to the best date he can think of. Water-sama gives all of his attention to Haruka, bathing him in affection and love. 

Where did they go for their honeymoon: They decide to go to the sauna, since Haru’s never been before. 

Where did they first meet: They first met when Haruka tried out for the swimming club. It was love at first sight for him and he never looked back. 

Any pets: They have several fish in their makeshift pond outside of their house. Haru loves Koi fish, so Water-sama made sure to get lots of them for Haru. 

What do they fight over: They rarely fight, but when they do, it’s often over Haruka overworking himself. Haru always seems to do things without thinking about them sometimes. 

Do they go on vacations, if so where: The beach or the pool. 

Omg so I am a Freestyle athletic swimmer in real life and I just had this dream that I go to the Free! guys’ high school and it was spring time right after the girl’s swim team’s first meet, and I walked up to Haruka and I say “Hey Haru, our first meet was last night, you know what that means? WE WERE INSIDE OF WATER. ALL OF US. ALL OF US WERE INSIDE WATER.” AND HE JUST STOPS WHAT HE’S DOING ANDF STANDS UP AND RUSHES OUT WITH TEARS IN HIS EYES AND HE SAYS “THAT WHORE.” OMG I DIDN’T KNOW WHETHER TO LAUGH OR GO GIVE HIM A HUG THIS WAS THE BEST DREAM EVER.