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For Halloween requests, how about the Style 5 and Momo's girlfriends secretly working in a haunted house and scaring the guys when they've walking through?

Haru isn’t one who gets scared easily. But when his girlfriend suddenly jumped out from her hiding place, not knowing that her boyfriend has entered the haunted house because of Nagisa’s dare, she immediately regretted doing so. He looked pale more than ever, eyes wide and he was shaking slightly in surprise. She ended up taking her break earlier than usual to make sure that he’s alright. 

Makoto’s girlfriend felt very guilty as soon as she realized that it was Makoto who became her very first victim in her new part-time job. She apologized to the crying boy, hugging him and telling him that she won’t do it ever again. 

Nagisa was shocked at first, but upon realizing that it was just his girlfriend wearing some weird costume to scare people, he immediately wrapped his arms around her and laughed while telling her that the way she scares people is very effective. 

Rei had never ever felt so scared in his life. Tears were starting to form at the corners of his eye and when his girlfriend just noticed that it was him who she scared, she immediately felt guilty for taking this job. She assisted him out of the haunted house and sat by next to him until he says that he’s finally okay. 

Rin screamed so loud that he never thought it would be even possible for him to scream like that. He was so pale by the time that his girlfriend lead him out of the haunted house that she could’ve sworn he looked like his soul left his body. She apologized scaring him and he promised himself that he’d totally never go to haunted houses ever again. 

Momo cried in fear, like a little kid would when she popped out to scare him. She felt so bad for doing that to her boyfriend that she immediately took her break and treated him to the nearest cafe so he’d feel better. 

I’ve been thinking of the little officer darlings all day long and I just had the cutest idea?? Like… both Rinrin and Sou have found a show on tv that they absolutely love and always try to watch it together: Blue’s Clues. Can you guys just imagine the overwhelming cuteness of them talking to the characters and helping Steve/Joe solve the mystery of the day? They are both wearing their police uniforms and have their handy dandy notebooks too! They try their best to draw out the clues and they get super excited when they spot Blue’s paw print. They giggle and face palm at Steve/Joe at times when they are being silly and can’t see the clue but nonetheless they are happy to be of assistance!

At times when neither can join, both darlings make sure to let the other one know what happened in that day’s episode as they share their drawings. When that happens, Rinrin watches the show with his siblings who also love watching the show. Nagisha gets too excited and is usually the one dancing around to the songs. Hawoo gets mad that Steve/Joe can’t find the big blue pawprint that sometimes he finds himself standing up, walking towards the tv, and pointing where the clue is. This makes Makoto giggle.

Sou pup on the other hand, watches the show snuggling with Kisumi who pretends not to see the clues and suck at drawing. He ends up requesting Sou’s help which in return for his help, receives an endless amount of compliments from Kisumi. Sometimes even kisses! This just makes little Sou feel so proud of himself. He loves it (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)


Ok but guys this whole scene actually makes the events of free! even more painful. Makoto struggles through the whole movie to understand his own feelings, he wants to understand himself and his reasons for swimming, and then we have this scene where Makoto finally finds his answer… he loves swimming, and he wants to share that with Haru, he wants to swim by his side, and Haru tells Makoto that it’s a given they’ll swim together… always. Until years later where Makoto starts to realize Haru is drifting away to a place he can no longer reach… and he can’t do anything but let that little boy he grew up with, go.

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