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top 5 shirtless?

Since Haikyuu never blessed with a lot of shirtless material, I’m turning this into a Free! top 5….since….there’s…..an abundance of shirtless guys there ahem…

1. Rin. He’s my lor, my savior, the most attractive anime boy ever created in the history of anime, I’m feeling forever blessed, forever grateful, forever honored to just watch him I mean DAMN YOU MATSUOKA

2. Makoto. Is it even legal for a high school boys to be this buffed? Who cares at this point??? (no listen I’m so salty because that’s how Bokuto is supposed to be I feel robbed on so may levels) 

3. Haruka. What…what the hell y’all LOOK AT THOSE HIPS

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4. Seijuro Mikoshiba. I’ve always had more than a soft spot for the former Samezuka captain <3

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5. Sousuke. *clears throat loudly*

 - bonus: a shirtless hug because why not

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Ok this top 5 was probably a mistake but quite frankly I’m not even sorry 

Thank you for your messages!

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Hiii! Can I be selfish and request two? Mako for B7 and Haru for C4? (If Haru is making such a secret smile, Makoto's bound to panic heehee)

Mama Nanase knows her son. LOL

Sorry - I didn’t have time to do both of your requests, @albatrossmuffin…! 

@konekat helped me think of this one when I couldn’t think anymore aahahhaa :D

Marriage: submitted by @fenixescarlata
  • Haru: Mako
  • Mako: Yeah?
  • Haru: Would you marry...
  • Mako: *growing impatient* Yeaaah???!!!
  • Haru: ...the sea?
  • Mako: *sighs* You can't marry the sea, Haruu~!
  • Haru: But- why?
  • Mako: That's impossible.
  • Haru: If a woman married herself why couldn't I marry the sea?
  • Mako: Are you talking seriously just now?
  • Haru: Nah, just joking, but I surely marry you instead.
  • Mako: ...
  • Haru: Oops?
  • Mako: *faints*

Happy Birthday! (March 30th)

  • Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Bleach)
  • Nemu Kurotsuchi (Bleach)
  • Yui Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Manboshi (One Piece)
  • Candy Pakupaku (Tamagotchi)
  • Haruka Domeki (xxxHolic)
  • Futami Akabane (I-Chu)

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Thank you for doing this, Jakey! Could you tell us anything more about the past of Haruka, Kyouya, and Viktor? It's interesting that the latter two went from being delinquents to teachers, and if Haruka didn't talk with them in high school, what prompted their change in behavior? Was it something in school, an outside factor, or their plan all along?

Oh boy this is going to be a long post. I’m gonna try to answer the last few questions today while I can.

Well, let me tell you first how Kyouya and Viktor became friends. Kyouya and Viktor were classmates in high school. Viktor didn’t really pay attention to Kyouya much as he branded him as just another delinquent. But one day, he saw Kyouya being cornered by a bunch of bullies outside the school, clearly outnumbered. Viktor was debating with himself if he should help Kyouya out or not but turns out Kyouya didn’t need help at all. He single-handedly beat the entire gang all by himself. Viktor was quite impressed with this feat and he approached Kyouya afterwards and said “You’re pretty strong, aren’t you?”. Ever since that time, Viktor has never stopped bothering Kyouya, even helping out with his fights (although Kyouya would always say he doesn’t need help). And they slowly became friends.

So technically, they’re not really delinquents for the sake of being delinquents. It’s more like Kyouya, with his short temper and low tolerance for bullies, would get into trouble with other delinquents and then sometimes Viktor would interfere and also get in trouble. HAHA. They don’t seek out trouble. Trouble comes to them. LOL.

As for why Kyouya-sensei became a sensei, well the principal, who was just a young sensei then, was always understanding of Kyouya even though he was a delinquent. He knew that Kyouya deep down was a good kid and never stopped supporting him. He was an important figure to Kyouya in high school and is probably the main reason why Kyouya became a teacher.

As for Viktor, well, he needed a place to work that knew about his condition ( well about him being a Vampire) and a place that would allow him to take frequent vacation leaves. What better place than his uncle’s school HAHA. Viktor genuinely loves talking about history though. He often visits historical sites when he goes abroad. So agree to become a teacher and be able to talk about history AND get infinite vacation leaves? Sure, why not.

Their reasons for being teachers are quite different from each other. But somehow in the end, they still ended up working in the same place. HAHA.