The signs anime girl best friend

Aries: Eru Chitanda

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Taurus: Haruka Nanami

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Gemini: Diane

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Cancer: Kaede Kayano

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Leo: Sakura Haruno

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Virgo: Suguha Kirigaya

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Libra: Touka Kirishima

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Scorpio: Ritsu Tainaka

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Sagittarius: Shiro

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Capricorn: Annie Leonhart

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Aquarius: Maka Albarn

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Pisces: Shinoa Hiiragi

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What did you think of this fanmade Codename Sailor V sequence? 

linked video:

This is lovely! I love the repurposed character designs (hello not-Ami and not-Umino), as well as a better moon cat origin story than actually provided in the comic. PLUS SOME SILVER MILLENNIUM THROWN IN JUST FOR FUN

Just for the record, I would watch the hell out of any Sailor V anime. 

Seek at Mekakucity Complete Report

I was asked to write down the stuff that happened at the live broadcasts, but after having translated them myself, I thought I’d make a post with all the info related to the whole event pieced together in detail. That includes not only the main livestreams, but also Momo’s, as well as the stuff that happened on Twitter and LINE. Along the way, I’ll provide links to the translations we’ve had so far of everything. I believe this will be the most useful for those who either missed some stuff or didn’t catch it from the get-go.

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If the pics you have on your phone of your fandom don’t make you do that smile where your cheekbones hurt and that make you fear your mom will see them, then why are those on your phone

Things we can learn from this screenshot:

1: I need to zoom in more when taking screenshots.  This is why it’s so tiny.

2: I need to turn of my HUD when taking screenshots.  This is why she’s so obviously targeted.

3: I have no idea what the effective range on /hug actually is; it baffles me to this day.  Perhaps I need to be hugged more, and thus can hug back more often?

Regardless, @nihil242, I did the run-by hugging.  Challenge completed, as derpy as it looks.

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Can I have a scenario for both teams where they wake up to hear their s/o crying because they think they aren't good enough?

Wow it took me five weeks to finally post on schedule :0

Haru, Rei and Aii

They know exactly what it’s like to feel as if they aren’t good enough, but they also know and have learned that even if they think they aren’t, they really are, and that they will always will be. All they could do was help their s/o realise this too. 

 Makoto, Nagisa and Rin: 

Honestly, they were really shocked: they had no idea their s/o felt this way. And they weren’t sure why either, after all they were all the boys could ever ask for and more. They’d tell them this, over and over and even if they argued back. They’d keep repeating it all night if they’d have to. 

 Sousuke and Momo: 

They had no idea what to do or how to handle it, but they knew they couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. They knew exactly what the wanted to say, but they couldn’t find the right way to piece it together, thought you know what they say, actions speak louder than words.The boys would sit with their s/o and comfort them until they had calmed down enough to talk about it properly.


Sei was as distraught as they were when they told him how they felt, and would go on to a big speech about how the case was the complete opposite, that they were a million times more than enough and if anything, he was the one who wasn’t good enough in comparison. He was so incredibly determined to make them see the truth.