haruka and michiru enter the scene

Thanks to this fan art on Twitter! We get a rough idea of what happened during the adlib when one of Satomi Moon’s odango roll off her head

Usagi without realizing her odango has fallen off walked towards Haruka and said “wow it’s Tenoh Haruka!”

Haruka smiled and pointed to Usagi “Is everything alright with you?” And then started laughing “you still look cute even when your hair has fallen off”. Usagi “well I often say that”

Michiru enters “Haruka stop flirting with cute girls you just met”. Then Michiru turns around and see Usagi “Whoa….” And ‘she’s cute’ is written all over Michiru’s face. Haruka “See…”

Michiru “you are like a Mont Blanc” (?) (it’s a kind of dessert, does this means that Michiru is finding Usagi tasty?)