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Reasons why UtaPri S4 Episode 6 couldn’t get any better-

So I posted a huge rant not long ago about how I wanted to see more of Haruka Nanami and why I wanted to see her. (You’ll find it here

The latest episode has fulfilled all my dreams and not for a single moment did I feel disappointed! That’s a first since this season started.

Now coming back to why this episode was SO DAMN AMAZING AND BEST SO FAR:

Ren’s Character Development

I see a lot of people complaining about Ren being too serious in the latest episode. Yes I was expecting the usual flirtatious Ren Jinguji myself too. But hey, aren’t y’all Ren fangirls happy to see this new side of him? The side that shows how jealous and protective Ren can get once he is serious? The side that comes out only when something important and precious to him is at stake? At the beginning of the episode we see a very uptight Ren, almost as if we’re looking at Tokiya Ichinose. I was a bit surprised but then again if we put ourselves in his shoes, he had great expectations of Van who is not only a member of THE HEAVENS but also gonna be his duet partner. Anyone would be taken aback by that relaxed attitude. Ren clearly saw Van as a slacker and the fact that Van is a member of STARISH’s biggest rival HEAVENS, didn’t help with his hesitation. He was confused but before he could sort out his thoughts Van literally throws himself at Haruka - THE WOMAN REN IS IN LOVE WITH - Of course Ren would get mad/confused/desperate to prove himself. I do think Van went just a bit overboard but then again this is only the first episode we saw with him, we can’t judge him or his character only based on first impressions.

Anyways, to understand Ren’s character development in this episode more here are some screenshots -

Masato’s comment tells us all over again how the usual Ren is. He is the type of guy who can do anything and everything while still managing to remain calm and flirty. But looking back at Ren’s episode from Season 2 - that’s not true. This man works so damn hard to reach his goals, to get a job done. He is not a double of Camus lol. He dedicates himself to his job completely, regardless of his feelings. In this episode we just got a deeper view of that side of Ren. This man is not just a flirtatious guy full of cheap lines. He is a hard working, serious, dedicated, sometimes desperate, protective, jealous, understanding, forgiving and determined person. He is not Mr. Perfect and no one knows it better than himself.

Just look at the determination clearly visible in his eyes. For me, this is the biggest and best character development Ren could get. Of course I’d be sad if he loses his flirtatious charm along the process but judging from the duet mv in the end, that’s not gonna happen lol. So rest easy y’all fangirls.

More screentime for my queen Haruka Nanami

Again I see a lot of complaints about this one too. But let me remind y’all again. She. Is. The. Main. Heroine. Of. This. Reverse. Harem. Show! And how could you not love this woman?

She’s also the one who caught up on Van’s definition for a good duet song when even Ren couldn’t. 

She’s the Queen and her dedication and love for music is one of the best and most beautiful traits of her character. It’s exactly why so many guys are after her. They’re charmed by her kindness/determination/warmth. Not even Eiichi can resist that charm lol. 

This woman deserves more screentime and she has a good solid reason for that too. She is the main heroine who legit is the reason for the existence of this whole series and characters.

Van Kiryuin

Based on this episode, My image of Van is that, he is the type of character who’s always relaxed no matter what the circumstances. I won’t call him Mr. Perfect but he certainly is close to one judging from how his personality changes completely when he’s serious. He is the kinda man who believes in being honest to oneself. His smile doesn’t have an ulterior motive, nor is he someone who will stab you in the back. He is a sincere and genuine guy who will come out with his feelings without caring about the results. 

He is determined and will work hard to get something he wants but he also has the courage to let go if the results aren’t in his favor. He is a flirtatious guy but not a fuckboy who likes to mess around for nothing. You don’t see that kinda characters around often. This is probably his biggest charm, something that drew me in. And I don’t regret admitting that he is my second most fav HEAVENS character so far, first being Eiji.

I mean look at that head pat. It not only shows his affection towards Haruka but also the respect he feels for her as an artist. Not everyone in his position can be so honest about what they feel.

Both Ren and Van coming to terms with each others’ feelings

The ending for this episode was beautiful tbh. Even though the episode started with a solid rivalry - Ren’s anger towards Van, and Van’s goofiness despite knowing Ren’s frustration - the way they both ended up understanding and acknowledging each other was fabulous!

Best part?

It didn’t just happen with a couple punches at each other’s faces (lowkey referring to episode 4.. I can never get over the disappointment I felt after watching it) but they legit had a reason. They were able to relate to each other, because of their skills as an idol and their feelings towards Haruka. Yup this ending was the most suited for this episode.

Other Reasons

That ponytail

That kick

That face shot “You can’t buy me, I am more expensive than your rich asses”

That rivalry

That kabedon

And just when I thought this episode couldn’t get any better………..



Tell me I’m wrong and I will be sure that we can never ever be friends.


We are STRISH!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Maji Love Legend Star, and I’m so grateful for STARISH. I didn’t want to make anyone pop out especially, hence the long post. =v=/ But I thought these were the perfect scenes to stitch some screenshots again. My favourite hugs are Masato’s, Ren’s and Tokiya’s.