[Google+] Kodama Haruka
16.10.27 23:12JST

Good evening (。・_・。)ノ

Today since early in the morning I had drama shooting for Kyabasuka Gakuen …

But since we ended earlier than usual,
さくちゃんとMARK STYLERの展示会に行ってきました♪
I went to MARK STYLER exhibition with Saku-chan ♪

Which, by the way, isn’t a place I often get the chance to go,
there are many people I usually wouldn’t meet, I’d have felt very nervous if I went alone
so I’m really glad we could go together 〜☺️💓
We also had the chance to see many western-style clothes.
I’m looking forward the spring-summer, now.

There are certain fashion and makeup that can be pursued only now
while I’m young, and while keeping such desire of wanting to do these kinda stuff close to me
I’m willing to start to put my ideas into action, gradually. 

It’s gonna be tough since there are so many SNS such as Instagram, Twitter etc.
however I’m gonna to just enjoy the various possibility they give to me. 

I’m gonna keep sharing with you these kinda stuff from now on,
so I’m counting on you ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Well then, see ya again…
Good night ☆Puhyuuhaa

The picture is an off-shot from the new single “high tension”! 

Haruka has synesthesia.  This means that whenever she hears sounds, she’ll also see different colors depending on the sound.  This could explain why she’s so good at creating songs that match the singer’s personality and why they are associated with different colors.  Also, this could be why she had trouble adapting to life in the city because all the noises created so many colors and she became overstimulated.  


[Twitter] Miyawaki Sakura
16.10.27 17:29 JST

For the first time I went to MARKSTYLER’s exhibition with Haruppi. I was really excited/nervous. merryjenny and jouetie reached the sky in terms of loveliness as usual. Totally looking forward spring, starting today. 

@composingharuka replied to your post:✥ ;)
And then she squeaks and blushes and pretends she has no idea what he’s talking about.

He knew she would cave eventually. Cat got your tongue?He leaned down and stared directly into his eyes. Your face is as red as a tomato again.

[Google+] Miyawaki Sakura 
16.10.28 00:07 JST

Good evening.

Today, I had Kyabasuka’s shooting, and after that I went with Haruppi to the exhibition and made a reservation for some spring-summer stuff…

Altho it felt weird ‘cause winter is about to come and we made a reservation for spring-summer clothes! Lol It was like, “Ah, so this is what an exhibition is like!”
Models ladies were all sparkling, however it shocked me how thin/skinny they were. They were models after all…! 

お家に帰って、何だかすることが無くて、スプラトゥーンをちょっとだけしました!でも、難しすぎて諦めてWii Uカラオケを2時間くらい、、笑
After I came back home, feeling kinda bored, I started playing at Splatoon for a little while, however because it was too difficult for me I gave up and did karaoke for about 2h instead… lol

Karaoke is too much fun…
I thought about if doing a SR or not, but then I thought I didn’t want y’all to hear my nasal voice while singing…
It also was kind of a way for me to decide what to sing to the next Aki Matsuri 😉

I’m gonna do another SR, soon!

Tomorrow, I’ve got shooting for that thing!
I wonder if I’ll be able to meet the members!

Well then, goodnight.
Sakura sake!

crissiittoki  asked:

In your opinion Is Reiji jealous easily of Haruka? I intend both game and anime.

Hm… Well, in the games, I really think that yes, he’s a bit possessive once he starts liking Haruka, but sometimes he masks it with humor lol. He might be one of the guys that gets jealous the most. 

In the anime though, I feel like he likes her, but this “liking” isn’t a priority to him, since he knows they can’t really be together, and again he masks his liking with humor xD Reiji seems like someone people can read easily, but actually he’s a really good actor, so it’s hard to know what he’s thinking or feeling. I think that in the anime, he’s jealous of the bonds the others have with her more than when they’re interacting with her. I won’t lie, Haruka and Reiji could become closer easily if the anime had the time to develop it, and then this side of him would show.