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Now that I watched Free!, the popular anime of this group of teenagers who love swimming more than anything, and who are gay for the others in a really obvious way, I feel the need to say something.

In my very honest opinion, this anime is more than shirtless gay dudes. Yeah, I’m not gonna deny I enjoyed every single moment they were half-naked on screen (this is like 99% of the time? 😏). I love all of them, from the sweetheart Makoto to the poker-face lord Sousuke, from the loveable nerd Rei (😍) to the very relatable fangirl Gou/Kou (😕 I still don’t know which one is the right 😅).

I surprisingly found not only a big amount of fanservice but also some good representation of dealing with mental illnesses. None of them is free from depression, anxiety or even fear of rejection.

Haru? Isn’t it obvious he’s depressed? And what about his anxiety attack in season 2 while swimming? He just stops and stays still in the middle of the pool because he felt like water was trying to trap him. Wow, that hit close to home huh?

Makoto and Nagisa? Damn, they’re the perfect example of those who hide (and deny) their feelings and either put the others over themselves or act like they’re sunshine and rainbows.

Rei? Oh boy, he’s just so relatable!! …it hurts to see he’s the most underestimated and irrelevant in the fandom. He’s dealing with various fears I tend to deny I have. Feeling rejected, out of place, not fitting anywhere and having to improve yourself to show the world you matter. Craving attention from those you think care about you.

Rin? Jeez, he’s the definition of “I act like a dick but on the inside I’m the most broken person you will ever meet”. He commits mistakes. He trips with every stone in his way and instead of showing he’s hurt, he pretends it’s nothing and fuels his anger. Also, his fear of being lonely??? Sir, you’re arrested for making me realise this struggle I too have.

Sousuke? Basically the same. Not wanting to be lonely, craving the acceptance of people… Depression…

And more.

So long story short: I came here to have a good time drooling over hot swimmers and now I’m feeling so personally attacked… I hate this (not really ✨).

anonymous asked:

What if..... Haruka lost his love for water? Drama for the whole swimclub?

It’s such a strange concept I can’t even remotely picture it haha :p

  • Makoto would practically lose it and wouldn’t know what to do with himself, or Haru for that matter.
  • He’d become hyperaware of Haru, trying to spot anything that could have led to this.
  • He can’t get used to Haru actually being ready for school and not in the bath and still needing to make breakfast when he arrives at his house.
  • Nagisa would think the whole thing was some sort of phase and would tell everyone that he’d be back to his old self in no time.
  • To try and prove this, he forced Haru to stand by the pool and see how long it would take for him to strip and start swimming.
  • It took the poor boy five and a half hours until he gave up.
  • Rei thought it was a joke at first and became very afraid when he realised that it wasn’t.
  • He’d try and give Haru lots of pep talks in order to help him return to normal.
  • He’d research for hours, trying to discover what possibly could have led to his sudden change in behaviour, but sadly found nothing and began to panic even more.
  • Once hearing the news, Rin thought it was some sort of prank.
  • He’d come over to the Iwatobi swim club and confront Haru himself, getting angry and on the verge of fighting him… only for him to start crying about it. Oh Rin.
  • Sousuke would be very weirded out and become rather suspicious.
  • Aii would be really worried and try and help out in any way he could.
  • Momo would push Haru into the pool, thinking he just needed some help in the process. It didn’t work.

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-Haruka is often seen as the mom of the entire NMS gang, often scolding the kids and even Kyouya if they didn’t eat well. (Dae)

- He knows how to cook a lot of different things, since in medical school all he had time for was instant ramen, meager sandwiches, and toast. Afterwards, he learned to cook a lot of different things and make up recipes.

- If you ask, he’ll give you character band-aids. Yuu-senpai often asks Haruka-sensei for bunny ones, which he is always happy to provide.

- Before he formally confessed to Kohai-chan, Haruka would always triple check to make sure she was okay before letting her out of the infirmary. Temperature? No burns marks from that coffee pot? He thought it was his way of showing how much he cared.

- Haruka really likes lollipops. It’s a holdover from his old desk job when he worked as a doctor’s secretary while in medical school. He would take them out of the basket then, but now, he always has at least three on him.

- After being at Ikemen Academy for a while, he began to know what students and teachers needed most and tried to keep it in stock. This involved headache medicine for Kyouya-sensei, extra bandages for Wakatoshi, and burn ointment for Reiji and Kohai-chan.

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