We repeat thousands of eternities
In the boundless, lonely darkness
I’ve been looking for you
All my life
As I’ve been led by the force of attraction

Like untangling our red threads
I’ll come to see you riding on a shooting star
Over time, far off
Fate is fulfilled
Now we share the fateful moment

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Tofu Pro Wrestling discussion - What if Haruka stayed?

Tofu Pro Wrestling wasn’t a perfect show, but it’s still an enjoyable watch. I got invested in the character’s struggles and the matches, just like anyone would when watching a real pro wrestling match.

However, I think it’s safe to assume that Haruppi’s departure greatly affected the show. Because she got sick so early during production, the entire show had to be taken in a new direction that wasn’t intended.

It was still interesting, none the least. I liked seeing Team Sakura’s growth, the Over The Top arc in the second half of the show, and Holly J’s fall from her glory and climb back to regain that title she had as champion. But Emerald Haruka’s departure left a hole that could be felt by the viewers.

Heck, they never did anything with Miru becoming Jurina’s new partner. Not only was it pointless, but it just didn’t make sense.

So what I wanna do now is discuss the missed possibilities that the show could’ve taken if Haruppi never got sick, and Emerald Haruka had stayed.

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