haruka and michiru can i guess

And here I guess is the point where they are just done with outside shit. Usagi, Starlights, Galaxia (WHO IS THERE AND WATCHING ALL THIS BY THE WAY I BET SHE HAS SRIRACHA POPCORN AND EVERYTHING), being a Senshi, the end of the world. I think they’re done with that.

So I went back and rewatched to this point, BECAUSE DETAILS MATTER. I wanted to know how Haruka fell, and it turns out that there’s no right answer because the two immediate images contradict themselves. We have the close up of when Haruka falls, and it’s this:

And then after Michiru, we cut to the overhead shot:

But both of those images can’t be true. There’s no camera angle you can get that makes the direction Haruka’s facing in both of those shots correct. So since one of them has to be wrong for this moment, I choose the bottom.

Because oh do I love where we can go if it’s the top.

Haruka fell, still focused on Usagi and the Starlights. They had a pretty lengthy conversation, all things considered. Even with Haruka’s “you can hear me across busy street traffic in the pouring rain” INTENSE WHISPER, that she’s now also dying adds another level of hearing difficulty, so I think it makes more sense that she’s actually facing them.

(A second to think about how all Michiru would see again from the moment she fell to her knees was some rooftop air conditioning ducts. Hardly the final vista she would have envisioned for herself, I’m sure.)

But with her final words gently chiding Usagi for being a crybaby, Haruka is done. They’re down to seconds now, and that isn’t how Haruka wants to spend them.

So she turns her head.

We know it hurts. Even if it’s less painful when you’ve had the bracelets to stop things versus getting them shot straight out, it HURTS. We’ve seen both Haruka and Michiru wincing, and they’ve been a state of partial disappearing for a little while now, and the pressure and pain must be immense. Every gesture costs that much more precious energy draining from you.

But Haruka doesn’t care. She’s done literally all she can do, and it’s her time now. She chooses to literally turn away from all the things left behind, and focus all she has left on what SHE wants.

Something I think Haruka may be doing for the very first time.

She turns her head, and pulls herself a little, the best she can manage, toward the ledge where she knows Michiru fell. They can’t see each other at all now, and that’s completely fine and not remotely something to become emotional about whatsoever. And she asks if Michiru is scared.

Haruka’s given everything she could give, every step of the way, and here at the end, the thing she’s most worrying about is that Michiru isn’t afraid.

You may begin crying now.